honda aero 80 oil type
. This graph reveals that the NH80 makes in excess of 5 horsepower all the way from 4500 RPM to 8500 RPM. These unique fluids contain specific additives designed to help prevent fluid oxidisation and internal wear, the most crucial areas that influence power steering noise and brake performance. Simply adding the AF16E intake manifold, carb and reeds and gearing it a bit taller (via a larger rear tire) provides a nice top speed boost while preserving reliability. So really, the newer Elite 110 was actually a continuation of the NH80 line. The engine tested with Honda Genuine Oil remains with no discolouration and with its original consistency. Honda HN80 Aero Oil Tank Used. How many miles the vehicle has travelled, a new engine consumes more oil as its pistons, piston rings and cylinder walls have not become conditioned How the vehicle is driven. The letter that follows the S or the C indicates the degree of performance and protection, with A the lowest and X the highest. Recommended Oil: Honda GN4 10W-40: Manuals : Service Manual: The Honda NH80 is a motorcycle produced by Honda in 1985. The ACEA also uses letters to denote classifications. - These Honda manuals are amazing. The Elite 80 was not a big scooter in the asian market where most aftermarket parts come from, which is why you can’t get parts for the Elite 80. Even two oils optimised for the same engine and weather conditions can have vastly different levels of performance. The rear rack was changed from a black plastic rack to a chrome one. If you put 15W-40 oil in an engine with an oil level sensor, the sensor may indicate an incorrect oil level reading. In developing this series of ground breaking engines, Honda has engineered a range of oils to match precisely the requirements of the engines. My brother has over 40,000kms (24,000 miles) on his NH80 (the speedometer pictured at left shows his odometer rolling over for the 4th time). (slower, retro styling) or a 2-stroke 50cc like. American Petroleum Institute (API) – classifies oils according to their capacity to protect the engine. I suspect the NH80 is faster to 30mph than any other 50cc or 80cc scooter sold in the 80’s. What do the classifications and specifications mean? Free shipping. Honda ditched the external rear blinkers and replaced them with new blinkers integrated into the body of the scooter above the rear bumper. I have a 1986 Honda Elite 80, and the red light has come on again. The Genuine Oil Application Guide enables the dealership network as well as the customers, to choose the right engine oil for your Honda ensuring efficiency and best performance. The guide dates back until 2003 and lists all model available to you, such as the Jazz, Civic, HR-V, CR-V or CR-V Hybrid. The full throttle cut out was also fixed with the new carb needle profile. For a detailed overview on oil application, please use the Honda Application Chart from April 2020. A 50cc scooter will lower your insurance bill and possibly save you from having to get a drivers licence, and you can boost the power of a 50cc to about that of an NH80 using aftermarket parts, but there’s no beating the reliability of a scooter that makes good power in its stock form. The other noteworthy part you can bolt into your Aero 80 is a. from an 1983 Honda CR80 dirtbike. The recommended viscosity range is between 0W-20 to 10W-40. If you’re itching to reduce the reliability of your scooter with aftermarket parts, the Aero 80 isn’t the best scooter to start with. This top end lean condition can also result in the power cutting out at full throttle A quite few NH80's seem to require careful throttle manipulation at about 80% throttle to achieve optimal acceleration. Protect your investment and always insist on the use of Honda Genuine Oils and Fluids when you leave you car in for service. The letter S (Spark Ignition) is used for petrol engines and the letter C (Compression Ignition) for diesel. For more information, please contact your local Honda dealer. If you’re in the market for an 80’s Japanese scooter, the NH80 is an awesome choice. Honda Engine Oils and Your Queries Answered. Despite being very peppy, the NH80 tops out at only 40-43mph which is a decent top speed but you know it makes enough power to do quite a bit better. Seemingly no 1985 models used the Mascot name in Canada. Take the oil out you put in it and pull the spark plug. The first (followed by a W) indicates the lubricant’s viscosity under low temperatures. It mixes the fuel/oil in correct ratio by itself. Honda's engineers have developed a new series of engines using their unique Earth Dreams Technology, which ensures the perfect balance of efficiency and performance. I've gotten 2 strokes with almost no compression to run but they produce almost no torque. - A nice 4 page brochure on the NH80 from Honda Australia, - An online scooter shop with many Aero parts. These pistons would bump your Aero 80 to 82 - 90cc depending on the size you choose. Below you will see a comparison of a cross section between two engines, one using a Honda Genuine Oil and one using an aftermarket brand. - Great information on fixing up an NH80 and even modifying it for more speed. $33.00. Download this. What are additives and why are they used? A good quality lubricant keeps its viscosity constant under different temperatures and usage conditions for a longer period of time. , but basically you can get 70cc big bore kits, CDI’s, variators, clutches etc. On the downside, 1985 models lost the kickstarter found in the ’83-’84 models. The guide dates back until 2003 and lists all model available to you, such as the Jazz, Civic, HR-V, CR-V or CR-V Hybrid. The CR80 pistons come in several bore sizes (so you can keep going larger as your cylinder wears out). The engine tested with an aftermarket brand has discoloured and also the consistency has visibly changed. Most of the underseat space is occupied by the gas tank the vertical engine design. I have heard all those ranges acceptable (depending on oil your using). 1984 Honda Aero 80 NH80 in Silver. Get the best deals on Scooter Parts for Honda Aero 80 when you shop the largest online selection at Honda Genuine Oil My brother has done this modification with good results but moderate decrease in fuel milage. This is likely where the wheelie power comes from. Elite 80/125/150/250/Helix oil "light" The oil light is not actually a light. Post a photo of the spark plug. Please view the website terms and conditions and privacy policy for more information or to update your preferences. Perhaps most noticeably, Honda changed the look of the front headlight array (new array shown at left). A liquid that has a relatively high resistance to flow can be describes as viscous. You will also need the wrist pin for the CR80. You could fit a quart of 2-stroke oil and a travel mug of coffee in here. Award-winning Honda e inducted into world-renowned Red Dot Design Museum Design…, Speaking with FM104 Strawberry Alarm Clock , Katie Taylor surprised an unsuspecting…, Saturday’s qualifying session proved crucial, with Max getting through…, After the 2020 Formula One season commenced with two exciting races in Austria,…, Honda will be at the forefront of both safety and competition when the WTCR…. For performance and peace of mind, use only Honda Genuine Brake and Power Steering Fluids. This website uses cookies and similar technologies to improve your online experience and to show tailored advertising to you. Refill with a great quality synthetic oil (I use Mobil-1 or Castrol synthetic) or a great quality petroleum oil (Castrol GTX, Honda motorcycle oil, Kendall). They are defined by two numbers. Mineral lubricants are composed of molecules present in crude oil that are separated in the distillation process at a refinery. The amount of oil consumed depends on the following factors: Why is using Honda genuine oil so important for your Honda? Lubricants that are able to maintain their performance in high and low temperatures are called multigrade. It rockets off the line and accelerates satisfyingly but it starts to run lean on the top end which cuts off the power around 40mph. Over time you will see that Honda's engineers developed the engines of our fleet and oils might have changed to facilitate the engine's performance. This website uses cookies and similar technologies to improve your online experience and to show tailored advertising to you. Using a non-genuine brake or power steering fluid can cause corrosion and potentially decrease the life expectancy of the affected systems. This comes in handy on cold trips. Oil can be monograde or multigrade, depending on its viscosity performance at various temperatures. The Elite 80’s top speed is similar but the Aero 80 accelerates much faster, so it’s more fun and better equipped to handle two passengers. If you cannot find your model or have questions about the right selection of oil, your dealership and we are available for you. Honda also changed the look of the dash gauges for ’85 so they are similar to the Elite 80’s. This scooter is not without its flaws, but it’s a great scooter to pick up if you can find one cheap in your local online classifieds. - Neat stuff from the creative minds at Honda in the 80’s. Nothing can do more to assure optimum performance and prolong the life of your Honda than by using the range of Genuine Oils and Fluids specifically developed for your Honda. What’s the difference between synthetic and mineral Oil? After the NH80 was discontinued in North America, it was redesigned in the late 80's and rose from 80cc to 90cc (Lead 90). Free shipping on many items ... 1985 HONDA NH80 AERO Battery Box/Oil Tank Cover OEM #00785. The ’83-’84 NH80’s are awesome and the additional storage and upgrades made for ’85 puts it right over the top. They introduced new rims (which also found their way onto the Elite 80). The visual result after only 5,000km is quite remarkable. 1984 Honda Aero 80. In my books, the ’85 NH80 is pretty much the pinnacle of fun and low cost scootering. If having an 80cc scooter is not going to pose insurance or licensing problems for you, the NH80 is a great way to go. Some oils can be used in petrol and diesel engines, so their classifications is stated as SJ/CF or CF-4/SJ. (weather is always 40 to 75 degrees where I live) 2) Do i just empty the oil and refill, or is there something else that needs to be done, like cleaning a filter? This scooter was powerful, reliable, comfortable and a blast to ride. 1984 Honda Aero 80 NH80 in Silver. Ensures maximum engine performance and protection, Protects the engine under extreme operating conditions, Specified as the only oil for our new, advanced engine designs, Helps prevent the formation of sludge and deposits. Honda’s specifically formulated transmission fluid offers superior performance, resulting in a smoother gear change and prolonged life. 1984 Honda Aero 80 NH80 in Silver. My brother (shown at left) has an aftermarket carb/intake/reeds on his and now it does 45-50mph and can hit close to 60mph down hills. Manual Transmission Fluid: MTF3Automatic Transmission Fluid: ATF-Z1Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid: CVT-F. For more information please contact your local authorised Honda dealer. 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