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I don’t have a dog in that fight. He was genuinely humble and low-key. Undeterred by those who told him he wasn't good enough to play professional football, Brandon took a risk and walked on in 1994. For me, it will be more than just the nationwide premiere of a sports themed movie, it will be an emotional look back at one of the defining moments of the Razorback program and the state that calls the Hogs home. I actually went and saw it again. As a big screen entity, he’s no “Gipper.” Heck, he’s no “Rudy,” either. "Greater", the true story of Brandon Burlsworth, the greatest walk-on in the history of college football, opens this Friday and promises to encourage, inspire, and entertain audiences of all ages. The inspiring and unknown true story behind MercyMe's beloved, chart topping song that brings ultimate hope to so many is a gripping reminder of the power of true forgiveness. We were able to view it before the premiere in January - the producer thought we might want to see it for the first time at the premiere, and I said, "No," because I didn't want my wife and I, and my mother, and then our sons to see that, because it was going to be too emotional. For those familiar with the Razorback program and throughout college football, that legacy is hard to miss. I can be giving a talk to a football team somewhere, and I get myself choked up talking about Brandon, talking about what he did. Was it effective? Promotes faith, teamwork, determination, generosity, and courage. 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Israel, Esq' (Interview), 'Chewbacca Mom' on How She Overcame Suicidal Thoughts and Depression and Found Lasting Joy (Exclusive Interview), 'Same Kind of Different as Me': How a Homeless Ex-Con Radically Changed the Life of a 'Prejudiced' Millionaire (Exclusive), 'Heaven is for Real' Author Todd Burpo Shares Update on Son Colton 14 Years After Heaven Visit (Exclusive), China's National Security Law Enacted in Hong Kong, Overriding 'One Country, Two Systems', Rev. Find more movies that help kids build character. How did Marty's recollections aid in his own transformation and help him accept Brandon's death? How is drinking portrayed in the film? It hasn’t made a dime north of the SEC, and will be on Netflix before you can call the hawgs home. What a challenge to be able to write this in a way where it does come off that way, where people leave the theater feeling good and wanting to see it again. A bigger house, a nicer car. He’s picked up on by his teammates, who resent his goofy self-righteousness. A troubled girl finds faith, hope, and healing through a relationship with a wounded horse. One of the reasons Americans were happier and better off then. That’s it. But ultimately this is a a satisfying film that's meant to be shared by families. Syrupy sports drama uplifts but glosses over deep issues. First Man: A look at the real story of Neil Armstrong vs. the movie's … You’re going to be sorely disappointed. Every other thing that I’ve read and seen about this movie has me looking forward to watching this movie. He said he wanted to tell Brandon's real story, that he would not leave out his faith, which no one else could guarantee. But “Rudy” was about aiming impossibly high, and not realizing what you will achieve even if you fall short ( a college degree, the first in your family, from a great college). One character is a chronic alcoholic who's very drunk in one sequence. MB: No, not really. A church in India continued to celebrate Easter after Hindu extremists vandalized much of their building. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Looking for something to watch? Whether you have a nod to non-fiction like me or plan your weekend in part based on the rotten tomatoes movie review scale, there is a special event this week of which you should take note. The good “faith-based” movies of the past ten years are as follows — “Soul Surfer,” “Facing the Giants,” “Risen,” and “Miracles from Heaven.” Good actors telling a compelling story with faith as essential component of that story and those characters. Brandon goes through some things, even in junior high, or the college level where he's getting picked on. Despite his heft, Severio hardly boasts game-shape physicality, and his dramatic skills are sorely lacking. Football action: practices, games (some hard-hitting). You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The former is inherently uninteresting, the latter the movie fails to grapple with. The news stymied me in a way that I still vividly remember. Burlsworth might be a big deal in Arkansas, with statues, a foundation and a myth to go with him. Several true things in the film: we did point at the Moon, and, as arranged, did take signals, and successfully, for the moonwalks; we normally park our dish at 35km/hr. Add the first question. He’s burnished and has any edge the real kid might have had rubbed off. non-scholarship) college football player, Arkansas offensive lineman Brandon Burlsworth easily bests Notre Dame’s more famous Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger. Raised by a poor but dedicated single mom and estranged from his alcoholic dad, Brandon is an awkward, overweight boy with dreams that seem out of his reach. As Marty attempts to understand why his extraordinary brother's life was cut short, he remembers the arc of Brandon's life from the age of 12 on. GH: What do you think viewers might be surprised about the most? Prior to social media and the proliferation of cell phones, the only precursor to the sobering dose of news that awaited was the flashing red light of a telephone answering machine, indicating a new message. But the very fact that a walk-on from a small town in Arkansas continues to positively influence the lives of so many who never saw him play only serves to transform our society’s blind side to the enduring impact that can be made by one leading man. The Nun: The movie isn't true but its demon Valak is found in mythology. Welcome to the drinking blog with a film problem. Heartbroken, Marty experienced a crisis of faith and struggled with why a loving God would let something so terrible happen to someone so good. That the film can’t even properly elucidate that Frederic Lehne’s Mike Bender is, in fact, an assistant (versus the head) coach at Arkansas is emblematic of Hunt and Reindl’s ungainly scripting. Over the next decade -- converting even the most skeptical coaches and teammates, as well as his brother -- Brandon transforms himself into an impressively good offensive guard on both his high school and college football teams. Inspiring football documentary about the power of teamwork. And, itt was emotional to watch. ", Netflixable? If you are religious - go for it - you will love it. For the holidays — “Cup of Cheer”, Netflixable? Does it ever go away completely? Though it's a low-budget film, Greater has been graced with some outstanding supporting performances and an able production. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'gospelherald_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_1',112,'0','0']));MB: I think so yeah. Not that we wanted to micromanage - we wanted to stay out the way completely. We don't know the answers, we don't know the why, we just know that one day we will. Why are those important character strengths? Instead, it casts his devotion to God as a virtual guarantee of his success — which is also true with regards to his mom (Leslie Easterbrook), who shrugs off going into decades of debt to support her son’s long-shot aspirations by stating, “My son knows I have faith.”. An extremely devoted Christian, Brandon never cursed or drank. You obviously have no faith or taste. (If you don't know who Bruce Lee is either, here's a cool YouTube link to… But go on, live in your delusions. An overweight teen is often bullied and teased: "fat boy," "fatty," "cheesecake.". His faith makes him a teetotaler, setting up the teammates’ drinking prank scene that we know is coming. oldladycitizen says: August 31, 2016 at 6:52 pm. Inspiring sports film about a real-life underdog. A plucky undersized self-promoter superfan gets on the field for the Fighting Irish, and eventually gets a Sports Illustrated profile, and a movie made about him. Credits: Directed by David Hunt, script by Brian Reindl, David Hunt. Excellent docu on Muslim high school football players. MB: It was just incredible. It is superficially accurate until a lot more research and background uncovers the truth of just how full of bull-schitzen the film Cowspiracy really is. I freely admit, I am not much of a movie guy. Meanwhile, the fact that Marty ultimately rejects devilish hopelessness primarily because he just can’t stand the belligerent bullying of Searcy’s de facto Beelzebub suggests that, no matter its platitudinous proclamations to the contrary, it ultimately has no answers to the spiritual questions hovering over its real-life action like a shroud. (The script also draws … What did his tormentors learn from him? It does not fit Hollywood’s narrative and goes against what it puts out as entertainment. Every other thing that I’ve read and seen about this movie has me looking forward to watching this movie. Very good movie but there is kind of a lot of drugs so be careful watching it with your kids. Parents need to know that Greater is an inspirational sports drama about real-life hero Brandon Burlsworth, who's possibly the most successful "walk-on" (un-recruited) football player in the history of the University of Arkansas. Because the movie is framed by a funeral and family members' grief after Burlsworth's accidental death, it's clear from the beginning that sadness will accompany the otherwise uplifting story.


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