hamster eye injury

My hamster has been acting normal but today when I fed her I noticed that one eye is 3 quarters of the way shut there was no redness or gunk it was just shut plz HELP!? I’m going to change his cage and help him around for a few minutes or hours to get Raider used to his new cage. Prolonged discharge may become more purulent (pus-like), Dental disorders like overgrown teeth, malocclusion. Increasing the amount of time you spend playing with your pet may be the answer, but there are more stimulating toys that you can offer your pet - have you tried letting them explore your home in an exercise ball? Depending on the severity of the injury, you can either treat some issues such as small cuts by dabbing them with a bit of lukewarm water, but more serious injuries it will need to be treated by a vet. Hamsters are fairly hardy pets, but they are so small that when injuries and illnesses occur things can become serious quickly.

It’s always best to get this condition checked by a vet, as it may not be an ear infection but something more serious, such as brain damage.

Sneezing can happen for a number of reasons such as dust and may just be a sign that your hamster needs a bedding change. Although it is not a serious condition, a hamster with conjunctivitis should be treated promptly to prevent any further complications. They might not be able to drink enough to keep their temperature down. i recommend a vet gives you medicine for you hamster. A hamster with heat stroke will lie flat on the floor of its cage, have heavy breathing, and may shiver when you touch it. In most cases where you suspect an allergy you should be able to isolate and remove the cause of the allergic reaction, allowing your hamster to recover within a few days. My 7months old golden winter white hamster’s left eye started getting watery since 2weeks ago. It should wake up and begin moving around within an hour or so. Can someone tell me what happend he had some scab on his eye.

f a wound is not treated quickly then it may heal over before the infection has cleared, causing pus to form under the skin and create a lump known as an abscess. In addition, if it isn’t eating, you can try to add some water soluble vitamins into the water. My hamster is getting old now and I have just noticed she is getting gunk trapped on the outside of her eye I don’t know what to do someone please help me as I am very upset because my friends hamster had to be put down and I don’t want that to happen to my baby girl!! Symptoms of sarcoptic mange include dry, scabby skin and lots of scratching. I love her, and I don’t want her to die in pain. NEED HELP NOW Respiratory problems have been connected to bedding that is cedar and pine as it commonly irritates hamsters’ respiratory tracts (which can lead to an infection.) It’s where the eye tends to get reddish and then becomes white in the middle. Believe me I’m having a bad day she’s has sticky eye she’s not active she might die? If one eye is sticking out from your pet’s head more than the other, then your pet may have a protruding eye caused by an infection or injury. Respiratory infections are fairly serious as they tend to lead to illnesses such as pneumonia. Hold it softly in your lap until it is calm - you don’t want it to be squirming, and it shouldn’t be held too tightly. These will look like black dust in your hamster’s fur, but if you place them on white kitchen or toilet paper and add a drop of water, then they will become dark red, as they are mainly formed from your hamster’s blood. The operation is highly successful and will save your hamster’s life.

Symptoms: a change in personality (usually ends with aggression), convulsion.

Hamsters that have this condition are at risk of a quick death, however, with immediate treatment from a vet your hamster should make a speedy recovery. This is because the condition can spread rapidly, and bacteria can linger in enclosures. I called the emegency vet and was told to use a warm cotton ball to clean the area and to put on some anti bac oitment. However, do not self-administer medication as hamsters are extremely sensitive creatures that are likely to develop allergic reactions to certain drugs.

My babyI winter white will open her eyes sometimes but do u think it can be dirt in there cadge I replaced beting with dirt. It is normally easy to treat, however it can also be a symptom of the far more serious condition wet tail. If your hamster has eaten too many fruits or vegetables make sure to stop feeding fresh foods for the next few days. Before administering eye drops your veterinarian will clean the affected eye and remove discharge with mild saline eyewash. Does your hamster have a large enough enclosure, and a correctly-sized wheel that it has constant access to? There are lots of different health problems that hamsters can suffer from, but here we’ve collated some of the most common issues that it’s a good idea to look out for. Follow the instructions on the bottle and then it should work. GUINEA PIGS - Clean their eyes. I love my little Ray-Ray I want him to be aye okay!!!! Does anyone else have this problem and does anyone know if I should do anything about it? In fact, the sooner the hamster is treated, the more likely it is that the eye can be saved. Sometimes, owners will despair that their pets have died, when in fact they are just in a very deep sleep. Conjunctitivis can spread to other hamsters, so make sure the affected hamster is isolated from others if it is a social species, such as one of the dwarf hamster species like Roborovskis, Campbell s or Winter Whites.

As a small animal owner, you’re going to want to make sure you’re checking your little one every time you feed them to make sure everything looks A-Okay. In the event of an abscess developing you should take your hamster to a veterinarian for the pus to be drained and possible further treatment. If you are unsure, we advise that you be cautious, and seek advice from a vet.
Also when the hamster goes back in the cage he or she is more comfortable and will start cleaning its eye of any medication.

What do you think is wrong with him? I think it’s conjunctivitis but I’m not sure… The vets here arent specialised on hamster care. It’s a good idea to put a little saucer of water in their cage temporarily, encouraging them to drink as much as possible. Symptoms: hamster will appear bluish and/or swollen, bloody discharge from nipples. Aspergillis fungus is a less common but more serious fungal infection.
Note: these worms can be transferred to their humans and are transferred through fecal matter. This can be done by placing a tile upside down somewhere in the cage where your hamster will walk, such as by its water bottle, and by providing some wooden toys that your hamster can grip onto. Use a very mild saline solution, My female hamster has labored breathing and does not open her eyes our even move ache been like this for a week went to pull her out and she just layed on her side really worried.not sure off her history as we got her free three weeks ago. If you notice any persistent lumps in your hamster’s cheek or if your hamster seems to be unable to empty its cheek pouches then you should take it to a veterinarian. Your hamster will show poor balance and coordination, possibly falling over, and its head may hang to one side. My hamsters eyes are sealing shut almost immediately after washing them off, she is lethargic and seems very weak. A hamster can get an injury that removes the entire eye or damages it to the point that its vision is lost. Mange - sarcoptic mange is technically a type of mite, a very unpleasant one that actually burrows underneath your pet’s skin.

Understanding Cat Yowls. If you do notice lethargy or a lack of interest in food make sure to take your hamster to the vet. I don’t know what to do can one of you help me? This is commonly caused by an injury to your hamster’s spinal cord. If you stopped the bleeding with a q-tip, that is a good start. You should properly prepare a suitable cage before it is brought home, allow it to settle in before interfering with it, feed it a good diet regularly and introduce new foods gradually, clean its cage regularly, and tame it for handling gradually.

Hamsters have very poor eyesight, and they can really injure themselves by falling off of things. Conjunctivitis in Hamsters. Supplements like Vitamin D & E can help promote better health for your hamster.

Tooth loss is especially problematic, as it can mean that the opposite tooth will grow very long, potentially damaging your hamster’s mouth.

Then, once your hamster has calmed down, hold the end of the cotton swab against its eyes for a few minutes to soften the crust on it. Commonly a hamster that is sick will stop drinking and will begin experiencing dehydration which can be extremely deadly. A drop of vegetable oil in its food can also help.

Wet tail is a potentially fatal condition for hamsters, and so action needs to be taken very quickly. My hamster’s eye is covered by bedding dried up on her fur, I tried using a wet Q-Tip from small amounts of tap water, but nothing as of yet. You should ensure that your hamster has a supply of water in its bottle to avoid dehydration, while fresh food with high moisture content such as seedless grapes, cucumber or apple can also help.

It’s gotten worse this week. Unfortunately, hamsters can get infected with a number of parasites that can cause your pets a lot of discomfort. Therefore if your hamster has teeth problems you should take it to a veterinarian. Aside from taking him to the vet, will he be fine if I just leave him be?

U guys should take out the cotton there we’re using and put a new one. Get your hamster out of the heat as quickly as possible, and smooth a bit of cool, but not icy, water onto them to try to cool them. There are some obvious scenarios in which a slight swelling of the mammary glands are normal - for example, do not be alarmed if your female hamster’s mammary glands swell a little during her pregnancy.


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