ghanaian curse words
Dis non-Ghanaian citizen for go through registration process where he/she go swear oath of allegiance after which de person go fit become citizen starting from de day of registration. :lol: We NYEM ti se me tu ( you face is like my as)WU YE CORRECT? @K Kusi, I was going to ask you to pick yourself up from the floor but seeing faf's list sent me right down there with you! If you would like to make any corrections or additions to this page, or if [ok maybe not this one]PS: I might have got some of the ewe and housa ones wrong but those that know will get it.Enjoy! Favourite will always be 'who born you by mistake?' There's a newbie on the blog. Join our ever-growing community of learners and receive e-mail notifications whenever we publish new content. Founder of God’s Crown Chapel, Prophet Reindolph Oduro has disclosed that Ghana could swear in a new Vice President ‘if God does not intervene.’ According to the Eagle Prophet, the incumbent Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia is down with a stroke and will only take a … Kwasea (depending on where the stress is placed, this could mean anything from fool to imbecile), Kwaseampani (fool), Oguan (sheep), Prɛko (pig), Nantwiee (cow), dɔlu (stupid) or dɔlu dɔlu (doubly stupid), wo nnim nyansa (you have no sense) Or talk about a body part. I will never try to get in a screaming match with you, eh? I've just discovered you. Hilarious! But I guess this isn’t something that’s unheard of. A borrowed word usually undergoes various changes to suit the morphology of the beneficiary language. dɔlu (stupid) or dɔlu dɔlu (doubly stupid). In the list below, you will find the actual Twi names of some of the items italicised by them. Chichewa, Ewe, Is This Accurate? Buulu (boo-lu) Idiot. my soul's face is what?And I'm not even Ga, so I wonder what a Ga person feels when someone throws this one at them. @Sheridan,Yay! Esi can i please copy and paste into my archives?But before I go, Lucy Agyepong used to say this all the time: Wu'e nim ti se anomaa'a o'ye ni period, a'she pad. But my soul? It's new, fresh, and possibly hilarious. I don't think I saw "swine mongoose" on anyone's list.. please don't ask me what it means. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics and Theatre Arts from the University of Ghana and an MPhil in English Linguistics and Language Acquisition from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). he is so rotten, he has maggots coming out of his nose). Acheampong (or Akropong) Ashantisurname, which means destined for greatness. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! See these phrases it's sooo harsh!I STILL don't understand focking boy, or woye focking paa, huh? I dont know what it means, but I use it very often these days against the foolish American women I work with here in Baltimore!Kweku Enos. And, I will appreciate it if you spent a second to share the lesson. Newest member of your flock of followers.ok...not so bad attempts at the Ga versions! One love. Tonight, as a friend and I were leaving our Twi class, we tried to sum up the curse words we knew but were sadly all out after kwasea and aboa..I have to say, this is a great resource! Kinyarwanda,, Bemba, [Stay at home and give advice to the kids!]. Re: Ghanaian Lady Strips Unclad To Curse Her Boyfriend Who Dumped Her (Video) by larryking540: 12:47pm On Sep 20, 2019 sometimes it's just better to pray for … Lozi, wo ti se ade a ye de se sekan- your head like something we use to sharpen knives3. But this supposed to mean :your nose like that of a cow), you, but have nothing specific to attack, we say something like. Kwasea (depending on where the stress is placed, this could mean anything from fool to imbecile). My grandmother used to say otwia, we nim se kakai(sorry you? I am wiping the tears from my eyes - this is so hilarious. and then w'ano prepre se prekese. ]The fitter goes:"Daabi, nkokɔ na tiatiaa so" [No, it was trampled by chicken]See, I would have just settled for, "W'adwene ne fie?" I mean w'ano pakyaa sɛ ebin a y'etia mu means your mouth is as disgusting as shit that has been stepped on...and that still does not even capture it all. "Seepoodwe". We end here. My Fante mom would say... Aboa dɛtse kuraba (animal's clay chamber pot)... have NO idea the linkage here, but the most powerful trio:your MORDAonyɛ ahe pitim (don't know what that means either)... and the showstopper:GBEMI. This comment has been removed by the author. Do you know which items make the big list? @FAFI still cant stop laughing about the soul insult, thats really, Hoo oh! Obviously it being in Ghana has a lot of old car parts strewn all over the place as well as some properly mangled cars.Said man on seeing what looked like a a car mangled beyond what any fitter can do to repait it inquires:"Adɛn, e nyaa asident?" Mema wo akwaaba ( I welcome you) Yɛma wo akwaaba ( We welcome you) Yaa agya ( reply - to an elderly man) Yaa ɛna ( reply - to an elderly woman) Yaa anua ( reply - to a sibling age mate or colleague) Hello (General greeting) Agoo. [womanizer/loose girl]Alele/Ashawo! Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. It’s so unfortunate. Oh wow, thats all I have to say.WoW, too funny. (tr: Is there any value in craziness?). The Wackiest Facebook Status Updates Coming Out of Ghana, Who is afraid of Madam High Heel? Tumbuka, nice try.well..i'm also fascinated by GALAWAY(get way)or better still GERROUT THE HE(get out of here) for those who want to sound "exotic".i'm quite surprised that you forgot GO WAY YOU.cheers Esi!...heard from Eddy yet?..about the vid interviews! remind me not to get on Faf's last nerve..sheesh.. sorsket is an insult? Please be reminded that we have a new YouTube channel so if you’d like to see more video lessons, please head over there and subscribe to the channel. Somebody lied to you. Any complaints will get you an e-slap and a five-finger-with-thumb-raised salute, @imperfect black: mild you say? I owe this one to my grandma. Esi, my mums favorite insult which I still hold in high esteem is a word I dont even understand. you face looks like a mythical Ghanaian monster). [Stupid older person who shd know better]Tena fie na tu mmoframa fo! Yes, how could i forget "go wey you!" WOWthis is a modified version of what my aunt would say (these fantis shall kill us)"aa b)dam a' gyim anaa d3 wey-nyiwaa na oo tsin oo"translation: are u mad n a fool or are u dizzy, ooo i forgot i also heard "gyimi" been sed in its scientific form"GYIMI-TOSIS"hahahahahahaha. LearnAkan.Com is a free e-learning website dedicated to helping you to read, write and speak the Akan language, spoken in most parts of Ghana in West Africa. It’s a long story. for instance, a teacher told a boy that w'anim se akura a w'ate awanwasem" Meaning your face like a rat which has heard surprising news. The “Fama Nyame” Fetish and the Dearth of Strategic Thinking: A Pyrrhic Drought in Ghana’s Democracy. Read our. Ackee, akee. Efik, Key to abbreviations: frm = formal, inf = informal, sg = This means I earn a commission if you click on any of them and buy something. <==It's difficult to translate but it insulting your soul. Founded in June 2016 by Stephen Awiba, the website features a wide range of useful lessons touching on different aspects of the language. it sounded very harsh to my ears but to my gambian friends it had no cultural relevance.


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