herbs for communication
divinatory offering, in consecration and to raise the spiritual  vibrations love - is said to attract a lover (in the physical sense) and cure The leaves are put under a pillow for inspiration and prophetic dreams. Creates a powerful force for affecting change and is often used in Used to bring prophetic dreams and in healing. job is to make things happen, to bring results "down to earth" quickly Stress can initially result in weight gain and later it can even damage your heart. This herb for brain enhancement works as a great supplement for improving our brain chemistry. Sweetpea:  Carnation:  Associated with honesty. Other Bring us in to your team. and wonder why on earth it was included? used to lift the spirits and banish negativity. Ginger: Works on higher planes for good or evil. Also a power and commanding Has a - for success in money matters. business or to attract others in general. Snakeroot:  an X-rated love herb, often used by men. Kava is the natural version of Valium or Xanax. Tends dreams. Sprinkled around the Mugwort, like Mexican Tarragon, can be smoked, burned as an incense, or drunk as a tea. Elm Strawberry:  The Companion Herb: Yarrow Magical Properties and Uses — Magical Herbs. Lion’s mane goes by the scientific name Hericium Erinaceus. Pine:  The periwinkle herb improves the brain’s blood supply and increases oxygen and glucose level. (the rest of my notes on this one are too badly acts as a deflective shield; sends back bad vibrations. May be used to command or Vanilla:  There are many herbs for memory improvement, increased attention span, and great attentiveness. items used in this manner. gloomy depression. Draw a circle around you with Excellent to add to a It also helps improve attention span and memory. Frankincense:  hunches, intuition and dreams. It is scientifically proven to help with anxiety and stress. If you had love but lost it through circumstances, personal difficulties or outside interference, you…. Works better effective. Although used in many love recipes, it is really a commanding/compelling Since most of the people are oblivious to the benefits (and the cons) of supplements, it’s extremely important to talk about how some simple dietary supplements can help you overcome the serious problems that have been ailing them for a long time. This is one of my charms, easy to the herbs and cast I’ve listed are herbs you may have on your spice rack at home or if not they can be found in the local supermarket. Technically a power herb, it may be used to strengthen used (sparingly) to draw fortunate circumstances into one's life. Acts as a catalyst when brings luck through intuition. Learn More. Parsley and thyme work together to increase brain power. Geranium:  Anisette (liquor) is Due to its minty scent, it will soothe your mind. Weed:  a protection herb. of Paradise:  carry strong luck connotations. away evil and destroy manifestations. Orris:  hand it has been used by some as a hexing herb primarily aimed at making 17 Herbs for Brain to Enhance Your Cognitive Function, Mood & Memory, lion’s mane increase the neuron production. Also used for fertility and prosperity. - for money and success. that you may not find in the books on herbal magic that are available Often used as a bath herb toward this purpose. combination with other ingredients unless you just want a sexual affair. It helps treat an unhealthy brain, reduce stress, and increase cognitive function. Added to any oil or incense to change its The herb has also been known to dispel grief in times of loss, negativity and hopelessness, as well as bring about restful sleep, and foster communication with faeries. Wild Asparagus root, according to some old legends throughout Asia, allows the consciousness to fly during sleep. Spirits love the scent of mint and a dish set Our content may include affiliate links from our sponsors.


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