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Today, a thousand emo townies in a thousand no-hope towns are looking wisftully at the tattoo on their wrists, or at the base of their spines – the one that says, "Sing without a reason to never fall in love" – and wondering whether there are reasonable grounds to bill the NHS for a consultation with a dermatologist. [12], In an interview with Digital Spy on 20 September 2011, Steps said that they believe there may still be a gap in the market for their brand of "happy pop". What is the nature of evil? Watkins is masturbating throughout. Can we ever truly know what moves another heart? Watkins was the ninth housemate to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house on 3 January 2007. In May 1997, Watkins became a member of the British pop group Steps. As for Ian Watkins, well, you can only imagine what a celebrity emo paedophile has waiting for him in HMP. Whilst taking the course he also appeared in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and was filmed for a reality TV series, H-side Story, which followed him as he tried to make a new career in acting. A bit more sad social realism. Evil sometimes fails to put the cap back on the toothpaste. Back in 2014, Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly teamed up with the remaining Lostprophets members to form the band No Devotion. Right now, in TV world, that very modern phenomenon of trying to cleanse history is undoubtedly happening, as though our history itself were culpable. Evil often asks you how your day was and massages your shoulders. The Crucifixion of Reverend Paul Flowers, God's Hapless Crack Smoker. He convinced a lot of people he was just like you and me, and maybe the really scary thing is that, largely, he was. image caption Ian Watkins is already serving a 29-year prison term for 13 sex offences. During the interview Green compared him to Jeffrey Dahmer. For a generation too young to know Jimmy Savile as anything other than a haunted, grey Dick Turpin on TOTP2, this is the moment they too had their collective memory fouled like the generations that preceded them. He eventually pleaded guilty to attempted rape and sexual assault of a child under 13, three counts of sexual assault involving children, and other offenses. [1] Watkins performed at Preston's Charter theatre in the pantomime Cinderella as the character of Buttons. Entertainment Television for their having used his photo to illustrate a story about the Lostprophets singer. Should Saturday Night Live Replace This Actor as Joe Biden? All they did was follow a popular band and now, in the wake of Ian Watkins' bizarre, beastly admissions, it would seem that this same generation are having to ask themselves similar questions to the ones Nuremberg prosecutors did in 1946. After Steps split in 2001, Watkins formed a duo, H & Claire, with fellow ex-Steps member Claire Richards. [16] On 6 March 2016, they became fathers to twin sons, Macsen and Cybi Ryder-Watkins, born via a surrogate. Now, after being found in possession of a mobile phone in prison, Watkins was given an additional 10 months on top of the 29 years he’s already serving, according to The Guardian. Didn't evil do that one brilliant gig at King Tut's? Now, he’ll be serving even more time after being found guilty of hiding a phone in his anus. Like the protesters who ended up dating undercover cops who'd taken the names of dead children, they too are coming to the realisation that all those high times when Watkins was "literally saving my life" on their bedroom speakers were built on something that never existed in the first place. The group has sold over 20 million records worldwide in addition to acquiring a BRIT Award nomination in 1999. [2] He finished in fourth place. Watkins appeared on Skins, episode 2 of series 4. Paedophile former rock star Ian Watkins has been found guilty of having a mobile phone while in prison. But also, spare a thought for all those who idolised the man, who adored his floppy locks and panda eyes, and who now must rapidly re-arrange the contents of their brains, de-idolising to reflect our stark new reality. Back in December 2012, the Welsh vocalist was charged with such disgusting crimes as conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a 1-year-old girl, distribution of indecent images of children, and possession of extreme animal pornography. Scott-Lee said: "Times have changed, but we are in a recession and Steps' music was very light-hearted and fun, so there could be a place for that in today's society ... What else is interesting is that there aren't any boy/girl pop groups out there at the moment". Ian Watkins' Crimes Will Force Thousands to Reimagine Their Adolescence . [20], This article is about the Steps singer and actor. To his fans, he was an underground icon, a Tyler, the Creator, a Casablancas, and in raw sales, he put any number of indie "legends" in the shade. No one's clinging on to their memories of "Last Train Home" at Leeds 2007 any more. He was a guy who put his pants on one leg at a time, and looked good in them when he did. [11] In 2011, it was announced that Steps would be reuniting for a four-part Sky Living documentary, depicting their split and the intermittent years. [18] H received a public apology in court from E! An entire style-tribe bought his line and bought his records and fully admired the wry twinkle in his eye as he bopped along pretending to be a kids' TV presenter in the video for "A Town Called Hypocrisy". Perhaps, far from the online mobs crying out for him to be "kicked to death when he leaves prison", this is a chance to develop a bit more nuance. Watkins was the ninth housemate to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house on 3 January 2007. One laser tattoo removal later, many will be wiser to the idea that good and evil don't announce themselves, that they are broadly unknowable, possibly medical more than philosophical, perhaps entirely situational, and that paedophiles probs don't always wear raincoats and thick specks. Kurt Vonnegut used to have a riff about Eva Braun: "Her only crime was to let a monster ejaculate in her birth canal." Christmas 2010 saw his return to Grimsby as he performed in the pantomime Beauty and the Beast, playing the part of Muddles. Lucy, not her real name, said she did not … All those squaddies who made "Last Train Home" the go-to soundtrack music for hymning a fallen buddy / celebrating good times in Camp Bastion – they are going to be left with an unexpected wave of nausea as they click through to the YouTube tribute to Bombardier Jones (1986 – 2009). Page 5 Watkins was named on the 2017 Pink List of leading Welsh LGBT figures. Stuart Richardson also explains why the band's remaining members moved on with another project so quickly. In June 2006, Watkins appeared in a special week of episodes of the BBC Radio Drama Silver Street on the BBC Asian Network. [3] Whilst filming for this, Watkins interviewed Christian Voice leader Stephen Green. Nearly six years ago, Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins was sentenced to 29 years in prison for absolutely vile sexual offenses. After departing from H & Claire , he then decided to take a musical theatre course at the Royal Academy of Music. A "starstruck" fan who had a relationship with paedophile Ian Watkins said the rock singer was beyond help. [8], In 2020, Watkins competed in the twelfth series of the ITV series Dancing on Ice. By signing up to the VICE newsletter you agree to receive electronic communications from VICE that may sometimes include advertisements or sponsored content. The lengthy split screen skype session on 12th September is again very disturbing viewing and listening. In summer 2007, he performed in the West End version of Fame. In April 2007, Watkins starred as the hidden celebrity in an episode of the CBBC series Hider in the House. It's not, of course, but it might feel as though it were. 1 Source For Breaking Music, Film, and TV Headlines, The Perfect Last-Minute Halloween Masks Are Here, All Your Favorite Halloween Movies Are Streaming Here. The band would also release their Ultimate Collection, as well as potential new material. 13. Watkins was to say you could not wait to stretch her. Moreover, during his trial this week, it was revealed that Watkins hid the phone in his anus. In 2014, he appeared as one of the celebrities challenged to learn Welsh in a week on the S4C series Cariad@Iaith. Watkins even had the nerve to tell jurors that “you would not want to mess with” his fellow inmates at HM Prison Wakefield, calling them “mass murderers, rapists, pedophiles, serial killers — the worst of the worst.” Really, has he looked in the mirror lately? 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[4][5], In December 2008, Watkins was a contestant in Bargain Hunt Famous Finds and partnered with Connie Fisher. First the Glitter Band fans, then a nation raised on Ready Steady Go, and now the MTV2 audience. [13], On 3 January 2007, Watkins came out as gay in an interview with The Sun newspaper, also confirming his relationship with Paul Akehurst. [10], In 2009, Lee Latchford-Evans hinted that a future reunion was possible, but that "it isn't the right time right now". He is known as a member of the British pop group Steps. Obviously, the real victims are his victims, and let's hope their lives don't have to be lived in the shadow of one bastard's monstrous nature. So that, every time they think back to that party where you all stayed up till dawn smoking tabs, drinking Peach Schnapps out of coffee mugs, being young and beautiful, there inside the stereo, irradiating those memories with his own halo of evil, will be Ian Watkins: child rapist. Ian Watkins (born 8 May 1976), known professionally as H, is a Welsh singer and actor. Nearly six years ago, Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins was sentenced to 29 years in prison for absolutely vile sexual offenses. In 2020, he competed in the twelfth series of Dancing on Ice. The convicted musician argued that two of his fellow inmates forced him to hold the phone as a means of contacting women who sent him fan mail, and asking them for money. [14][15] Watkins was in a relationship with Craig Ryder from 2007 until November 2017.


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