imam mahdi in dream islam
Thus, no one will be able to annihilate his mission. From now on, there is no doubt that He will be a black man from Africa. This page was generated at 06:59 AM. In this advent of Imam Al Mahdi, the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (saw) cannot go unnoticed. This prediction was affirmed in advance by Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At Tijani Sharif (may Allah be pleased with him) (Algeria Ain Madhi 1737-1815 Fez-Morocco), grandson of Seydina Hassan and founder of the brotherhood Tijani. First, the term AL MAHDI means, “The guided one” it is the title given to the man whom Allah (ﷻ) guide in his mission to save humanity. All the hidden codes of the Shari’at al Muhammadiyya have been unveiled to him. Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will rule with the power of “kun fa yakun” that God conceded him. Apocalypse, The True Reality (haqiqa) of The Fish NÛN. Both the founder of the Tijani brotherhood and all other Muslim scholars have confirmed the fact that Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will be the Caliph of Tijani brotherhood and he will receive this mission of Caliph directly from Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At Tijani Sharif (may Allah be pleased with him) himself. Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will truly begin his mission and States like Turkey will come to swear allegiance to him. At the arrival of the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him), Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will step back and invite him to lead the prayer. Also, the idea that a black person In the same vein, Sayyidina ‘Ali Ibn Abu Tâlib (may Allah be pleased with him) once said that his son Hassan (may Allah be pleased with him), whom he had with his wife Fatima, daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), is one of the great Salihin (Great Virtues of Islam). At 45 years old, he will dominate most of the Muslim world, except a few. In addition, he will specify by saying that the spiritual father of Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will come from his descendants, which will make him an authentic Sharif. Despite the self-declaration of some people to be the Imam Mahdi in several countries such as Senegal, USA, France etc. Indeed, the saints or Awliyâ can live billions of years under the shape of a light in the universe of Ghayb performing a zikr or glorifying Allah (ﷻ). The life of Al Mahdi looks strongly like the life of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ). When Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will accomplish some miracles, lead Mecca for seven years and rule Masdjidil Aqsa (Jerusalem) for a period of four years and when all lead all the Muslim community, thus Massîh Dajjâl will appear and try to destroy the achievements of Al Mahdi who had succeeded into making Islam leading the world. This is a particular sign of the coming of Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him). Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) is a religious person sent by Allah (ﷻ) send at the end of times (Akhiru Zaman) to save the world from sins, corruption, polytheism and violence perpetrated against Muslims all over the world. In this regard, our venerated Sheikh, explain that it is more difficult to be Sharif according to a filiation of light (spiritual) than to be by the biological family link. When his mission will break out, Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will always be accompanied by the spirit of Sheikh Omar Futiyu Tall (may Allah be pleased with him), (Senegal 1794- 1864 Mali) who miraculously vanished in the cliffs of Bandiagara in Mali to get back to the heaven where he held a discussion with Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) and Sheikh Tijani Sharif (may Allah be pleased with him). However, all strategies of enemies will be bound to failure. Ibn Abbas 5. Indeed, in the Ghayb world, it is stated that Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) will live 40 days when he will return to earth, but these 40 days actually correspond to 9 years on earth. He will come down one morning at the time of the Fajr prayer in Damascus, and then he will come to the Zawiya where Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will be to lead the prayer. After the killing of Dajjâl by himself, Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) will live nine years on earth before passing away. In fact, Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) is the Prophet’s genuine son of light. Moreover, he will be granted superpowers that will be similar to that of Al Mahdi even though the latter mystical powers will be superior as they essentially derive from the light Of Salatul Fâtiha and the secret of making the impossible possible or Kun fa Yakûn. Injustice would be directed toward Muslims who would be the more marginalized, brutalized and victimized community on earth. This consists in the light of the saint becoming a soul that would later be born or not depending on God Willing. He will bear a scar resembling a myrtle leaf on the left side of his face, above the jaws, almost just next to his left eye. He will occupy the esplanade of the Mosques during these 5 years. He will have to perform throughout the world as part of his universal mission. It is primarily a scar that is on his cheek, below his left eye, whose shape is reminiscent of a Myrtle leaf. You should try improving your "simple writing" so that the ideas are conveyed without misinterpretation. Therefore, the name Imam Al Mahdi is a title meaning “the well-guided”. He has been shown all aspects never revealed in the Haqiqa, that is the pure and true codes of realities are in his service for his mission. For example, he will make an extraordinary miracle at Istanbul in Turkey consequently the whole country will not only believe in him but it will consider him as their supreme guide. Nobody will be mistaken in the real identity of Imam Mahdi, since the latter will really prove that he is Al Mahdi due to his governance in the world: he will rule the prayers at Masjidil Aqsa in Jerusalem for five years during which he will besiege. ... Muhammadﷺ saw IMAM MAHDI in Dream ... HOW THE IMAM MAHDI … The persecution of Muslims would reach a point that many of them would be killed without even knowing the reason why they face such an awful situation. This is a sign of the appearance of Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him). In other words, Imam Al Mahdi is his spiritual son. The Shias allude to the twelfth khalifs who, according to the stories had entered in a secret cave when he was a child. Seems like the only one overreacting here is you. In the same vein, Sheikh Al-Hajj Malik Sy (may Allah be pleased with him) (1855 – 1922 in Senegal), a great Muslim scholar, will specify that Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) will be a follower of the Tariqa Tijani or Tidjani brotherhood. Such a process is the third step of existence or the Al-Insaniyyah state. Finally, as it has been written by many Muslim scholars, the Prophet Re: Have anyone of you ever seen Mahdi in your dream and how he looks? The Imam al Mahdi (may Allah be pleased with him) according to the Prophet’s Word. The Mahdi will one day unite all the muslim countries and start a new caliph, but at the same time there is someting called the gog and magog (sahad and masgod) which is an army of disbeliever that will go off slashtering people around the world - they are an army of non-believers. As a reminder, the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) handed over the light of the Tijani brotherhood to Mawlaya Sheikh Ahmad At Tijani Sharif (may Allah be pleased with him) in broad daylight in the desert of Samghun, Algeria.


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