gul dan wind

Episode 34. When the chain breaks the player will receive a large burst of fire damage split between anyone within 5 yards. Episode 33. Gul'dan leaps into the fray himself, harnessing the power of the Fel to bolster his frail frame. Shatters the target's soul with a heavy swing, inflicting 29987 Fire damage. (lore) Simply move away and kill the trapper. Calls upon the Black Harvest, inflicting 137 Shadow damage every 2 sec, expelling all stored souls within the Well of Souls over 4 sec. This will also help reduce the health of the duplicated eyes, or stop them from spawning all together, as the eyes can be destroyed before duplication occurs. Fel Lord Kurazmal: The Legion claims you! Ranged players need to be aware of overlaps, where the, Ranged players must be spread apart 8 yards before the. Conjures a massive orb of Fel Fire that splashes down at a target's location, inflicting 392 Fire damage, decreasing in damage as distance increases. After becoming empowered, he will instead summon one large eye that does a massive amount of channeled fire damage to multiple targets. Tanks want to drag Gul'dan to one side of the platform. Skorpyron You failed, heroes! Chronomatic Anomaly The trapper is not as much of a threat. Avoid the two non-targeted casts (I don't remember names), use Pummel and Storm Bolt back to back on spellcasts (dont use willy-nilly) to create windows for Second Wind to kick in.

This phase is split into 3 mini-phases, where he taps into the Eye to empower one of his abilities at 85%, 70%, and 55%. I just got this mount from Gul'dan on my last guild run. At 40% health Gul'dan harnesses the Eye of Aman'Thul to gain new and empowered abilities, also disrupting the powers that players received from the Eye. Gul'dan may not have more than 100 charges at one time. If stood near the edge, this has a very real chance of knocking the player off the edge with no way to recover. In the last phase, Gul'dan will be tanked near the edge so that players can easily drop their lava near the edge instead of in the group. nger Management - Increases the maximum number of charges by 50, also raising the Ability Power cap by 5%. At seventy percent health, Gul’dan gains Empowered Bonds of Fel, which deals a large knockback: try to stay away from the edges of the platform to avoid falling to your doom. Tanks: Gul'dan's energy bar will slowly build. After the last of these, all his abilities will be empowered and do Fire-damage, cancelling the Eye's DPS affect if they are hit by any of them. Simply type the URL of the video in the form below. Every ten charges increases Ability Power by 1%. Download the client and get started. Resolved an issue in which a player could retain the visual effects of Bonds of Fel after death. This will deal a large amount of fire damage split between the tank and anyone within 2 yards of them. Empowered Liquid Hellfire will also leave lava on the ground, simply move away.

That tank wants to use large cooldowns or. Tanks and melee damage dealers should move towards. The active Eye of Aman'Thul bestows great power, modifying relative time for the caster. Unleashes a volley of spirits from his grasp, inflicting 4498 Shadow damage to targets struck. The 1st Soul Fragment of Azzinoth should die on the South side of the platform, next to the 3rd Nightorb. This healing absorption debuff needs to be topped up to allow the affected players to receive healing during large incoming damage.


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