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Housing: The Family Housing Department, 808-257-2676 / (DSN) 315-457-2676, provides government housing to families of Marines and Sailors assigned to Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay and Camp H.M. Smith. You will also be responsible for all costs associated with the move. For personnel residing aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Once you have your cat/dog registered with the State, call the Base Game Warden to schedule an appointment with them to register your pet on Base. Maintenance Department will schedule an appointment for maintenance and repair work in your home. NO. Browse Hana Real Estate The median home price in Hana is $526,400. For example, a person with diabetes may have a dog that is trained to alert when the owner blood sugar is too high or low. This website serves as a one-stop shop where you can explore your options, compare prices and purchase services. Our EFMP Office is located in Building 219 at MCB Hawaii Kaneohe. Single services members are assigned Bachelor quarters with their unit/command BEQ Managers. Single-family dwellings average between 1,200 and 1,800 square feet. If you just feel better by hugging/being in the dogs presence when you feeling anxious, it will not qualify as a service animal. Kitchenware and other household items are available for check-out while you are waiting for your household goods or unaccompanied baggage. ... School cafeterias serve local favorites like … Please call MCBH Kaneohe Bay Housing Office at DSN 315-457-1257 or 808-257-1257. Lease with US Navy, Air Force, or Army privatized housing partners We listen to our residents and take their concerns seriously. Other branches of service not attached to MCBH: Army:  ERB (Enlisted)/ORB (Officers), Orders, Coast Guard:  CGMI (Member Information), CGBI, Dependency Data Sheet, Reserve/Guard:  Active Duty orders under Title 32. Unfortunately, there are some DOD Restricted Breeds that are not allowed on Base. However, the quarantine period can be completed prior to arriving in Hawaii. To help you understand your various housing options - please click here. Privatized Housing Application Process: All privatized family housing applications are submitted via MCB Hawaii FHO in order to determine housing eligibility, assign housing category based on pay grade, and determine control date and assignment priority. If you see bugs that are dead or in the process of dying that means the bug spray is working. Our hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 0730-1530; and Wednesday from 0730-1400. If the service member is deployed and never lived on base, you can apply on-line in advance and email the application to FHO for processing. Please feel free to contact your Resident Services Office if we can provide additional information: Serving the neighborhoods of Kaluapuni, Mokolea, Mololani, Nani Ulupau, Pa Honua, & Ulupau, Serving the neighborhoods of Hawaii Loa, Hana Like, Heleloa, Kapoho, & Waikulu, Document from the Hawaii Department of Health.             Air Force - https://www.hickamcommunities.com/ Resident Services Office (RSO) will handle your move-in process and will be your point of contact as soon as you move-in, handle all issues while you live in the home, and process your vacate. One of MCB Hawaii’s greatest aspects is that you can swim year-round. Failure to comply may result in the forfeiture of Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA), an entitlement to cover temporary lodging and meals since this is viewed by the government as having secured permanent housing. If that dog has been trained to sense an anxiety attack is about to happen and take a specific action to help avoid these attacks or lessen the impact, then then it would qualify as a service animal. You are also responsible for replacing batteries in your smoke detector. They will come out and spray if necessary, please be aware they cannot come out every week and spray if one or two live bugs are seen. This ceremony was the official start of Phase 6, a multi-phased construction partnership where 276 homes will be torn down and rebuilt, which is part of the last major housing … If you want to re-apply or previously lived on base, you can apply on-line in advance however, FHO will only accept your application on Friday’s. Please contact us if you have any questions about your application and process, or to schedule an appointment with our counselors. gov/ai/aqs/aqs-info/. Ohana/Hunt’s homes are pet friendly. THERE ARE INDIVIDULAS AND ORGANIZATIONS THAT SELL SERVICE ANIMAL CERTIFICATION OR REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS ON LINE. If you are looking for more information regarding soil at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, you may find the following links helpful: For those residents interested in further details about the soil conditions in their neighborhoods, our Resident Services Office have maps by MCBH neighborhood. Please fill out this application, DD1746 (click for fillable file), then print the application and fax it to 808-257-1259 or DSN 315-457-1259, or you may mail the application to the below address. Self-Help provides limited types or light bulbs. When both registrations are complete, visit your RSO with the registration papers. To re-apply, your application will be a Priority 3 and appointments are scheduled on Friday’s. Please select one of the options in the navigation bar on the right side of this page. Please provide proof of promotion and updated BIR/Command Sponsorship Letter to your appointment. You can refer to the linked flyer, How Can We Help? A person can have two service animals that perform two specific tasks. Please stop by our office or contact us at (808) 257-2676 for eligibility and details about the Overseas Temporary Loaner Furniture Program at MCB Hawaii. Navy:  Command Sponsorship Letter, Orders, Marine Corps:  Reporting Endorsement, Dependent Verification Letter, Navy:  Command Sponsorship Letter, Orders, Lease. WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING TO MY APPOINTMENT? If you are not satisfied with any service, we have a three-step issue resolution process that is applicable to your specific housing location. Get the latest on the Coronavirus outbreak for the military community on Military OneSource. Please provide your full SSN is on the application, not your EDIPI and sign in blocks 22 & 25. The Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCB Hawaii) Family Housing Office (FHO) provides assistance to our military families in their quest to find a "home" on the island of Oahu. Single active duty personnel with BAH established, you can apply on-line in advance however, FHO will only accept the application on Friday’s. WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR ON BASE HOUSING? Provides QOL services to marines and families. For more information please contact us at 808-254-7655 or MCBH Semper Fit Aquatics Facebook Page . In this case, your application will be a Priority 3 and appointments are scheduled on Friday’s. Upon Arrival: Service Members accompanied by command-sponsored dependents must check-in with their unit and the Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC),  and promptly report to the Family Housing Office within three working days of arrival. Directory; ... Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay (808) 254-8354. The RSO will also arrange for temporary loaner furniture to be delivered. ©2020 Ohana Military Communities - Marines 1571 Lawrence Road, 2nd Floor Kailua, HI 96734 If you apply within 30 days of your marriage, your Control Date will be backdated to your date of marriage. Terminex can only spray so often due to the chemicals that are used. Active Duty personnel with command sponsored dependents attached to MCBH can apply on-line in advanced with proper documentation at www.mcbhawaii.marines.mil > Welcome Aboard > Housing and Lodging > Family Housing. Fax: DSN 457-1259 or COMM (808) 257-1259 If not on TLA: USAG-Hawaii HSO can be reached at (808) 655-3073 to 655-3080. Housing Referral Office – Your contact for any problems you may encounter including discrimination complaints, tenant/landlord dispute, or any questions/problems about off-base housing is the HRO. Learn about the variety of housing possibilities available as well as information about setting up utilities in your home . The purpose of this website is to provide current and former residents with accurate information regarding the soil located at the Marine Corps family housing on Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay. If you fail to update IPAC you may be responsible to reimburse any COLA overpayments. A/C and water filters are available at the Self Help Warehouse. Family Member Employment Assistance and Relocation Service, State of Hawaii Quarantine/Importing Information, https://www.ohanamarinecorpscommunities.com/, Privatized Family Housing Guests Process Chart, PPV Housing Resident in-Brief (Mandatory), Marine Corps Bachelor and Family Housing Management, Ohana/Hunt Video of Best Practices for Conserving Energy, Privatized Family Housing Maintenance Process Chart. The Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCB Hawaii) Family Housing Office (FHO) provides assistance to our military families in their quest to find a "home" on the island of Oahu. Lease with MCB Hawaii PPV partner - Ohana/Hunt Because they have NOT been trained to perform a specific job or task, they do not qualify as service animals under the ADA. The purpose of this website is to provide current and former residents with accurate information regarding the soil located at the Marine Corps family housing on Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay. The majority of the family housing on Marine Corps Base Hawaii is owned by Ohana Military Communities, LLC (“Ohana”). Directory; Housing; Joint Personal Property Shipping Office (808) 473-7750. You may also select a Neighborhood of Choice (NOC) or let Ohana/Hunt know if you have a preferred NOC when they contact you. If you are interested in PPV housing, attached to MCBH and checking in to MCBH, you are required to report to FHO as stated on your Orders. For personnel residing in Off-Base Housing. Closed weekends and holidays. New check-ins:   YOU MUST CHECK-IN WITH YOUR UNIT, IPAC, TLA, AND DISBURSING BEFORE YOUR FHO APPOINTMENT. You must provide at least a 28 day notice otherwise you may incur fees. Issues with your home, neighborhood, neighbors, appliances, pests, lawn and common areas, Questions about charges, energy conservation, and Community Center availability, Requests for assistance due to a lock-out. Per Diem official website with information on allowances, travel regulations and lodging websites. The Fort Shafter Housing Services Office has a volunteer real estate agent on site who can assist with home purchase information and options. Start Your Review of Hana. You can visit the Ohana/Hunt website for floor plans and neighborhood information. Schofield Barracks Housing Service Office (HSO): US Army Garrison Hawaii (USAG-Hawaii) is the Department of Defense executive agent for off-base housing on Oahu, and is located at Building 950, 215 Duck Road, Schofield Barracks, Wahiawa, HI. However, some state and local governments have laws that allow pet owners to have emotional support animals at public places. The two prong light bulbs in a regular light fixture is your responsibility to purchase and replace.


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