how to get him back after acting psycho
What should I do? I understand that I need to leave him alone at this point, but is there a chance that with the NC he’ll eventually contact me? And there is the psycho chick that drives through his living room because he cheated on her. He didn’t fall for the girl that stole his…, Your email address will not be published. I went on with my life like normal. He then said we should be friends. If so, we need to talk! I can’t tell you how many women I know who you’d think are perfect just by looking at them who make the same mistakes you do. It’s a touchy emotional subject. The reason he asked for space. I text him first but I get very small texts back. dating advice, As I gained more experience in dealing with the opposite sex I learned more and more about how women could sometimes use deception to get away with things. I’d suggest starting a new post with your problem. Whats even better is that I am using my insecurity to force me to set that type of high standard. I think i was too needy ,clingy , desperate that i suffocated him too much….but there were no trust issues…all that i did was text gnatting ,which i think he felt suffocating…now i understand that not giving him space and time might be the problem….but he didn’t give any explanation for breakup or any closure….i was blindsided.. all these reasons for breakup are my guess…iam ready to change my behaviours that bother him..i wanted to set things right…and want to get back into healthy relationship with him.i went into no contact for this one month from September 3….he not even unblocked me till now….what should i do now ? My answers aren’t good enough for you though. I really started to fall for him. I’m so confused. You literally have to pull back 100% so he knows what it’s like without you. Be mysterious and private. When he says “do more stuff to make me want to come home” do it. You’d probably get more annoyed and think he was being needy, and that the profuse texting was unnecessary. But I felt he was becoming distant… I seen myself planning our dates to see each other(Which he initially did) to texting him more because I felt like he was pulling back..All I wanted was better communication between us and for us to see each other more..And I think I stressed that enough to him to were it became like I was nagging.. Last conversation I had with him was that I was telling him that Majority of the time he claims he doesn’t see my calls or texts and that I’m sure if it’s anybody else you would see it..He replied…really? So I’m so helpless that time as I don’t know what will she said to him. A year or two ago one of my friends told me something really interesting about relationships. I asked him about it and he said he was still interested. We would fight over stupid things that were related to his ex wife and me not being important enough. Think back to a time when you were watching the season finale of your favorite TV show. I knew he will trust me, but what I’m scared is when he treats her as good friend or even crush, he will think that I’m a bad person and I don’t know what will she talk about me. I got a bit clingy because I felt him pull away but he ended up asking for a break and so I gave him space and he got mad at me and has lashed out twice when I gave him space.. he ended up breaking up with me about a month after and we’ve been broken up for about a month now but stayed relatively in contact.. he lashed out again when I posted videos hanging out with friends saying I’m “purposely trying to piss him off” but I really was t; the videos were harmless.. he told me he had some of my stuff but never followed up to give it back that weekend.. I’ve decided to take this advice and not contact him until he contacts me.. someone close to him told me he’s been listening to a really sad break up song a lot lately and he ignored my last text, which is fine.. Are you cheating on me?”, “Tina is an old friend (a married mother of two.) You sounded so desperate, you need to give him his space. Believe it or not this is a more common question that you might think — how to get him back after acting like, well… a psycho chick. Hi, This is amazing tips honestly. I MET A GUY AFTER MY DIVORCE , HE TREATED ME LIKE A QUEEN , HE MADE SURE I AND MY KIDS WAS TAKING CARE OF , BUT WE STARTED TO ARGUE MORE , SOMETIMES IT WAS HIM SOMETIMES IT WAS ME , THEN ONE DAY I BROKE IT OFF WITH HIM BECAUSE HE SHOWED ME NO EFFECTION , NO LOVE , HE STILL DID TAKE ME PLACES LIKE TO WORK AND DROP KIDS OFF PLACES BUT HE NEVER SHOWED ME ANY KIND OF ATTENTION WHEN I TALK HE SAID “HE DONT HEAR ME CAUSE HE WANNA CLEAR HIA MIND , BUT BACK TO THE BREAK UP I BROKE UP WITH HIM FR ALL THESE REASONS , I WAS A GREAT GF BUT AFTER THE BREAKUP HE IGNORED ME WHICH MADE ME PANIC CAUSE I ONLY LEFT HIM SO HE COULD CHANGE NOT BECAUSE I REALLY WANTED OUT , HE IGNORED ME MADE ME FEEL LOW AND EVEN STARTED TALKING TO OTHER FEMALES , I TEXTED HIM 100 TIMES LOL YEA THAT MUCH TRYING TO APOLOGIZE FOR WHAT I DIDNT DO BUT BECAUSE I BROKE UP WITH HIM HE BLAMED EVERYTHING ON ME SO I KEPT APOLOGIZING , AFTER I STOPPED CONTACTING HIM HE CAME BACK AND SAID HE WANTED ME BACK , I HAD SEX WITH HIM HE GOT ME FLOWERS AND CANDY AND STUFF BUT SAID HE WANTED TO WAIT ON A RELATIONSHIP ?? If your guy just started pulling away and it wasn’t anything drastic, I am willing to bet you will see him again. Look, sometimes I don’t respond to my text messages right away (sometimes I don’t at all if I don’t like the person.) When you are overwhelmed with missing him, you seems to can't control yourself. more: 8 Reasons Why Men Pull Away At Early Stages. Hey Elliot, so he finally texted and even called (I didn’t pick). He’s going to realize he had it good and wants to make it better. sometimes people dont take notice of the dates and are not reading the whole thread, they just reply to to original post, anyway, how you cleared the air? It keeps me in the moment. When we stand up for ourselves and teach people how to treat us, sometimes we get emotional about it. the girl whose picture is still on FB with the clothes at his house… A bit later that day, I calmly asked him What are your intentions with me? I am comfortable meeting and being around people I don’t know, so I think it was good for him to see me interacting on my own with his friends. I guess I figured he could tell anyway. I believe I leaned on my ex as my life support. I have totally realized my mistake and I really don’t want to lose him because he is the best thing I have ever come across in my life. When after the first date and some interesting texting for a while, he suddenly pulls away..reads your text but does not respond…. Many of you may have thought this was a mistake that could not be erased. But I certainly wouldn’t worry about begging for him back. This fact was evidenced when I opened up my Facebook Page one afternoon and saw this meme posted by one of my subscribers. The solution is this: only be as committed to him and to the relationship as he is to you. You deserve each other. That is the mindset a lot of men have and if you didn’t do anything wrong and he just pulled away because you either came off strong or he wasn’t sure of you, then he will come back around. If you have any input, I appreciate it. He also said he cannot give me anything serious at the moment. anyway bottom line. I again said the same as above. I recently started work again so I hope that will help. When he did I cut him off cold turkey. I’ve already told him “I like you a lot but it’s okay we don’t need to see each other anymore because I can tell you’re pulling away from me” and to that he just went – “I never said I don’t wanna keep seeing you stop thinking I don’t” ??? I wanted him to see that his family is what he needs but how can I when he’s already moved on? Just let it go and move on with your life it I have decided not to reach out and give him space to see what happens and hopefully do damage control. Especially if you acted crazy. Made me happy and felt like one day we could work it out again, however ive became so unhappy and depressed I have been so cranky toward him lately and he finally said enough is enough. If you’ve read through the Ex Recovery Process, you know that there are three specific timeframes that recommended: 21, 30, or 45 days.


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