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Eugenia tells her mom someone called her Skeleton Queen and she asks her mom what she thinks. Eugenia Cooney was Created on July27,1994, in Massachusetts. Eugenia Cooney r/ EUGENIACOONEY. It's interesting that her mom has been totally absent in all her videos since she returned to Youtube last summer. Eugenia Cooney is a YouTube celebrity that has amassed an extremely generous followership online as a consequence of her movies as well as other online engagements. Some of the interactions; she asks a family if she can join their day at the beach and the dad says 'No...Sorry....It's a private family day...", the family is visibly confused. Her mom took her all over the place; the bahamas, pittsburg, las vegas to see the Jonas Brothers concerts.

Girl move tf out. Eugenia Cooney after denied with the eating disorder, insisting she didn’t understand why people kept asking about her own body, asserting that she had been ordinary and nothing else was wrong with her. EXACTLY, THANK YOU. Her grandma is obsessed with hannah montana and wanted to see it on tour and her grandma cried when eugenia's mom wouldn't buy her (grandma) a hannah montana ticket. i have seen so many people who used her as thinspo come here and 'wake up' to the realities of her impact. Who has been involved behind these weird actions? Press J to jump to the feed. well...maybe not me, but you could....i could go as the boogeyman though", "Text pranking my mom with Justin Beiber's 'sorry' lyrics" - Her mom thinks she's suicidal or drunk from the texts or thinks something happened to buzz. It shows he's into A LOT of the same stuff Eugenia likes (Nightmare Before Christmas, Big Hero 6, PowerPuff Girls, Spongebob, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon). Her dad sounds pissed off. I thought it was important and like I said, I have a lot of time while I'm at work so I thought I'd finally just do it for a reference for people instead of everyone (myself included) trying to reference these things and not really remembering them. Anything from her streams will be added at the bottom of this list since I have no way of knowing when exactly they happened. Also in regards to the key, the door is closed and the outside of the door (facing them in the hallway) has the key with a lanyard hanging from it(so, locking her in). This whole post is probably going to upset Eugenia a lot, and I do wish I could have made it so that she couldn't see it. Wiki: Boyfriend, Net Worth, Sister, Husband. Oh legit agree. Jaclyn said it was important to keep heat on the mother. Her mom got her more bratz dolls instead. Her dad read all the twilight books and loved them, even the sexual one. Something of note in this video is a key left in a bedroom doorknob to the right of the screen. Here are things that you want to understand about her. Then she approaches a mother and son, and the mother says to eugenia "You know, you look very-" and the film cuts, and then it zooms in on the boys face while the mother is talking and the boy looks disgusted/upset/angry, this is the only interaction that is cut during the middle of an interaction. - 1/13/19 - Eugenia's mom appears. A post shared by Eugenia Cooney (@eugeniacooney) on Mar 7, 2018 at 4:52pm PST, A post shared by Eugenia Cooney (@eugeniacooney) on Mar 4, 2018 at 12:49pm PST. She has a lot of dreams where she dies or is killed. Want to join a Discord where you can talk about Eugenia without censorship? I'm not 100% convinced at this point that her family has a hand in her anorexia but they certainly don't take it seriously/want to help her and I think it's definitely her only way of having some kind of control over her own life because clearly she's fucking trapped. Most of them seem uncomfortable and don't want to respond to her. She shows stuff at the store but mentions she didn't bring any money with her. Stickied post. 782.2k Followers, 321 Following, 1,880 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Eugenia Cooney (@eugeniacooney) I wonder what Kati and Shane got to see when they visited her home. Jesus christ. She once had a counselor say he wanted to be a father figure to her and she thought it was weird and creepy. Then later Eugenia tries to take an empty garbage bin from the street back to the house and can barely do it. Later her mom calls her and tells her she can't go to the magic kingdom because disney is "on high alert" and she needs to go back to the hotel and Eugenia doesn't know what she's talking about because everything seems fine.

Press J to jump to the feed. "Bothering People at the Beach" - 8/2/13 - Her mom or possibly her dad films her talking to people at the Beach. 4-7-12, One of numerous prank call streams where Eugenia mentions turtle rape and continues sexual prank call with a 14 year old while she is nearing 18 years old, 3-3-15, Eugenia said on her twitter that her brother asked if she posts nudes on snapchat, 7-10-13 Eugenia makes a tweet saying "These lights are legit starting to creep me out. At the end of the video Eugenia says she pissed a lot of people off and got yelled at a few times but did this for her fans. "Playing with a ouija board with my mom" - 7/8/17, "Teaching my grandma internet slang" - 7/19/17, "Curling my hair with a wand" - 8/2/17 - In the background you can hear someone say "I WANT THE MONEY" (Eugenia has said in her streams it's her grandma wanting money from a "lost purse" the family believes doesn't exist(the tone of the voice sounds much closer to her mom, I would say, however). But regardless of what I believe I tried to be as objective as possible while writing this, although I obviously highlighted things that I felt were of note. Eugenia is in a hotel room streaming and says she has to go because "person" is here (her brother). Is it just me that finds that a weird thing to say to your daughter? They are both standing on the sidewalk looking like they are waiting for a bus to pick them up. All of this in one post really paints a terrifying picture. Eugenia rementions family keeping the temperature low and the ac is on a lot. Hey guys I posted a new outfits video today earlier! card. Eugenia Cooney along with her mum (Picture Source) Not surprising, the very first question which will pass through your head the minute you find the hardworking YouTube celebrity is whether she is anorexic. Otherwise it is me explaining what's happening in the video. She says, "I'm on younow" and he says "You look good" she says thanks and then he says he doesnt want to disturb her and then leaves. "Lost in Disney World" - 1/8/16 - She is walking by herself around Disney. It comes off very much so like she's just harassing people and filming them when they don't want to be filmed.

Her mom 'interviews' her and asks her questions that Eugenia doesn't know how to answer like "where do you see yourself in 10 years". People stare.

This was something I noticed today that I actually wouldn't have if I hadn't skimmed the comments briefly on the first video that this can be seen in and it really stood out to me as bizarre. She can barely do either.

"Christmas in July" - 7/12/13 - Eugenia walks around downtown in Greenwich CT with high heels, a tank top, short shorts and a santa hat on. She had been raised along with a brother (Chip) by her mum, with a variety of instances looked on her records and her dad who hasn’t been observed in her movies as she disclosed that he’s never free in the front of the camera. He also leaves his clothes on her floor and plays video games in the room when she's not there. Her mom told her they needed to go on a necrophilia ride at an amusement park. Her mom silently films her. A couple of times she has seen her aunt and uncle and they always tell her to leave the internet because it's bad for her. Either way, you can sense a pattern of things Eugenia did that don't match with her personality. But I think she may have a better idea than anyone except for Eugenia's immediate family. Eugenia also tells story of how her parents haven't slept in the same bed for a long time. "I was kidnapped | storytime" - 12/23/16 - She talks about how someone tipped the police that she was kidnapped by her parents when she was 15, brainwashed, and is being held hostage. People freaked out about Marina Joyce and Poppy being in hostage/abuse situations and both turned out to be false alarms(I don't know enough about the Marina Joyce thing but the Poppy thing was for sure a publicity stunt), but then there's this and it's happening over almost a decade and no one is really paying attention, and even worse are praising and hailing it as a recovery story because of the Shane and Kati videos, and it's actually something really fucked. Most of us are not just talking about her just to be mean or call her pathetic, we are talking about her as a result of the sheer volume of information she has put online that amounts to tons of red flags. "I ruined my mom's birthday"- 5/28/16 - She goes to the store with her mom on her mom's birthday.

I wrote reactions to everything on this but I feel kinda uncomfortable posting it since some of it is speculative, but as someone in a kinda abusive household and who can kinda spot signs that things are off, I'm just gonna sum it up: Her mom is probably some kind of narcissist and controlling AF, her brother probably needs to see a therapist more than he needs anymore trips to disney, and idk, her dad gives me really creepy vibes.

I think Eugenia and her fans don’t realize the sheer volume of personal information she has shared over the years. If it is italicized that means it's in her words (or a shortened version of her words), not mine. "How to be annoying" (now deleted) - 7/5/13 - Eugenia's brother is shown dancing outside, on a public sidewalk, twice during the video. She is wearing very similar clothing to the previous video, but without the hat or shoes. Makes me wonder if she has access to any of her own money.

She also opens a bag with one of those windup chattering teeth toys. She then calls her mom and her mom is freaking out, and then Eugenia tells her it's all a joke and her mom laughs and says 'you got me' (it's hard to tell if her mom genuinely knew this was happening or not. She is relieved when she gets to the leggings that they aren't more thongs. A lot of these are referenced often and I haven’t seen every video she’s done so it was nice to have the list so I could easily go find them myself. Ah okay, I am just going to remove that then. "I got new underwear and teeth" - 5/18/15 - She went to new york because she had to 'do something' and while she was there her mom went shopping and bought her a bunch of stuff and told her to open it on camera. Hot New Top Rising.


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