impulse engineering piston vise

oil chamber means for receiving said released oil. The oil chamber 50 is centrally formed in the liner case lid 35. Compound angles are acheived by simply rotating the piston. Proper weight removal can be accomplished by side milling the pin bosses. Although this is bled away through hole F it does create an intermediate pressure over the piston, which effectively positions the main valve to meet the load. A spring 60 is interposed between the actuating member 56 and the threaded lid 59, urging the actuating member 56 to the left at all times. Since the oil passageway 53 leads to the interior of the liner 31, the oil flowing into the oil passageway 53 returns to the interior of the liner 31. Of two air passageways opening into the valve chamber 64, one shown at 66 communicates with the reversing valve section 14 and the other air passageway 67 communicates with the air passage holes 25 in the air motor 20. Even if high pressure air is fed in thereafter, the valve is maintained in the closed state. A cylinder 24 is disposed radially outwardly of the rotor 21 and the vanes 23 are rotated with their front ends kept in contact with the inner wall surface of said cylinder 24 at all times. The construction and functioning of the air motor section 10 are as follows: An air motor 20 is housed in a casing 19 and is rotated at high speed when fed with high pressure air. A shut-off valve placed in an air feed passageway to an air motor is connected to the piston. 1 at all times.

This gives us a multi-purpose tool with two major advantages.

As has been described so far, the fluid impulse torque tool according to the present invention is arranged so that manipulating the lever 92 opens the ON-OFF operating valve section 15, admitting high pressure air into the reversing valve section 14 via the air passageway 78, and if the reversing valve section 14 has been set by the knob 76 at the position for forward rotation shown in solid lines in FIG. The trap can be adjusted by moving the position of piston (B) relative to the seat, but the trap is affected by significant back pressure. The automatic shut-off valve section 13 is disposed in an air feed passageway through which high pressure air is fed to the air motor section 10. This gives us a multi-purpose tool with two major advantages. 2 is an enlarged section taken along the line II--II of FIG. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). The main shaft 30 has a driving blade 32 radially movably received therein. The end 37 of one liner case lid 35 is spline-wise connected to the rotor 21 of the air motor, so that when the rotor 21 is rotated, the liner case lid 35 is rotated, thus rotating the liner 31, liner case 34 and the other liner case lid 36. whereby when the pressure in said oil pressure motor is below said predetermined amount, said actuating member first surface means engages said automatic shut-off valve second portion and maintains said valve in an open position, and when said oil pressure exceeds said predetermined amount, said actuating member second surface means engages said automatic shut-off valve second portion and moves said first portion to said blocking position.

8 is a perspective view of an actuating member; and. Model # 50909 - 9" jaws for diesel pistons The valve body 74 is manipulated with a knob 76. 1 is a longitudinal section of a preferred embodiment of the torque tool of the present invention; FIG. constructional features of the inlet or outlet for variable fluid distribution, MACHINE TOOLS; METAL-WORKING NOT OTHERWISE PROVIDED FOR, DETAILS, COMPONENTS, OR ACCESSORIES FOR MACHINE TOOLS, e.g.

No. Thus, when the rotor 21 is rotated within the cylinder 24, the vanes 23 are rotated with their front ends centrifugally pressed against the inner wall surface of the cylinder 24 at all times while the vanes 23 are radially outwardly and inwardly moved as they are rotated.

said automatic shut-off valve including a first portion disposed entirely within said passageway and defining means for blocking flow of said fluid through said passageway, and a second portion engageable with said first and second surface means, said second portion defining means for displacing said first portion in a second direction to or from said blocking position in said passageway. For forward rotation of the air motor 20, the holes 25 serve as air feed holes and the holes 26 and 27 as exhaust holes. A rod 72 formed on the lower region of the valve body 63 fits in a hole 73 in the threaded lid 71, preventing lateral movement of the valve body within the valve chamber 64. Impulse trap is classified as Kinetic energy operated traps based on its working principle.


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