how to harden railroad rail for anvil
This will really mess up your heat treating – the metal will be soft on those ends. 5 years ago OR you can leave a short extended length on both rails on one end for a swage with some shaping and welding. 200 years ago, they’d make the rails with wood. Straighten, heat to dull red and cool slowly. EWCTool: let me paraphrase "everyone says that sheets of window glass make poor drinking glasses; but glass makes great drinking glasses---what gives?" That one lets to know how to add a wider flat surface and then properly temper it to a hardness and anvil needs. Plus, it is easier to shape into an ASO (I did mine with a 4.5 inch grinder with this cutting discs) and is easier to practice on if your space is limited. Drill some mounting holes - in hindsight, bigger holes and using better bolts would have probably looked a lot better than tek screws.....I then decided to take inspiration from another Instructable I found ( and a couple of others I found on the net to finish things off and provide a bit more flexibility. I think you have done a fantastic job on this. I had an inquiry about making chasing tools from mild steel. i know nothing about welding but he probably used oxy/acetaline with some 7018 rods (i think). "those are good to weld on top of a cheap anvil" Again, for machining: don’t bother with high speed steel cutters.   Pasted as rich text. At that hardness, the steel has a really good wear resistance. Trust me. But you need these things any way. rings like you would not belive. The uneveness can be cured in one of two ways. "He who knows nothing, says nothing" where did I hear this before? Nice work. I still use the rail - standing on end! BTW "The Complete Modern Blacksmith", Weygers, has detailed plans for make RR rail anvils thye way folks usually use them including heat treating instructions. Make It From Metal is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Does it need preheat/postheat? Frosty. My few hours of walking paid off. I did not have access to a torch when I started mine but being bull headed as I am was determined and used only cut-off wheels and grinding wheel ( I have some bad ass ceramic based grinding wheel made by 3M). I've managed a machine shop with multiaxis CNC machines for aerospace and medical prototyping and contract manufacturing. I use it for finishing the bevel of knife or axe blades. In order to get a larger flat surface, see a related Instructable on: , Another fine Instructable about anvil making. Later, while driving around I went over some old, out of use railroad track. In forging the hammer "sees" mainly the metal directly under the impact point and the way most people use RR rail makes for little steel directly under the hammer---most of it is to the sides! Basically, just hold it at that temperature. i think it may not have been 7018 rod but i am not sure. I'm still seeking an anvil that I can afford with my ever shrinking budget. He has not complained once. Rail anvils are forged the only difference is that they are tempered differently. It reality it is not all that hard to harden the face of a newly ground rail anvil. That doesn't mean this can't be used just that you'll spend more time beating the metal and reconditioning your anvil if you're going to work with it, Do you suppose you can heat harden your anvil face just like you'd heat harden any mild steel? Either way, it’s a good tool to have. I have set up a 22'' section on a stump and I dressed up the face with a hand grinder. SOFA members can show you just what to do. Even though old rail will be worn you can still use it. don't do this without proper reasearch, i would feel stupid if someone got hurt beacasue i was wrong. If you’re making a door stop, it really doesn’t matter. It's a really good way to not feel nor sound stupid. When the metal is at the right temperature for heat treating, it will no longer be magnetic. Personally, I have no idea how to use an oxy so asked someone who does to use their equipment to do it for me. I'm new to the use of Steel, mostly I use copper silver and gold, but I'd like to make some of my own tools.I've seen chasing tools made from steel rod, I thought it was mild steel, but maybe I misheard.The steel was heated up to a particular color to anneal it, it was ground into shape, then heated to another color and quenched in water immediately to harden it.I wondered if that sort of thing would work for this application.I'll look up the book, I'm also considering joining the Southern Ohio Founders and Forgers Assn.


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