how to make dua

Undoubtedly it is better to do the opposite. It should be noted that the best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad and the best of du'aa's are those which are in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet . }. How to make supplication for something you really want? Be merciful with the orphan, pat his head and feed him from what you eat.

Ya Allah forgive my family, my ancestors and my progeny to come.

Additionally, Invocation is considered as the main essence of “Ibadat”. A beautiful example of this is shown in the Quran: قَدْ نَرَىٰ تَقَلُّبَ وَجْهِكَ فِي السَّمَاءِ ۖ فَلَنُوَلِّيَنَّكَ قِبْلَةً تَرْضَاهَا We have certainly seen the turning of your face, [O Muhammad], toward the heavens and we will surely turn The Dua is an Arabic word, which means invocation, prayer or supplication. …Moreover, many of these parents are the personal chauffeurs of their children : willingly taking them to the cinemas, theatres, to clubs and other places of fitnah. , © Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved, “And ask forgiveness for your sins and also for the sin of believing men and women.” (Sura Muhammad, 19), Koran learning courses for women started in Tatarstan, Russia urges to recognize the danger of Islamophobia, Tatarstan Muslims initiated campaign on the birth of the Prophet, Saudi Arabia to receive foreign pilgrims from Sunday, Collective prayers canceled in Tyumen mosques due to COVID-19 outbreak, Conference “Islam in Bunin's work” held in Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria Mosques may close again, Dagestan Mufti met with the Head of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the region, Al-Ghazali on the Recommended Supplications for the Call to Prayer, Supplication of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), Supplication to seek for Protection against The loss of graces and wellness. In Islam, Muslims can only pray to Allah. don’t say “Allah forgive me if you wish”, rather, beg Allah for exactly what you want. We don’t need to make hundreds of Duas and witness their acceptance in order to believe that Allah ﷻ is listening. We feature each theme with a beautiful image. Sometimes,  "There are obstacles and difficulties.

Make sure to spell out in clear words what you want exactly.


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