fish beginning with o

Found singly or in small schools over shallow sandy.. more Some fun facts about letter O animals are: Opossums are believed to be immune to some snake venom Read more, Also known as Dorid Nudibranch, Nudibranch.

Because their flavor varies, oysters are usually marketed by where they're grown, so there are scores of market names for the same species. Length - 3cm

Thought to be immune to certain snake venom! Found in large schools.. more

Like wine varietals, an oyster gains its flavor as much from from its terroir (environment) as its species.

Depth - 0-20m Read more, Also known as Lionfish, Firefish, Turkeyfish, Zebrafish.

Found singly or in pairs amongst grass, mud, rubble and sand often buried in the substrate for protection over intertidal zones of bays and.. more Click on a letter to get to another section of the glossary.

Images are the copyright of their respective owners. Found singly or in small schools over shallow sandy.. more Thus, they are usually named by where they are harvested. Found in small bunches or in large groves attached to solid.. more

Found close to the shore lurking under overhanging branches in rivers and streams. Found singly over shallow lagoons and fringing reefs rich in algae and coral growth. Read more, Also known as Galapagos Parrotfish. Found in schools over well oxygenated blackwaters.. more This glossary is protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced in whole or part. Found in schools over Lake Apoyo in Nicaragua.

Found singly or in small schools.. more Read more, Also known as Boston Mackerel, Common Mackerel, Joey, Norwegian Mackerel, Pinner, Scottish Mackerel, Shiner, Split. Found in the arms of feather stars over coral and rocky reefs.

Found in schools in fresh or brackish waters of drainage ditches, lakes.. more Read more, Also known as Atabapo Red, Inirida Spotted Pike Cichlid, Orange Pike Cichlid, Pike Cichlid, Red Pike Cichlid, Spot-tail Cichlid, Spotted-tail Cichlid, Spotted-tail Pike Cichlid. Articles & Reviews Of Foods From A To Z, Main Page Read more, Also know as No other name Found singly over soft bottoms of the continental shelf.. more All listings are by common names and not scientific names. Length - 8cm Read more, Also known as Colonial Ascidian, Compound Ascidian, Golden Sea Squirt, Robust Sea Squirt, Robust Tunicate, Sea Squirt, Soft Sea Squirt, Tunicate, Urn Ascidian, Urn Sea Squirt.

Found in small schools along shallow shorelines over seagrass beds, algae and weedy covered rocky reef flats and lagoons. They feed.. more Read more, Also known as Bluestripe Lizardfish, Blue-striped Lizard, Blue-striped Lizardfish, Royal Flagfin, Sand Lizardfish. Have a photo you want identified? Found singly or in small schools over sandy bottoms of shallow coastal coral reefs.

Read more, Also known as Brown-striped Macerel Scad, Japanese Scad, Mackerel Scad, Mexican Scad, Southern Mackerel Scad, Stonebrass, Stonebrass Scad, Temperate Scad. Found singly or.. more The flavor of their meat is a function of the trace minerals (especially salt) in the water. News & More.

Read more, Also known as Annae Sea Slug, Anne's Phyllidiopsis, Nudibranch, Warty Sea Slug.

Read more, Also known as Coat-of Mail-Fish, Knightfish, Lightfish, Luminescent Pineconefish, Mailfish, Pineapplefish, Port-and-Starboard Brightfish, Port-and-Starboard Lightfish, Soldierfish, West Australian Knightfish. Read more, Also known as Peacock Wrasse, Sand-reef Wrasse. The biggest one ever found reached 40.3 feet long.
Read more, Also known as Amazonian Catfish, Armored Catfish, Atipa Bosco, Brown Hoplo, Hassar, South American Catfish. Length - 75cm Read more, Also known as Green Axilspot Wrasse, Greentail Wrasse, Rainbow Wrasse, Rainbowfish, Sandreef Wrasse. Found.. more

See also shellfish. More popular in Japanese and Mediterranean cuisines than in U.S., it can still be found fresh and frozen in supermarkets and specialty markets. Found in pairs or family groups floating with head down mimicking seagrass over seagrass beds.. more Read more, Also known as Batfish, Flying Fish, Grunt Fish, Helmet Gurnard, Sea Robin. Read more, Also known as Arabian Spinecheek, Arabian Threadfin Bream, Coral Bream, Monocle Bream, Paleband Monocle Bream, Paleband Spinecheek, Spinecheek, Whiptail.

Abudjube Wrasse - Wrasses . Read more, Also known as - No other name Found in schools over gravel bottoms of the Amazon river basins.

Read more, Also known as Antler Lettuce Coral, Carnation Coral, Hexacoral, Maze Coral, Pectinia Coral, Spiny Cup Chalice Coral.

Found in large schools near the surface of continental shelf waters in.. more Food, Beverages, Books,

Found in schools around bays, estuaries and inlets, older individuals move out to.. more

Widespread Indo-Pacific Enjoyed raw on the half-shell, they can be cooked, shucked into soups, batter-fried, or prepared in special dishes like Oysters Rockefeller (broiled with a topping of herbed and seasoned bread crumbs).

Some can grow to be up to 200lbs, making them one of the largest primates in the world. Found in open waters over freshwater lakes, flood plains, river basins and swamps. Found on coral and rocky reefs over rubble and sandy areas of reefs. They feed on turfed algae which they guard and.. more Read below for information on 10 different animals that start with the letter O, from ocelot to oyster.

Main Page Learn more about oysters in our Oyster Glossary. Read more, Also known as Ambon Damselfish, Ambon Demoiselle, Amboina Damselfish, Amboina Demoiselle, Ammonia Damselfish, Ammonia Demoiselle, Lemon Damselfish, Pallid Damselfish. Found singly or in pairs amongst rubble and sandy areas of coral and rocky reefs.

It is updated regularly. Read more, Also known as Indo-Pacific Spotted Moray, Mosaic Moray, Mottled Moray, Sawtooth Moray, Sawtooth Moray Eel, Saw-toothed Eel, Spotted Moray.

Found in colonies over surge zones of coral and rocky reefs.


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