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Consult with your own doctor for information and advice on your specific questions. We are still open. To make their Cognac, they select eaux-de-vie from only four of the region’s crus - Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies and Fins Bois. look like balloon glasses without a stem- these are hard to set down, forcing you to hold the spirit in your hand and bring it to temperature. Please note that the label does not state the volume or ABV…  More info, An old bottle of Hennessy XO Cognac, with original box, bottled after 1999. Though it is best to drink Hennessy straight, cocktails are still made with Hennessy. Most of the images displayed are of unknown origin. Fun fact - the term XO was created for the Hennessy XO by Maurice Hennessy in the 19th Century! How To Drink Hennessy The Right Way – A Quick Guide. Like wine, the price can vary drastically, as bottles of Hennessy can run from 35$ to 5000$. Richard…  More info, We think that this handsome bottle of Hennessy VSOP Reserve was produced in the 1960s - over 40 years old, this is! Plus, subscribe to the newsletter and get FREE access to our e-cookbook library! In 1971, Hennessy merged with Moët et Chandon, creating the Moët-Hennessy group. This bottle was part of a private collection. The truth is, most cognac drinkers prefer their Eaux-de-vie at hand temperature because when you hold the glass in your hand, you are allowing your body heat to warm the glass gently; the spirit does release highly delicate notes which you wouldn’t notice at regular room temperature. It may be considered a little old-fashioned nowadays because cognac has done much to shake off its dusty image of old. The producers used a selection of over 100…  More info, A cool piece for collectors, this Hennessy VS Cognac from the 1970s has been presented in a flask-shaped 35cl bottle. Rest assured, Hennessy whisky is absolutely not a thing... Long has Maison Hennessy stood on the banks of the Charente river in France, with arm and hatchet standing as its coat of arms, referring to Richard Hennessy’s history with the French Army. Hopefully you have learned a lot about how to drink Hennessy in this guide. A dessert could even accompany this. Warm it for 8 to 10 minutes before drinking. There aren’t any cognacs that you are supposed to shoot. It may not be the most refined, but if you are looking for something affordable, it is one of the best on the market. For instance, should you sip it at room temperature, hand warmed or with ice, straight from the freezer? This includes the introduction of the VSOP and XO classifications, as well as the star-based system (though this has since fallen out of fashion). The thing is that you have to be more patient with it. The Hennessy name would grow as the popularity of Cognac did - before the 18th century was through, boxes of Hennessy Cognac were arriving in the United States, and by 1859 Hennessy had made its way to Russia and China. So, let’s look at three different ways of drinking this spirit: In a nightclub or a bar. More info, A limited edition bottling of Hennessy VS Cognac, featuring a label designed by tattoo artist Scott Campbell! All information on this website is intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. More detailed information and photographs…  More info, The legendary House of Hennessy teamed up with British designer Tom Dixon, OBE, to create this extremely attractive presentation of the fantastic Hennessy XO Cognac.


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