ford focus battery low check handbook
Replaced the battery, and still get the message. I'm guessing this is linked. View and Download Ford Focus owner's handbook manual online. As a result, you can enjoy driving it for many years. ... (page 127). of baking soda mixed in 8 oz. I'm not sure as to whether the Eco engines have a battery powered cooler to look after the turbo, but unless it's super hot it shouldn't be getting hot enough in my opinion to do this, check the coolant level and oil, if they are okay put the air con on during your next journey and see if it does it as the A/C will force the fan on while it's running this would stop the fan running for now if it becomes persistent, I guess the temp gauge isn't going up too high? The valve is similar to an air valve on a bicycle tire and is close to the first fuel injector on the inlet fuel line. Any ideas on how to reset the warning? Yeh, shouldn't do it every single time though, how far where your short journeys? its hard to tell as I was talking to my dad in the car before I got out maybe a min or 2? If there is no fuel, you might have a restricted fuel filter, fuel line or a bad fuel pump. If its only an 11 plate then i would say that the battery has a fair amount left to give, i read up on this the other week and someone said a calculation that gives a rough amount of time to recharge a good battery after a normal start up, and i think it was if the engine cranks for 10 seconds that correlates to about 5 minutes of good running to replenish the battery to a 90%+ charge state, although that was with everything running heaters,radio, lights etc as an example however if you battery has dipped below 70%ish it tends to struggle to charge its self off the cars alternator as that is only there to replenish the power lost while stating the engine and then running gadgets there after, your best bet would be to save your fuel and time going on long runs and either borrow a charger or buy one and charge it up fully over night then if it hold its charge well you have a winner if it goes to mush again you better get down to the dealer for a new battery, best way to check simple faults like the alternator would be to check the voltage with the engine off and see what you get (others have stated what you need) and then have someone hold the multimeter on the battery while you start it, if it goes down below 12v its going to need charging out of the car for sure, just dont rely to heavily on the little alternator to charge the big battery for too long otherwise you will be wanting an alternator as well as a battery. Preproduction model shown 2016 FOCUS Owner’s Manual 2016 FOCUS Owner’s Manual August 2015 First Printing Owner’s Manual Focus Litho in U.S.A. GM5J 19A321 AA There will be days where I will get to the ground level and not remember if I locked it. Change the fuel filter if necessary or have the fuel system checked by an auto technician. There are a few most-common causes you might encounter in a no-start problem with your vehicle. × I think its been sitting for a couple of months so I'm going to take it for a couple of long runs. Make sure the pinion gear on the starter is engaging and turning over the engine. My other cars I could be a parking lot away and I'd still get the honk. I took it out for about an hour today Which I hope fixes it. Replaced the battery, and still get the message. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media. Have a helper crank the engine as you watch the nod light. Stop / Start , is not just about battery condition , it also takes out side temperature , if AC is on , what speed setting your fan is on , lights etc etc. Remove the two vent caps from the top of the battery using a screwdriver. 2013 TB ST3 STAGE 3 "The Mistress" Sponsored by edgeautosport, Sponsored by Custom Performance Engineering, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada.   Your previous content has been restored. This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. Thanks Artscot79 I'll give it a few good runs. If not, go to Step 2. good luck with it. Okay had it out for a run, no fan staying on so took it out again, this time having the a/c on for a few minutes, turned it off when it got too cold! Check the plug gap with a wire feeler gauge. Is that the climate control? If there is fuel in the fuel line, go to the next step. I'm not very mechanical when it comes to cars. Compare the gap with the specification on your car owner's manual and reset it if necessary. Check all the starting system wiring from the battery to the starter solenoid and the starter. Make sure the connections are tight. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. And even when I'm steps away, locking does nothing, I need to unlock it then lock it again. If not, recharge the battery or replace it. Turn the flywheel using a flywheel turner. Touch the negative and positive battery posts with the black and red voltmeter leads respectively. If the flywheel is difficult to turn or does not turn at all, you have a mechanical problem and should have an auto technician inspect the vehicle if necessary.


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