faux hawk fade black man

The hairstyle features a cool forward swept look that resembles closely with a typical Faux Hawk and the sides are given a beautiful low fade. This is a typical Faux Hawk  that is achieved with a nice beard style. The sides have a nice low fade and it blends into the look rather perfectly. Other than that, we almost have that same style with faded sides and a tail towards the back. This beautiful look is achieved on naturally wavy hair. The spiky look is achieved with the help of a strong hold styling product as that’s necessary to keep the hair apart and make them into perfect spikes. The hair on top is kept to medium length and given a raised up spiky look as in the case of faux hawk hairstyles. However, it’s a variation and we don’t have spiky touch to the look. The side art is shaved into a graffiti-like set of lines. The bottom part of the fade can be completely shaved as well.

We don’t keep our hair secrets. This beautiful hairstyle features long hair on top that is all combed back stylishly to achieve a perfect look. Wear it with a nice beard and you can’t have anything better. The low fade below the second surgical line looks just awesome. The hair on top is given a bit of spiky touch which is common with the Faux Hawk looks. The faded sides angle on the temples, anchoring the extreme height of the hawk, while the clean shaven sides behind the ears define the point at the base of the neck.
The hairdo doesn’t feature any hard held spikes and doesn’t even needs a styling product to achieve the look.

Give a couple of them a try and you will surely stick with the new hairstyle. The width of the Mohawk is in the perfect balance with its length, and the texture lets it stand upright for the authentic fierce look. These natural locks are bleached to create a lighter shade at the ends, and left fairly long, being tapered towards the nape. This faded Mohawk is a classic smooth look that will remain timeless.

It gets almost completely shaved towards the bottom but overall the hairstyle looks really awesome. Mohawks are loved by sporty guys, rock stars and real macho men. In fact, it’s a typical style achieved with short hair right in the center on top.
Two tone dreads are twice interesting, and the undercut can be faded toward the ear line. The sides have a typical faded look but they are not too faded. All you have to do is to check out some styles online and get your barber to style your hair in exactly the same manner. A couple of parallel surgical lines on the side make it look even better. Subscribe now and thank us later. You can have the sides of your head shaven, closely cut or braided and vary the height of the spikes, their texture and even color. This is a typical Faux Hawk look that boasts of a nice spiky hairstyle on top. The sides have a cool high fade that makes it a perfect mix and gives you a nice hairstyle for your everyday routine. It’s no secret that unusual Mohawk hairstyles for black men can be seen all over, and here is another great example! Though not a typical Faux Hawk fade, it gives a similar vibe somehow. Our hairstyle designs are tailored for men of all ages and ethnicities and we make sure that we come up with the best possible ideas to give you a chic and modern appearance like never before. So, if you want a casual look for any day, this is the hairstyle you’d like to achieve. A short faux hawk with skin fade … A High fade would do it nicely. Yes, it’s a cool faux hawk style that is achieved with shorter length hair.


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