henry epdm roof coating
It stops leaks ponds and fountains with Pond Pro 2000, which is specifically formulated to be safe for fish and plant life. This variety is also especially good for roofs made from modified bitumen or a single-ply application of PVC or TPO. Your roof is important, after all, so anything but the best is taking a pretty big gamble. Guidelines » »Save 30% to 60%« « on Your Roofing EPDM (Liquid Roof), (Liquid Rubber) Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It works especially well on roofs that are made from modified bitumen, asphalt built-up, or singleplied roofing. Custom colors are available for orders over 100 gallons. The second coat should be applied either when the first coat is still tacky or when that first coat has had a chance to fully cure (up to 3 months.). 25 years of field study and thousands of satisfied customers have made Liquid EPDM Rubber the roof repair solution for many applications. One of the main advantages of this particular form of coating is that it can be applied to so many different kinds of roofs. Liquid Roof is great for roof repairs. The Liquid Roof coating is specifically designed for RVs and trailers and mobile homes; items that are in motion. 3. EPDM rubber products work on more roofing materials than any other kind of coating. Compare the total cost of your project. Cold air and heat stay in, while the outside world is kept at bay. Liquid EPDM waterproof immediately. RUBBER ROOF, WHITE EPDM RUBBER ROOF ROOFING Liquid EPDM Rubber Coating has proven to outlast acrylic, urethane and elastomerics by 4 times. It cures only above 55°. Once applied, an elastomeric roof coating will provide superior resistance against just about any weather condition. Contact us today to get a price quote. There may be lower-cost products on the market but none that have the long-term durability, waterproofing ability and tolerance to extreme temperatures like Liquid EPDM. There are four main types of elastomeric coating. With only one coat needed, and no primers needed on most surfaces, you save product and labor costs. EPDM coatings has been featured in Article Insider, as well as Roofers Exchange, Building Service Management and recently won Metal Roofing Magazines product of the year.Since it’s the only liquid form of EPDM rubber in the world, made right here in the U.S.A. there are many distinct advantages to the product vs other roof coatings. This ensures that product is not setting on shelves ageing and allowing you to get direct from factory product. A surprising 65 percent of roof replacements are performed because of roof leaks. It can even be applied up to three times as thick on a vertical without running! Click Here, Material Safety Data Sheets Commercial Roofing Order HOTLINE 1-888-696-3829. If you have any questions about our roof coating or other roofing One of the biggest benefits of the product.  Twitter      It’s great for roofs with a positive slope, for one thing. Temperatures can fall below 55° at and once they rise again above the 55 degree mark it will continue to cure. With several different options to choose from, you can find the coating that will work best for your roof. A few of our roof The RV product Liquid Roof is available only in white. Great for roof leaks repair, commercial and residential roof leaks repair, industrial applications, pitch and non-pitch roof repair, trailer leaks repair, camper leaks repair, RV roof leaks repair, houseboats, pond liners, basement waterproofing, roof seal leaks, shingles, gutters, steel roofs, air-conditioner enclosures, cooling towers, galvanized steel/metal roofs, unit-heater flues, concrete pipes and vessels, smoke stacks and chimneys, fiberglass, and non-porous masonry surfaces and vessels. Other products trap this air making future cracks inevitable as temperatures change or expansion and contraction of the roof occur. EPDM rubber coatings can be widely used for commercial purposes. Contact us today. It can even be applied to freshly sprayed polyurethane foam. Your email address will not be published. EPDM Application of EPDM Coatings is easiest when the surface is flat, clean and smooth. Other roofing coatings require two and three coats so not only does this triple your material cost but also triples your labor time. Liquid Roof and Liquid Rubber are liquid EPDM products for leaks repair that form a membrane of 100% pure EPDM rubber when cured. Unlike some other coatings that can only be used on buildings with a flat top, elastomeric coatings can handle those and ones with just about any type of slant to them. However, you can customize the color by adding no more than three ounces per gallon of an universal colorant (Glycol Colorant for light colors and for medium to heavy colors use a solvent based colorant available at most paint stores). For flat roofs or those with a low slope, butyl elastomeric is a great choice. We offer a 10-year warranty on qualifying projects with all appropriate applicators. There are many benefits to choosing an elastomeric roof coating. See our roof coating products at our Online Store. We challenge you to compare any other product which will waterproof upon application that’s right a light rain directly after application will not affect the material or its performance 365 days a year. coating products are White Rubber Roof Coating, White Elastomeric Roof Liquid EPDM has a very thick honey-like consistency and a slow cure time. That is the beauty of the EPDM polymer. Whether the foam was just recently sprayed or needs a new layer for protection, this is a great choice. Liquid Rubber is generally fine when applied in one coat at a 20 mil film (42 sq ft per gallon) thickness and will still withstand extremes. Leak repair is a top priority among building owners and managers. services please don't hesitate to send us an Email. With all the advantages out there when it comes to roof coating, it’s understandable that you may want more information before making a decision. Repair roof leaks with Liquid EPDM Coatings and Liquid Rubber Coatings the only choice for a lasting solution. The temperature this product can endure ranges from -40 F to over 300 F. Unlike any elastomeric, acrylic or urethane -- you can apply EPDM 3 times thicker. Furthermore, many people appreciate that it is considered an environmentally friendly option. Coating, Henry 558 Aluminum Roof Coating, Henry HE107 Asphalt Emulsion Save thousands of dollars on normal roof installations. Roof leak repairs can include almost anything including replacing damaged shingles, mending holes, fixing roof leaks, or repairing dents with roof coatings.


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