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I own a condo in Sunrise, Fl, I moved to Barefoot Bay, Fl and changed my voters card, Broward County sent me a property tax bill for the above amount which includes approximately half the amount in penalties & interest. WSVN broadcast educational and informational programming for children, and file quarterly reports with the FCC detailing the station's outreach to children. Yes, he has the total right to fire Green. Finklestein approved of the statements Weekes made during his campaign, and Weekes was not fired. Copyright 2020 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. Howard Finkelstein, better known to most as the Howard in ‘Help Me Howard’, WSVN’s hugely popular newscast segment, is getting some well deserved praise. Besides, EVERY SINGLE THING Ruby said is 100% TRUE! Both Weekes and Green ran for office. It is why she was removed as a chief of County Court because she  Insisted on being an officer in a group, the BACDL(2), Which often takes contrary positions to our office.  #BuildBlackPoliticalPower, Introducing our next wave of Municipal candidates: Broward should be concerned. Finkelstein said Democratic primary voters in the Broward/Miami-Dade County 23rd Congressional District already have a choice in Wasserman Schultz, the incumbent from Weston, and Tim Canova, her challenger from Hollywood. I just saw your article on the firing of Ruby. @melbaformiami Howard spends a lot of money on lifts for his boots to get to five foot one. The next person who sits in this seat needs to be somebody that understands those minority communities.”. From: Howard Finkelstein on Public Defender ‘Help Me Howard’ Finkelstein says he’s not running for Congress. It seems wrong and petty to me. Howard is clearly doing Gordon’s dirty work, firing Ruby on the way out so Gordon didn’t have to do it himself once he takes office. He has steered clear of politics during his tenure and never endorsed a single candidate in an effort to keep the office politically neutral, he said. She could have been assigned some lesser role and maybe she would have quit. Democrat for Broward County Public Defender BACDL provided CLEs for the Public Defenders office. I love Broward corruption hypocrisy. Gordon Weekes likes to think of the Broward Public Defender’s Office, for which he has worked for two decades, as a cookie. Finkelstein, 63, well known for his “Help Me Howard” legal segments on WSVN-Ch. Come Out, Vote Early and Drop Your Vote-By-Mail Ballot to be, 5 More Day of Early Voting - You Can Drop Your Vot, I am happy to announce that Florida for All has en, Wonderful morning attending a socially distance So, Early Voting Starts Today - Drop Your Vote By Mail, Early Voting Start on Saturday! Finkelstein received $150,077 from the PDs office and $41,365 for his “Help Me Howard” legal advise feature on the WSVN-Channel 7 news.  #BuildBlackPoliticalPower, Introducing our next wave of Municipal candidates: He is media savvy! Plenty If You Are Black. Canova said last week he’ll challenge her again in 2018. Also according to, Mike Satz’s income tax statement attached to the form indicates his total income is $160,319 for 2012. — Call the BOCC — then call State Attorneys office and ask how the public defender’s office has done. I have been the Public Defender since January 2005. @whitneywalkeraz He’s here for the work.”. I have been the Public Defender since January 2005. @Crawford4Lenoir The form can be found here: Best translated: an anatomically deficient jewish male. All the same. “When you go into a courtroom … the judge is asking me questions, the clients are asking me questions, and we have to be able to endure all of that chaos. how do i collect this from her. What he is saying about Ruby is completely false. Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2018 9:55 AM You can contact Help Me Howard by using a form provided on the Help Me Howard page of Copyright © 2018, All Rights Reserved. Weekes filed paperwork Wednesday to run for Broward public defender, replacing the retiring “Help Me Howard” Finkelstein, who has held the office since 2004 and has worked as in the public defender’s office for 33 years with an additional seven in private practice. I spent SEVEN YEARS in Broward County Democratic meetings and sit ins and volunteering to work on polls. Records Just Released: Teacher’s Union Is One of Broward’s Biggest Political Spenders, What Did You Have To Lose? Weekes, born and raised in Miami, started his career as an intern in the public defender’s office after a hiring freeze prevented him from becoming an air traffic controller, as planned. @VoteKimGardner2020 Howard Finkelstein said Thursday he’s not sure what he’ll be doing when he retires as Broward County public defender when his current term expires — but it won’t involve running for Congress in 2018. “We are now a majority-minority county. Howard “Help Me Howard” Finkelstein had no help but only a slap in the face for the Assistant Public Defender who defied him and ran for office. Everything the landlord said would be fixed was not and it was all very sloppy. Howard’s explanation is B.S. वाह वाह #criminalJustice. It’s wrong. Ruby Green alleged in her Facebook post that she was warned not to run for office. Former ownes didn’t get permits. Let me tell you something you small brained — race card playing uneducated dog. My goal was to allow people to run for office without violating any law or losing sight of our important job- to serve our clients. And I’m going to do things differently, I just don’t know what those things are [yet].”. He has been the chief assistant to the public defender, specializing in representing juveniles charged as adults, for the past decade. His chief assistant, Gordon H. Weekes Jr., has opened a campaign account to run for the job and Finkelstein said he wants Weekes to succeed him. Voters also have their own First Amendment rights to hear this speech, thus Finklestein is violating their Constitutional rights as well. Satz has been steadily employed for eons. Freedom of Speech means FREEDOM TO SPEAK IN PUBLIC N PUBLISH. The South Florida Times has a very nice story about him and his many efforts to assure that everyone has access to a public defender, but especially the poor and homeless […] At 9am on March 28 Paul Gausman walked into the Publix store on Andrews Ave. and handed one of the clerks a note saying he’ll jump […] He said he just wants to continue Finkelstein’s mission, but in his own way. Barefoot Bay, Fl 32976, C-phone #954-240-8732 This framed photo of ants devouring a cookie is mounted just inside the door of Gordon Weekes’ office.. That her choice was to be a chief assistant and have a meaningful impact in changing the arc of peoples lives or be an officer in an organization that is a coffee klatch to network and increase income. Plenty If You Are Black, Update: “Help Me Howard” Finkelstein Fires Employee Who Defied Him By Running For Office Day After Primary, Fort Lauderdale Website Design by PaperStreet. They can’t have an ambitious woman that dares to question them and belong to other organizations. Can somebody up there give me an answer. I allowed several employees to continue working while running for judge. Howard is like — has like hair longer than mine and is old school Floridian and helps all peoples treated unfairly. I trust you will conduct yourselves professionally. Finally, if you are interpreting Finklestein’s comments to mean that he is claiming that he did not violate the First Amendment rights of either Ms. Green or the voters, that denial has precisely no legal significance. 7’s “Help Me Howard With Patrick Fraser.” (Courtesy/WSVN). Satz earned $122,942 in wages and $25,358 in Social Security in 2012. Scam at Mar-Len Garden Senior Complex by Miami-Dade County. Ruby was a superwoman. Canova said last week he’ll challenge her again in 2018, His chief assistant, Gordon H. Weekes Jr., has opened a campaign account to run for the job and Finkelstein said he wants Weekes to succeed him. P.S. Below are two emails he sent last year — one to the employees in the office and a second to candidates Ruby Green, Gordon Weekes and two of his administrators at the Public Defenders Office last year. With over 100,000, I am happy to announce The Collective PAC’s endo, Gordon Weekes is the Right Choice for Broward Coun, Yard-Signs in support of Gordon Weekes for Public, Gordon Weekes is best prepared to be Broward’s P, As ‘Help Me Howard’ Finkelstein prepares to retire, his chief assistant plans to run, Broward County kids rock the Youth Summer Justice Program, Public Defender ‘Help Me Howard’ Finkelstein says he’s not running for Congress, Wasserman defeated Canova in the August 2016 Democratic primary, 57 percent to 43 percent. To: All Users For the first time, we have two employees running for the same position- mine. It saddens me. My Condo Association allows for convicted felons to complete there community hours service.We are not a none profit organization.This condo is located in Tavernier Florida.Is this legal.Is this legal ??? Firing someone is the ultimate sanction and from what I know she was a strong advocate for her clients and worked hard for them. Do you feel like nothing works for the average person? LOTS of broke people really with life challenges. anytime any place, I will walk into Ritz Carlton or W or Kaluz or any other good venue and out argue YOU and your entire group of moron friends…we can stream it live. We can’t afford to lose this money. This form requires various information, such as your first name, last name, phone number, email, and the neighborhood or town in New York City in which you are located. Why do people drive by and take pictures of your house? In Coral Springs – Parkland club…. Ms. Green’s retaliatory firing by Howard Finkelstein raises a very interesting legal question. it is a hard lesson but she has to learn, can you imagine what might be happening with the Sao come january…. XXXXX You can contact Help Me Howard by using a form provided on the Help Me Howard page of ... Finkelstein received $150,077 from the PDs office and $41,365 for his “Help Me Howard” legal advise feature on …


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