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Starting in a garage in 2012, FoJo Beans, a Veteran-Owned, artisan, coffee roasting business, was named Chenango Co. 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year. Vertical Horizons Construction is a family-owned business founded by a contractor and an architect. The system comes pre-configured with templates, pre-written content, and automation workflows. Founders Lila Teunissen and Michelle Thomsen started with their experience volunteering with local animal rescues. "We plan to use this grant to cover some of our expenses and to help with the purchase of our second vehicle. They specialize in custom designs enabling customers to create a look and feel that transforms their homes into a truly individual and inspired “destination.”, “This grant will significantly help us continue to retain all employees and benefits, meet fixed expenses plus enable us to follow through with all merchandise orders placed before closing.”. "The grant will help with overhead and payroll while we have low enrollment.

Company StoryPinch Me Gastrobar is a small neighborhood restaurant opened in 2014 specializing in “pinch-me’s” or “tablas” made of cured meats, cheeses, dried fruits, and plenty of bread — an authentic and conceptual dining based on Basque fine cuisine. He started Whystle with the ideal that scheduling your home cleaning should be as easy as ordering an Uber. These are the first 4 rounds of recipients of these much-needed funds. Amore Congelato serves up healthy, artisan gelatos using dates as a star-ingredient. BlackFeet is a multi-faceted music production imprint founded by Martha Redbone and Aaron Whitby in 1999. NBHD Brulee offers a variety of coffees and teas served in a beautiful vintage setting. Over the past year, it has started restructuring the cleaning side of the business into a business co-op model with the employees having direct ownership and profit-sharing. They provide assistance and planning businesses through services like capital deployment, project management, business analysis, branding and promotion, graphic/web design, social media management, security and analysis, research, and customer relations strategy. “We not only can now pay outstanding debt incurred from our closure, but we can expand our … online presence to grow new avenues of revenue.”, Cynthia NevelsOwnerSoulgood     |    Dallas, TXeatsoulgood.com. These services include helping women who are experiencing perinatal mood disorders by finding resources and developing coping skills to help them in motherhood. The restaurant serves authentic Korean dishes such as bulgogi, kimchi stew, and bibimbap, while offering customers a unique experience that awakens all five senses. Family Tree Project provides mental health services to at-risk youth, ages 16-18, and their families by partnering with Hawaii National Guard Youth Challenge Academy and the City and County of Honolulu Youth Services. They also partner with Noelle Randall Coaching "Mentorship" to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to obtain financial freedom, create generational wealth, and build a successful business from the foundation. Today they serve low-income families and fundraise for an annual trip to Disney World to expose the youth to the magic of Disney. Westcliff Properties specializes in long-term leasing and management of single family homes, multi-family, and mixed use properties with an emphasis on technology and customer service. "To ease the stress of my low-income family households, I plan to provide gift cards which will assist with purchasing therapy materials, toys, and workbooks for treatment sessions. Enso Apothecary serves a minority community in the historic southeast side of Fort Worth, a demographic disproportionately affected by COVID-19. gives us the flexibility to serve clients who might not be able to pay us, which in a perfect world should be a CPA's most important client. The shop is a catalyst for culture, community, and the development of the creative economy by connecting consumers with independent artists across the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic poses an unprecedented threat to small businesses across the United States. As the antidote to standard sizing and throwaway fashion, Kit is a clothing company based in Houston, Texas. "This grant will help usopen back up safely, with proper PPE, precautions, and education. Company StoryAhzzma is a licensed CPA firm that provides services exclusively to a niche industry — tribal governments. FTP does not turn anyone away, regardless of ability to pay or health insurance status. They transferred this passion for animal specialty care into their business, Bed N Biscuit Ranch, where they offer a premium selection of care and grooming services for pets. For founder Christopher Wright, Whystle started as the answer to a personal problem: a messy apartment with no time to clean it. Melanoid Exchange is an e-commerce platform dedicated to helping small minority-owned businesses build an online presence by giving the general public a central place to shop from minority-owned brands. Revolutionario North African Tacos started as a pop-up before opening a brick and mortar in May 2015 on a sleepy stretch of Jefferson Boulevard in the northern part of South Central LA. The mission is to provide each patient with very thorough, comprehensive eye care and unique, quality eyewear.

Owner Amir Rahnama prides himself on treating customers with respect, honesty, and integrity and creating a family-like atmosphere with longtime customers. Co-Founder, Wire | Los Angeles, California. Nealy has been a hair stylist for almost 30 years and a business owner for almost 15. Solari was founded in 2002 and directly imports artisan home decor, tableware, and unique gifts from Italy which are functional works of art. In Haitian creole, “Lakou” is the space where the community gathers, and in Brooklyn it is where the community gathers for coffee, teas, smoothies, sandwiches, salads, baked goods, and more. Salon Anaj offers hair and makeup service to people of all backgrounds and ethnicities.


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