hardwood or softwood pellets for cat litter
Using pellets as an alternative when I do not have the time for the cardboard shredding is perfect! Gotta be better than coco coir in a bin. See full disclosure. You can however find different types as well, though these are less common. I have heard of people reusing the clay by rinsing it and drying it….but still, the dust…. Less tracking: Many cat owners find that there is less tracking with wood pellets, because they are too large to get stuck in your cat’s paws. It is an excellent choice for cats of all ages. We like that this pellet litter is lightweight and environmentally-friendly. Best Budget-Friendly Pellet Litter: Walnut is said to absorb odors better than other common litter materials such as clay and wheat. Most often wood is oak or maple wood species, and the price is much more higher than the cost of lower grades pellets. Every day when you change the little box, remove a tiny bit of the clay litter and add a little more wood pellets. Transitioning your cat to wood pellet litter slowly means giving him an option. Actually the above mentioned Woody Pet. Haha, Your pricing on sawdust pellets sounds identical to ours (the ones for wood stoves, available at our large department store chain). Compared to a horse, your cat would certainly qualify as a “small animal” – although with a larger than life personality!Anyway, having the company describing this “bedding” as suitable for cats is a nice assurance that it is safe to use as cat litter, without any unwanted additives.Note that these pellets will not crumble as easily as the ones ment for cat litter, since the pellets for bedding are supposed to withstand more pressure. The pellets are made from recycled wood, more specifically Southern Yellow Pine, due to its ability to absorb moisture and neutralize odors. pine) vs hard wood pellets for this? I personally refuse to use clay. Wet pellets will turn into sawdust and can be composted. Wood pellets, sometimes called wood stove fuel pellets or pellet fuel, can make a great replacement for regular cat litter and have many advantages over the traditional clay stuff. Please keep us updated. Press J to jump to the feed. Rinsing and drying the clay stuff sounds borderline insane to me! Cypress Fresh Cat Litter from Next Gen Pet Products ” … combines the power of Japanese Hinoki wood and green tea leaves to fight bacterial growth that causes litter box odor” according to their website. Instead, we use kiln-dried shavings reclaimed from lumber production.” Source: Felinepine.com. You can read more about this product in the Best wood pellet cat litter section of this article, by clicking here or scrolling down. Once your cat is used to the pellets, you can remove the other one. Doesn’t scoop nicely and I still have nice usable pellets in there I don’t want to waste. I think the sawdust will be more of a filler material so I don’t have to use as much of the starter (which is considerably more expensive). No, it was the information shared by RWC readers – namely, Paul L., “Kim from Milwaukee”, and “Priswell” – that completely changed things for me on this front! I say steer clear of pet stores for anything if at all possible! Mine never liked coir either. Fresh News pellet litter is also a cost-effective option. Softwood pellets are more popular and are normally made from pine or cedar. Eco friendly: Wood pellet cat litter is not only made from a natural material that is renewable and biodegradable – but it is also a “recycled” product, in the sense that it is made of waste from other industries. The only issue is I can't figure out if I should be using soft (eg. Moreover, you can even buy special cat litter, which made of it. Adult cats can be resistant to change, and it might take going through the process several times to get it right. Thanks for the warning about the smell – so far I’ve been baffled by the lack of odor. I did not, until this article, know you could spray them down beforehand. Pellet cat litter, while not as common as other litter types, can offer several benefits for fancy felines and their parents. Wood pelleted litter comes in many brands like Feline Pine, Frisco, and Simply Pine (among others). The shipping pallets used in our production process are not chemically treated, which means they are 100 percent natural wood. Wood pellets are biodegradable, and can be composted according to Energy Pellets Of America. As it turns out, these ones (and maybe most of them on the market) are chemical-free and are made from waste sawdust “originating in supply sources compliant with SFI and PEFC standards”. This is all you’ll need. One way is to simply use two litter boxes for a while. If he doesn’t, there are a few tricks you can use to entice him to use the new wood pellet litter. You can share the link with a friend who might be interested – or save it to Pinterest so you can find it later. If you have small animals in your home, such as guinea pigs or ferrets, this would make a tremendous bedding for them. They look like rabbit food pellets when they first come out of the bag. Shake the scoop carefully, so that the sawdust falls into the container with the feces. Runner-Up Best Pellet Kitty Litter: The main benefit of Nature’s Logic pine pellet cat litter is its versatility. According to one brand, it is OK to flush wood pellets in small amounts. Hi there, I read about how wood pellets can be used as cat litter recently and am willing to give it a try. How often to change wood pellet cat litter. See the. Wood pellet litter has two kinds: pellets of softwood or hardwood. Thanks again for sharing your experiences, Priswell! Scooping the wood pellet litter seems puzzling at first, but luckily, it is actually pretty easy. Sure you can! The raw wood is finely ground, heat treated and compressed into pellet form. Step 1. Pellet cat litter is a healthy, safe choice for kitties, and below we share why. The risk being clogged pipes. Many cat owners have found that clay does not absorb odors well. I also put some in a cup and added water to see what would happen, and was pleasantly surprised to see the cup fill up (quickly) with a beautiful, fluffy moistened bedding! I use the pellets in rabbit litter tray. The source of the pellets’ high absorbancy stems from wood itself being a highly absorbant material, and the processing of it further elevates its ability to hold liquid. Each pellet is formulated with baking soda for maximum odor control, a trait that makes this pellet cat litter unique from the rest. Fill the box with wood pellets. I owe ya one! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A gentle warning: The video shows cat feces (ie. They sell it as horse bedding. This will make the box smell familiar and attract your cat to the new box. Cat litter pine pellets: One 40 lb bag of Feline Pine Original Cat Litter is about $16 on Chewy.com.Ment to be used as cat litter by cats, so you know it is a safe product for your kitty. The product contains less than 0.5% organic ash content, and usually does not contain bark. 10 Years of Vermicomposting Trenches & Beyond! Pellets may be preferred for the following types of cats: If pellet cat litter sounds like it may work for your cat, look into the following components when choosing the best litter for your feline friend. I think the horse (and pet) people end up getting hosed a bit (although I need to price out the horse stuff – will be interesting to see how much it costs). ———– Pellets made from wood are highly absorbant compared to clay, and can take more than 500% of their own weight (or even more in some cases). Wood pellets are made of compressed wood fiber. The paper pellets will absorb up to 200% their weight in moisture, and they are dust free. Many cat owners also appreciate the natural scent from wood, such as pine. ———— Transitioning too quickly can confuse your cat and lead to “accidents” in unwanted places. Did the first day. Make sure you get the unscented version so it’s exactly the same as Smartcat. The term “fill” here is relative. Wood pellets are commonly used as heating fuel and animal bedding. Still seems to be agreeable with worms when mixed with manure and left to age though! Cats are individuals, the same as humans, and some of us simply use the toilet more than others. Since pellet cat litter has a different texture and consistency than other popular cat litter types, it can be especially good for cats in unique circumstances. Bentley, I’m interested to see if the chick feed clumps when mixed with the sawdust. This wood pellet litter actually clumps – although the clumps are not very firm, according to some of the product reviews on Chewy’s product page. Archived. Read the article “How To Get Your Cat To Use Pellet Litter” for more in depth information and step-by-step instructions. I still can’t believe I am getting hardwood pellets for less than the cheapest clumping kitty litter!! It really depends on the health of each cat individually. Place the box in an area your cat frequents. Wood pellets may seem like a strange material to use as cat litter, but it has proven to work really well for many environmentally conscious cat owners. I really like Priswell’s idea of using it as a water wick – as I’ve seen, it really soaks up liquid like a sponge! As a bonus, wood pellets are also biodegradable. cat poop) – if this is not something you are OK with, please do not watch this video. So no new trees are cut down in the production of our litter. And even if your feline will take to pellets, I’ve read that cats who haven’t had them before may reject the litter box. If he ingests clumping litters while doing so, it can create painful gastrointestinal blockages. The video does not show this, but the final step would be to add some fresh pellets. Soft vs Hardwood Pellets for Cat Litter Odor Control. Discussion. Your cat should start using the new wood pellet litter on his own. Wood pellets are biodegradable and compostable, making them an eco friendly little box solution. Crumbles well (turns into sawdust easily). Gotta love “ding” moments! After that even trying to sleep i was dreaming the litter box needed cleaning. You will receive a new password via e-mail. Wood pellets are lightweight, and turn into fluffy sawdust when wet. A little really goes a long way. Wood pellets can absorb odor and many cat owners insist wood pellets smell great. This walnut-based pellet litter will trap even the most unpleasant smells with its blend of fibrous materials. Not a pleasant or cheap potential outcome. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Pictures, videos, articles and questions featuring and about cats. B) Not really be eco-friendly since requiring wood (i.e. They are formed with heat and pressure in a pelletizing mill. This is why wood pellet litter is often referred to as pine pellets. Strip mining can be bad for the environment.


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