eu4 league war

Ottomans were on the Catholic side for some reason, but despite it saying no one could call in their allies, the Ottomans proceeded to call in all of central Asia, doubling their troop count. Our close friend and ally, the Emperor [emperor.Monarch.GetName], has graciously decided to elevate Prussia to the rank of Imperial Kingdom!

Find their allies which you could attack instead, you peace them out separately and enforce the religion that way.

The AI will never choose this option if its army strength is 80% of the country saved as burgundian_overlord_target.

According to the terms of the Peace of Westphalia, the confessional faith of each state shall be determined by its ruler, according to the principle of 'Whose realm, his religion'. The main goal of the war is to determine the dominant religion of the Holy Roman Empire. We will fall under a Personal Union with [FRA.GetName]. The Burghers estate gains the privilege 'The Great Privilege'. This page was last edited on 14 September 2020, at 11:06. Attacker has diplomatic technology level 23, Attacker does not have government reform “War Against the World Doctrine”, Attacker has government reform “War Against the World Doctrine” (requires Pirate Republic government), Attacker is a vassal or junior personal union partner of defender. The Imperial incident "The Shadow Kingdom" begins. If you think something should be added, do tell. I united the islands, won the Hundred Years War, established my first Colonial Nations and have 90% in English Channel.

One of the electors must be Protestant for the league to form. [1].

[Root.GetName] was among the states that were forced to accept the rule of the Empire, and our submission is proof that the Emperor’s word is law. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Development Studio. If at 1660 player has regency or truce with the enemy electors, they have to wait it out. He had the power to intercede in the wars and affairs of the member states of the Empire. If you're the same religion as the winning side (i.e. This may be a province chosen on declaring the war, or the capital. Have government form Daimyo and are subjects of the shogun. We will fall under a Personal Union with [Emperor.GetName]. That has 100% and must be enforced religion upon to remove.

The Emperor of the HRE gets the opinion modifier "The Great Privilege" towards Burgundy for 100 years, worth +100 opinion with a yearly decay of 1. The Emperor has been forced to abdicate and Catholicism is now the dominant faith in the Empire. The Laws of [Root.Monarch.GetTitle] [Root.Monarch.GetName], The Demands of the [Root.GetAdjective] Peasantry.

Will wait for all the kinks to get kinked out. Having a claim allows the selection of the targeted province as a wargoal.

This means: Attacker or their subject colonial nation owns land that is overseas for attacker, Defender owns land that is overseas for them, These respective provinces neighbour each other, Only on the provinces that could trigger the CB for either side, Available to France after completing the mission "American Independence", otherwise only used in historical wars, Attacker is Catholic, and the Curia controller has declared a crusade on defender, Attacker and defender are not both members of the Holy Roman Empire, Attacker and defender belong to the same religion group, Attacker and defender have different religion, taking syncretic religions into account, Attacker is Catholic and not excommunicated, Defender is Catholic and is excommunicated, Only on core, claimed or neighbouring provinces owned by excommunicated Catholics, Defender embargoes attacker, but attacker does not embargo defender, A member of attacker's trade league is embargoed by defender, Defender is not in HRE, but holds an HRE province, Only on HRE provinces held by non-HRE country. HOWEVER the first center of reformation has the -100% malus, so you'll likely need to enforce the religion through the demand (thanks /u/Forderz ), I want to flip a prince's religion even before Enforce Religion option is available for the emperor.

The country saved as pu_hre_country gets the opinion modifier "Petitioned for Imperial Membership" towards this country for 50 years, worth +50 opinion with a yearly decay of 1.


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