hunza valley religion
The mountainous valley of Hunza is in the northmost district of the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. Their language, Burushaski, has been classified as a language isolate. The wide variety of orchards and timber beneath cultivation is used to gauge the monetary stability of the nearby human beings in Hunza. forms of dance performed by the people of Hunza are the one by old men in-group and fans. The cap has typical names in the significant local dialects. called Gojal. a few Sunnis and Shias. As stated before, the Hunza bread is again a nutritious diet of grains. Copyright © 2020. Hunza Valley. The literacy rate of the Hunza valley is more than 95%. Nowroz festival: on the festival of naowroz people dressed up and visit each other. The Baltit fort, after renovation, has recently been turned into heritage museum. The folk There are two categories of different festivals celebrated in the Hunza valley. Pakistan has been blessed with beautiful locations throughout the country and Hunza sure is one of them. general, Hunza is known as the heaven on earth. which is played on the arrival of groom along with bride. Even in the sub-zero temperatures, snowy peaks and chilly air is the most incredible joys of life. 700 years back, this fort was turning into debris of the history when Agha Khan famous for its remarkable architectural heritage and archeological sites. The religious festivals include: The traditional Ginani festival is celebrated by the local community with many gatherings organized in Altit, Baltit and Aliabad. Your email address will not be published. The then Tham (ruler), branch of Katur Dynasty, Safdar Khan of Hunza fled to Kashghar in China and sought what would now be called political asylum. During the Mahajanapada era of ancient India, the area came under the influence of several major ancient Indian kingdoms, mainly the Kingdom of Kapisa, Gandhara and possibly Magadha, among others. Incredible Attabad Lake, you have more days to stay then take a short day trip to Attabad Lake, one of the virtually majestic attractions close to Hunza Valley. Shalwar is loose but narrow and fitted around the ankles. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. A massive landslide buried the village of Attabad, shirt and seleeves. The … languages spoken in the valley include Shina, Burushaski andWakhi. It lies in the The valley is dotted with small villages such as Nasirabad, Karimabad, and Gulmit. This breath taking architectural site is Enclosed in the grand Himalayas and the Karakorum Range, it shares a border with the Gilgit city in the south, in the East with the maligned states of Nagar, Xinjiang (China) to the Northeast and in the Northwest with Afghanistan. that strikes you upon visiting this amazing part of the world is the … The main tribe lives in Hunza valley is known as Shinn. is indeed a spectacular sight. The valley is situated to the North of the Hunza River, at an altitude of around 2500 meters (8,200 ft.). Attabad Lake caused by a landslide in the valley on 4 January 2010. This symbolizes the love and respect to the dancer from his friends, relatives Enclosed in the grand Himalayas and the Karakorum Range, it shares a border with the Gilgit city in the south, in the East with the maligned states of Nagar, Xinjiang (China) to the Northeast and in the Northwest with Afghanistan. Apart from these other festivals include Baba Ghundi and Shimshal Kuch festival. Hunza valley is considered as the home of many festivals including faith, culture and also related to normal life. hearts out about their remarkable history and the events that they have Buddism and Bon had been the major religion in the region. With the arrival of the warm spring, thousands of blossoms (Cherry blossoms) garnish the valley with eye-catching beauty and fragrance. The Nearby are former sites of Buddhist shelters. Swat valley is situated in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of Pakistan and is considered the most striking places on the planet. Interested One of the first, Dr. Robert McCarrison a Scottish physician, talked about the vegetarian diet consumed by the Hunza people. Old men use This beautiful place, which is known as “Heaven on Earth,” is located in the long way north of Pakistan. Take a road trip from Islamabad up to the town of Gilgit where you can take local transport who will force you up to the Hunza Valley, and make you around the villages, along horrifying paths up the mountains, across the glaciers, and straight to the apricot and cherry bushes back down in the valley. The Hunza region is principally home to people of three ethnicities: Just like the valley is known for its scenic beauty, the people of Hunza are warm hearted and known for their hospitality. domestic and international tourists.[1]. Religion and Language of locals in Hunza valley, Fabulous Lifestyle and people of Hunza valley, Best Resorts In Naran Kaghan Valley (1st Choice Blogging Site) - Fiverrhost. Apart from incredible peaks, glaciers, the river, and the quaint villages, the people of the Hunza Valley are pretty friendly. Food specialties of Hunza valley include Rose Mantu, Harissa, Berekutz (Cheese-Filled Cakes), Chapshurro (Meat Pies). Being the last village inside Pakistan before the China The Unique Culture And Traditions of Kashmir, Ghanche — The serene and culturally rich valleys. Nanga Parbat, this name always gives me goosebumps because of the stories we have heard about it. Rivers before it flows into the Indus River. They are and vegetables. It also provided shelter to Buddhist missionaries and monks who were visiting the subcontinent, and the region played a major role in the transmission of Buddhism throughout Asia. The Time Magazine of Asia awarded Best of Asia Award in 2005. Buddhism came to the Hunza Valley in the early centuries AD. Get the full experience and book a tour. [12][13] Britain's High Commissioner Thomas Drew in Pakistan termed the mission “remarkable and dangerous”.


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