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The early 9N (left) up to serial number 9N16953 had a much smaller diameter generator than the later models (right), and the later model used a spring tensioner to keep the belt tight. These included the 501 (offset) 601, 701, 801, and 901 series tractors. It should probably be referred to as an 8N built in '47. Little else changed. These are common in Europe, but extremely rare in the US. The "01" series hood emblem was the first one to be made of plastic. Built from 1952 - 1954 Serial Numbers - (Note Change To NAA Prefix). After the NAA tractor, the hundred series and up tractors have a model number stamped above a strictly numerical serial number. At serial 111758 the 4 blade fan became standard and the 6 blade fan became optional. Here's a link to 9N/2N/8N specifications and General Information . All the chrome plating previously found on the 9N tractors disappeared and those items were now painted. Although they were painted gray from the factory, the rarity of these aluminum hoods has caused many of their current owners to polish the aluminum to a bright shine and leave it unpainted to show off the rare hood. These tractors were sold as '48 models, so it's technically not correct to refer to one as a '47 8N. Serial numbers on the 9N-2N and 8N tractors are located on the left side of the engine block, just below the head and behind the oil filter. At serial number 252845 the one piece shifter handle with the small forged knob was changed to a threaded handle with a black plastic knob that screws on. 1918 Serial number 255 - 34421. Mr. Roger Kyes (president of the Ferguson-Sherman Corporation) came up with the idea of producing a tractor without rubber tires, battery, or starter. It is very common for one of these tractors to have parts with casting date codes that don't exactly match. The 8N-NAA rear axle hub (left photo) was attached with a large nut in the center.The '55 and newer tractors had one piece axles and did not have that nut. The industrial model tractors had a heavy steel frame and were designed for pulling only. It can now be flipped forward for access and stays attached so it won't get lost. Note that the "font" used on the number stamps was a little unusual. The serial numbers on the first 22,238 NAA models were stamped on the left frontof the engine block just below the head as shown in the photo below. Note that the "font" used on the number stamps was a little unusual. The first few thousand tractors had only a plug in the right side of the transmission to check the level. Few changes were made from 1945 to 1947. Lh Side Of Trans Case At The Point Of Joining With Starting Motor, Underside Of Radiator Filler Cap Access Door, Lh Side Of Trans Case At The Point Of Joining With Starting Moter, Lower L/h Corner Of Cab (cab Configuration), Lh Flywheel Housing Or Right Side Of Engine Block, Left Side Of Flywheel Housing Or Right Side Of Engine Block, Left Side Of Transmission Or Right Side Of Engine, Right Front Corner Of Radiator, Under Right Front Grille Panel. Plate Mounted On Right Front Corner Of Front Frame. You will only see the diamonds on 8N tractors with a serial number after 8N 433578. Below that is the serial number.A diamond symbol denotes the beginning and end of the serial number. Early models also had a larger capacity unpressurized radiator with a chromed cap. Sometime in late '52 a change was made to the transmission housing on the left rear side that would allow for a larger reverse idler gear to lower the reverse gear ratio. Horsepower went up due to an increase in compression ratio from 6.1 to 6.5. dash panel with Proofmeter, The NAA 134 cubic inch "Red Tiger" engine, The original NAA hydraulic pump was the vane type that ran whenever the engine did The button was moved from the left side of the dash to its new spot just in front of the shift lever. Early models up to serial number 27940 had a clutch pedal linkage consisting of a bolt on the pedal which pushed on a short lever arm to release the clutch. Ford continued to offer even more models and options with the '01 series. Starting at serial number 215759 the top link rocker was changed from a single hole to a 3 hole design. The 2000 and 4000 series tractors were basically the same as the 601 and 801 series tractors but with a slightly restyled grille that ended 10 years of the "cyclops" front emblem. Note the freeze plug just to the right of the oil filter in the photo on the right. The aluminum battery/fuel cover was not hinged but was held in place with spring clips. With just small variations in length, this design would be used on Ford tractors for the next 20+ years. The vane type hydraulic pump was replaced by a piston type pump in 1955at serial number 66849. Known as "the '41 grille" it was used only about one year and is different from later grilles which have additional slots in the center bar. All numbers have the prefix "8N" to indicate 1948 model. The light industrial models were very similar in appearance to the '01 series. These hand-stamped numbers were the last identifying mark added before final assembly of a tractor. Both brake pedals were now next to each other on the right side. You should be able to find a metallic plate that has 3 different serial codes. "Powermaster" tractors had gray on the sides of the hood. Most people still refer to these tractors as 9N's. Upper Right Corner Of Transmission Or Inside Of Right Hood Panel. By documenting these changes and features it will hopefully aid in correctly identifying the tractors and be a help to restorers who want their tractors to be "as original". The grille was changed to have four slots in the center bar. Some of the obvious factory changes to the 2N tractors included; changing several previously chromed items to painted and changing from I-Beam to Tube-type Radius rods part way thru the 1944 production year. The new model NAA tractors built starting in 1952, for the 1953 model year, got a special "Golden Jublee" hood medallion to celebrate Ford's 50th anniversary. If you have your model and serial numbers written down, GoTo Decode Table. None of these trademark holders are affiliated with this web site, nor is this site sponsored or endorsed by them in any way. Although it still looked basically the same as the 9N-2N, it had many improvements. The very aggressive schedule resulted in some differences between the first models and later models. Also note the red ignition "on" light below the ammeter. is the same as the hundred and "01" series tractors, Old Ford Tractor Model Identification and Changes '39-'64, 1954 Serial number NAA 77475 - NAA 128965. Try different angles and light sources to make the number visible. The majority of these tractors were exported and survivors are rare in the US. Wnen each engine passed QC Inspection/Testing, the hand stamped serial number was applied, and the engine was placed in another holding area. 0A29B Rear Axle 9l2IB Tires 14.9 26 Front tires 5.00--15 wide 3 Cylinder Diesel I think … Running boards were added. The paint colors were changed to a bright red with lighter gray sheet metal, which earned it the nickname "redbelly". Look for the production code of your Ford tractor. The radius rod front clevis resembled the 2N type, and the PTO engagement lever mounted on a cast iron cover. This owner has polished his aluminum steering column and dash and left them unpainted as well as the aluminum hood. Who can blame them? Another feature unique to the early 9N was the adjustable left side lift link The bottom fork was threaded and screwed on to the upper section. The double ribbed 9N rear fenders (left) went through at least 2 reductions in the number of rivets that held them together before the fenders were replaced by the single rib model (right) that was used on the N tractors for the next dozen years. First came the 600 and 800 models followed by the 700 and 900 models. Running production changes to the 9N tractor continued their rapid pace in 1940. These were found only on the first 25000 or so tractors. Note - These numbers were started at an even hundred for each year. Then at serial 9N80770 it was changed again to a two piece cast iron column with a steel plate dash panel. The Select-O-Speed gives you a wide range of ratios with 10 speeds forward and 2 reverse all done with the use of hydraulic clutch packs, bands and planetary gears. A code such as G187 would mean the part was cast on or after July 18th, 1947. The engine block now has the "8N" casting mark on the left side directly to the rear of the starter. D252 would be April 25th, 1952. The big change for this model was the new overhead valve "Red Tiger" engine. Try different angles and light sources to make the number visible. The 9NAN and 8NAN distillate or kerosene burning tractors can be distinguished by the dual fuel tank and the Holley vaporizer setup that replaced the standard manifold and carburetor. These tractors were painted red and "buff" and were basically modified "01" series models with a different seat, industrial tread rear tires, and a heavier fixed width front axle. The steering wheel changed to a plastic covered 3 spoke design with a chrome nut and washer holding it on. Unfortunately, the release of the Select-O-Speed occurred before all the bugs were worked out of the transmission and it soon developed a bad reputation as being troublesome and unreliable. The engine block was the same as the 2N block and did not yet have the "8N" cast into it on the left side behind the starter. Also at 273178 the governor was replaced with one containing a drive for the upcoming Proofmeter. At serial 179073 the oil filler tube was shortened. If you have any questions, or problems with this site, please send me a message: ☆ 9N10276 ☆ to ☆  9N46017 ☆, ☆ 9N46018 ☆ to ☆  9N88933 ☆, ☆ 9N88934 ☆ to ☆  9N99046 ☆, ☆ 9N99047 ☆ to ☆ 9N105411 ☆, ☆ 9N105412 ☆ to ☆ 9N126574 ☆, ☆ 9N126575 ☆ to ☆ 9N170017 ☆, ☆ 9N170018 ☆ to ☆ 9N198766 ☆, ☆ 9N198767 ☆ to ☆ 9N258539 ☆, ☆ 9N258540 ☆ to ☆ 9N306221 ☆, ☆ 8N37908 ☆ to ☆ 8N141369 ☆, ☆ 8N141370 ☆ to ☆ 8N245636 ☆, ☆ 8N245637 ☆ to ☆ 8N343592 ☆, ☆ 8N343593 ☆ to ♢ 8N442034 ♢, ♢ 8N442035 ♢ to ♢ 8N524076 ♢.


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