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Despite this view and understanding, the effect of employees’ weekend activities on their psychological well-being has not attracted sufficient research interest. Allison Gabriele's Reputation Profile. Across both studies, unique differences emerged in regards to antecedents and outcomes tied to recovery experience profile membership. In addition, a new maximum likelihood (ML)-based correction method is proposed, which is more direct in the sense that it does not require analyzing weighted data. This study used the latent profile transition analysis (LPTA) to analyze whether emotional labor profiles change across time and how these profiles relate to occupational well-being (i.e., job satisfaction, quality of work life, psychological distress, and work–family conflict). We contribute by characterizing individuals avoiding SMA, so that companies can use these profiles to derive different strategies how to deal with different profiles. First, in order to capture the complexity of LMX, the authors provide support for a new multidimensional measure of the construct. ... First, we introduce a new domain-specific selfefficacy construct-detachment self-efficacy. •Recovery experiences play a protective role by alleviating the adverse effects of surface acting. How the mind recovers after a stressful work day, Examining the interplay of micro-break durations and activities for employee recovery: A mixed-methods investigation, Types of union participators over time: Toward a person-centered and dynamic model of participation, Coworker Support and its Relationship to Allostasis During a Workday: A Diary Study on Trajectories of Heartrate Variability during Work, Feeling exhausted or vigorous in anticipation of high workload? We discuss the theoretical and practical implications of our findings. Ability Suppression Using this framework to organize our review, we attempt to reconcile the generally mixed results by presenting research on mechanisms and boundary conditions of MJH to explain how and when multiple jobholders (MJHers) are depleted or enriched. Owing to the limited research on daily recovery, we will review empirical findings on predictors and outcomes of a related construct, namely need for recovery. Worry about one’s next workday is associated with lower well‐being in the next morning, while planning one’s next workday is not associated with next‐morning well‐being. These technologies are primary means of knowledge transfer and building social networks. Thereafter, participants were asked to reconstruct their off-job time use and state recovery levels during 2 workweeks, resulting in a total of 2,122 workdays. Undead (resurrected) Conclusions Her ability allows her to suppress and even take away the abilities of others, though it is slightly weaker on humans, and is also limited so that she requires full concentration to take the power away. Conclusions: However, examination of the profiles showed that one of the classes was composed of less than one percent of the sample (i.e., eight persons out of 849). In addition, the BCH method was used to examine possible differences between the profiles on distal outcomes. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Despite the importance of LMX research to the literature, the authors identify a number of ways in which theory and empirical research on LMX can be enhanced. We are so excited to see you all! For much of her human life, she had been a maid until the time came when she was changed into a vampire. We also quantitatively examine the conceptualizations of recovery as activities, experiences, or states in terms of both their intercorrelations and differing effects with demands, resources, well-being, and performance. However, beyond. Allison is the Valkarie approximately 1,000 years old. Special Characteristics Latent profile analysis and latent transition analysis revealed six distinct motivation profiles, which proved identical across measurement points. Allison's body has the curve and definitions of a gymnastics’ superstar. Organizational samples are not gold standard research sources; instead, they are merely a specific type of convenience sample with their own positive and negative implications for validity. To examine the reliability and validity of the Recovery Experience Questionnaire (REQ) for use in AT populations. Patients or Other Participants We determined that the majority of the participants retained the original profiles. Our results provide new insights into the interplay of positive and negative work reflection during leisure time and its associations with employee well-being. Specifically, we examined whether recovery experiences—strategies promoting recovery—might have a mediating role in the JD-R model among 527 employees from a variety of different jobs. Finally, the mixed findings on MJH and well-being make it difficult for scholars to guide MJHers, especially in light of research on the importance of work recovery (A. Implications of these findings for scholars studying recovery and practitioners are discussed. Importantly, microbreaks had significant indirect effects on job performance via positive affect only for workers who had lower general work engagement, whereas the indirect effects did not exist for workers who had higher general work engagement. Multilevel regression mixture analysis identified five relationship patterns. Derived measures of role conflict and ambiguity tend to correlate in two samples in expected directions with measures of organizational and managerial practices and leader behavior, and with member satisfaction, anxiety, and propensity to leave the organization. Family Member (s) Later Gabriel's telekinesis returned. Recommendations address managerial training, empowerment, and motivation, in addition to the type of context (i.e., supportive work-family culture) and tools (i.e., work-life job analysis) expected to be most useful to a manager's efforts to address employees' work-family conflict. Team problem solving norms significantly influenced individual team members' problem solving behaviors. This set of findings contributes to the expatriation literature by highlighting the coexistence of multiple subgroups with different performance-change patterns based on prior work experiences and providing an effective integration of the social learning perspective and the human capital-accumulation perspective. Further, our results suggest that certain employees are driven to regulate their emotions with coworkers for prosocial reasons (deep actors), whereas others are more driven by impression management motives (regulators). In terms of theory, it is argued that although role theory has provided the framework for LMX research, much can be gained by introducing concepts from social exchange theory. The current study takes a person-centered approach to eldercare in order to assess how different caregiving characteristics manifest within individuals. Initial findings using latent profile analysis of momentary thoughts, affect, and desire to be alone point to three distinct types of solitude, characterized by 1) positive affect, social connectedness, and boldness, 2) negative affect, and 3) low-arousal positive affect and meditative thoughts. Years later both Eric and Allison were still the best of friends - thick as thieves - though began to drink and became aggressive in his pursuit toward her. Multilevel analyses revealed that the high-quality profile—as compared to the medium-quality profile—was positively related to achievement gains, whereas no significant difference was found for students’ development in enjoyment. Brown (as a human)Crimson (as a true alpha)Burgundy (as a valkarie)Black (when ready to fight) Using experience sampling data from 207 full-time employees, results revealed 5 profiles of daily recovery experiences that exhibited distinct relations with within-person antecedents and outcomes.


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