feng shui house color facing north
So, the best feng shui colors for a North facing front door are (in order of their auspiciousness): blue, black, white, and gray. For a north facing house… While all houses or apartment units that faces the north direction would have identical energy maps internally, the methods to feng shui them can be starkly different from one another due to different floor plans, layouts, residents, external landscape environment, etc. Black and blue represent deep waters and shimmering blue surface waters. While north east is also an area with favorable stars to locate a bedroom, because of it’s alignment with the facing of the house, the better choice would still be the east. You only need to add one wood representation since you don't want to destroy the water element and hence your career. Keep in mind that other factors come into play with feng shui, so don't make a conflicting kua number the most important aspect, since it isn't. Because it is through the front door - also called the mouth of Chi - that the house absorbs most of the energy it needs in order to nourish your personal energy. The front door should be in the center of the front side of the house for optimum chi energy. Something to note is that the main door should not be built in the northwest sector of the house. You can capitalize on this powerful energy to boost your career and propel you up the corporate ladder. The sheng chi (wealth) sector is located at the center of the front of the house. Among the favorable sectors that has positive energy, one of which is yen nien sector which brings relationship harmony when nurtured. With a north facing house, you can paint your front door either black or dark blue, the two colors that are associated with the north sector. The key point here is that you would need to learn basic feng shui and apply them to your house yourself instead of finding a report which you can meticulously follow to the letter. The basic way to create a strong feng shui front door is with the harmonious feng shui design; this includes colors, specific shapes, images, and materials. Why is the front door so important? 8 mansions feng shui. If your kua number falls in the west group, a north facing house will be in conflict with your good and bad directions. Special care must be taken to manage these two areas and remedies should be put in place to subdue these undesirable stars or misfortune and sickness would befall the household, especially daughters in the household. In feng shui, it is taboo to place a water feature on the right side of a front door. You want to avoid destructive and weakening element colors. The easiest way to strengthen the feng shui energy needed for your specific front door is to go for the right choice of color. You can use the water and metal elements to decorate your front door. The wood element weakens the water element in the exhaustive cycle. You can use simple feng shui tips to make your home a harmonious place to live. Colors to Avoid Avoid the following colors for your North facing front door: green, brown, yellow, red, purple, orange, and deep pink. Feng Shui Water Element Colors for North Facing Door Your front door is the entrance that allows auspicious chi energy into your home. You will use the north facing house grid below to determine the four auspicious directions and four inauspicious directions of a north facing home. The priority should be given to the breadwinner of the family if it is a single income household. The best feng shui design is the one that nourishes the feng shui element of the direction of your front door. The unfavorable sectors are JM, 6K, HH, 5G. The trigram that represents young men. If you are east or west group, you can quickly determine if your north facing home is in one of your good luck directions. But for more refinement, we should look at flying stars feng shui as well. Your front door is the entrance that allows auspicious chi energy into your home. It is just one of several to consider when decorating and living in your home. After superimposing this chart on the floor plan of the house, the unfavorable sectors should be best left for store rooms, toilets, and missing corners. Simple Tips for a North-Facing House in Feng Shui, Feng Shui Tips for an Auspicious Backyard, Important Feng Shui Rules for Building a House, four auspicious directions and four inauspicious directions, 10 Beautiful Pictures of Lucky Bamboo Arrangements, Feng Shui Bed Positioning Ideas for Good Sleep and Happiness, Feng Shui Design Ideas for an Auspicious Living Room, Crucial Feng Shui Rules for Better Luck in Every Room, 23 Creative Thanksgiving Family Traditions, Irresistible Raffle Prize Ideas Under $100, Amazing Pictures of Buddha From Around the World, Fire colors: Hues of red, yellow, orange, purple, Earth colors: Ochre, chocolate, cocoa brown, burnt umber, chestnut, and dark browns. Since it’s totally feasible for a main door to open right into the living room, if I have to choose, I go with both the front door and living room in the north sector of the house to activate the wealth star 8. This is the best solution to a bad luck direction. And if the man of the house is the sole income earner, then a house with a missing northwest corner can be detrimental to his career. With a north facing house, you can paint your front door either black or dark blue, the two colors that are associated with the north sector. So it should ideally be located in one of the unfavorable sectors of the house… except the northwest due to the ultimate feng shui affliction. Why wasn't this page useful? All Rights Reserved. The north sector is where your fu wei (personal growth) is located and is one of your good luck directions. The feng shui element of North direction is Water, and the corresponding feng shui bagua energy is the energy of Career & Path in Life. Coincidentally, the best sectors of the house according to it’s flying star natal chart is the north, east and north east. Other places that would be favorable to locate in the SC sector include the master bedroom, the study room, main doors, etc. With the grid superimposed over your house layout, you can see which of your rooms are in your good directions and bad directions. Individual who sleep in a bedroom located in these areas can also be badly afflicted by them. By using The Spruce, you accept our, Create a Strong Feng Shui Front Door in Order to Attract Good Chi, The Best Feng Shui Colors for a West-Facing Front Door, Best Feng Shui Colours for Your Southwest Front Door, Feng Shui Colors for a Northeast Front Door, Feng Shui Colors for Your Southeast Front Door, Best Feng Shui Colors for Your South Front Door. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. Standing inside your home and looking out the door, you can place a water fountain or feature on the left side of the door. Feng Shui Considerations For A North Facing House.


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