eu4 trade range

Any neighbouring country, in the same culture or religious group as the original country, explored a province at least 75 years ago. So a colony with 1400 natives in the province would gain 0.105 goods produced when the colony completes (e.g., ). The effect on total steered value in the desired direction from base power is then: The best European trade goods are cloth, copper (early- to mid-game) and iron (mid- to late-game). no trade power is used to steer), it is instead set to. All provinces will then be ceded to a newly formed colonial nation, with the most developed province becoming capital. Also if you let Light Ships patrol around this Zone, you get Trade Power or if you send a merchant there. An army standing in an occupied colony will have the option to Seize Colony for 25 military points. A country with trade power in a node who either has a merchant present and set to steer, or is not collecting there but is collecting in a node somewhere downstream (no matter how many hops away), is transferring. Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 1.23. As embargoes give a penalty to Trade Efficiency and the number or rivals is limited, only a few countries can be efficiently embargoed at a time. Establishing a frontier costs 20 diplomatic points. In general, a province will be revealed to a country if: The country in question explored any adjacent province at least 25 years ago. The type of subject nation created depends on its location in the world. The colony ownership will transfer to the nation that used the action. While exploring a coastal sea zone, they will discover all coastal provinces bordering that sea region before returning. Dolly. While expanding, keep in mind some of the following aspects: Once your income gets comfortable enough to allow you to stop conquering a bit and starting building up your provinces, there comes the time to build and develop your provinces. When collecting trade in a node, the country is allocated a portion of the node's trade value equal to: This amount is then multiplied by 1 + the country's trade efficiency: And this amount, , is the number of ducats actually added to the country's treasury as trade income, visible in a trade node's screen as the string: "We earn x.xx here.". For port provinces not directly connected to one's capital, colonists will always travel by sea to where the port will be located, even if it would be faster to travel overland from another port (or the province borders both coasts like in Central America). The actual route taken is the shortest sea distance from either the capital's port (or, if it is inland, a port that is directly connected to it) to either the target province's future port location or the port that is closest to the target province.

Trade value is the sum of locally produced goods and the inputs from trade nodes flowing in (upstream), and minus the value forwarded to other trade nodes (downstream). Alternatively, Asian and Indian countries with strong navies and trade steering may be able to push trade across the Indian Ocean to Zanzibar and collect trade there, eventually steering trade south from the Gulf of Aden as well. It may be prudent to move the capital inland if this becomes an issue. Certain ideas and policies improve global trade power. The end nodes available in the game are: To be able to move its trade capital, a country must spend 200 diplomatic power. In this way all nodes are connected in a global network, with a handful (e.g. Countries with the largest Trade Power share that are performing a competing action should be targeted first—this removes the largest portion of competing Trade Power. Keep in mind that own trade power refers to the net trade power, not base trade power, and is affected by e.g. Each point of aggressiveness gives a 1% chance of a native uprising happening per month. Pirate-hunting fleets reduce the trade power taken by the dummy "pirates" nation in the chosen trade node by reducing their privateer efficiency. The absolute amount of trade power is unimportant; what is important is the relative proportion of trade power wielded by a country and others it is cooperating with, compared to all countries it is competing with. Mayan, Inti, and Nahuatl countries passing a religious reform may select a colonist as one of the five options.


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