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Here are a few examples: I am more connected than I have ever been to my inner child. But they’re not the complete package. You absorb everything like a sponge. 16. It’s your poor sense of self-regard that’s causing your problems. I experience anxiety and fear whenever I contemplate doing anything new. It doesn’t matter if it was a trauma with small ‘t,’ you never forget the experience. Your email address will not be published. But how to do you get in touch with your inner child? There’s no reference point. You can’t bring proper closure to anything that causes you pain. If this continues over an extended period, you can develop negative belief systems, which fall into several themes. Parenting isn’t easy. Be gentle and compassionate. You need to provide yourself with the love that only you can. Doing these exercises can offer you great insight. This is just the start of your inner child work. When you’re exposed to trauma at such a young age, it sticks. The amount of work you have to do will also depend on what type of trauma you’ve experienced. I am grateful for the presence of my inner child. It’s what is on the other side of the self-work that is most beautiful. The success of working with your inner child depends you how you engage with it. Some ... 2. Trust your higher guidance system, they know what they are doing. But if you have deep-rooted issues with physical or sexual abuse, your journey is going to be much longer. But it’s advisable that you try the other letter first. The Inner Child –Two Healing Exercises EXCERSISE 2. Then, you get to be the guide for your inner child and lead her back home with you. When you connect with this child, you are in contact with the healing, love, and spirituality of your true, original nature. Writing from your inner child might take a little practice. Emotional Expression and Release. So speak to it as if it is a child. PDF worksheets include the following: A. The Inner Child Healing Pack includes The full 49-page workbook of practical guidance through the full process of Inner Child Healing and the Inner Child Healing meditation MP3 to help you integrate your learning. Before you begin working with your inner child, you need to aware of the following steps: Nothing positive can happen until you acknowledge the struggle of your inner child. Your inner child is taking you back to these situations and showing you these people for a reason. Inner child meditation for deeper healing. 3 0 obj Understanding Your Inner Critic 15. In fact, you’ll be surprised at what comes out. When you’re looking back at your traumas, you see then from the perspective of your ‘adult self.’ You’re coming at them from a different angle than when you were a child. Once you start flowing, you’ll the information flows through you. Take a break. It’s the part of you that stores anything that you repress. Your parents were doing the best they could with the skills they had at the time. <> And whatever you push down, must be expressed. Look at pictures of yourself as a child. How Long Does Inner Child Work Take to Complete? You want to begin each affirmation with, ‘I AM.’ Doing this connects you with your heart-space and allows you to manifest these changes much quicker. People make mistakes, and it’s ok to recognise that and to want to self-heal. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 9|�(����YQU�7��fy��b}i��&�EZ�].�1B(����מbN�)\y���(�0_��K�J�]' �Ui�㩯�vl�f=)�_����1� �g�[U���aʼn#jN�wK0��:���ӱ �"�qPY��T�[�~}$�1�̣���p�Q��V�(��h�]���W?w��N��掍q���#}���l�4+]{��Xy Many people confuse it with the ego, the subconscious, and your shadow self. Wounded Child Questionnaire The questions in this section will give you an overall view of the extent to which your inner child is wounded. If you’ve ever felt you’ve had a need go unmet as a child, that is abuse in the form of neglect. The Inner Child Explained: How You’re Shaped by Circumstance, Childhood Trauma: Why You Will Always Express What You Repress, The Long-Term Effects of Ignoring a Wounded Inner Child, Reparenting: Treating Your Inner Child as the Loving Adult it Needs, The Most Effective Inner Child Healing Exercises (And Why They Work), Writing a Letter from Your Inner Child to Yourself, Create Loving Affirmations for Your Inner Child. If anything I think it brings all of that closer to you in a more constructive manner! How Addictions Mask Emotions B. Required fields are marked *. endobj What is Quantum Healing (and Why is it So Powerful? Just because you didn’t suffer abuse doesn’t mean you don’t have wounds. These worksheets are for people who want to do self-therapy to heal their inner child. You shouldn’t choose one over the other, as each have their own purpose. You can use the material from the letter-writing exercises to steer you in the right direction. Don’t go rushing in, and don’t make promises you can’t keep. As it turns out, we both had much more inner work to do than we realized. And remember, this is your inner child. As usual, I invited in our spirit teams to help us understand better. Example: “Dear inner child, when was the first time I experienced trauma in my life?”. Allow yourself to witness the … But again healing isn’t a glamorous process. It’s coming from a different part of your inner being. What you’re looking for are patterns in your behaviour. It’s just a stage of your development. If you don’t have a photo and it feels safe for you to do so just close your eyes and let yourself imagine the face of the child within. Recently, a long-term coaching client and I had prepared to focus our session on discussing the inner child. But Denying those experiences is keeping the trauma alive within you. But this isn’t you. But if you want to see positive results, it requires your dedication. It’s not the answer you want to hear, I’m sure. not one inner child, there are many, and they are all emotionally arrested.". How Do You Demand To Be Loved? I asked them to tell us what we needed to know, show us what we needed to see, and expand upon anything that we were missing. We all go through it. Each time you journey to a place, situation, or season with your higher-self/inner child look around. But it does create problems later in life. | The Need To Be Loved. Yes. Working with your inner child isn’t a walk in the park. The inner child can be so damaged that it can appear as a dissenting voice inside your head. Tell her it’s ok that she stayed there but now it’s time to come back to you. Then hold your inner child and let her know that you’re both safe now. 7 things your inner child needs to hear you say. They might bring up some uncomfortable feelings. Just allow yourself to receive. Creative Practices for Emotional Overwhelm, How to Start an Art Program for the Elderly, Spontaneous Art Therapy Activities for Teens, Art Therapy for Groups - Guided Imagery, Visualization, Painting. Some of these parts are emotionally arrested or stunted from the trauma that caused the fracture. Healing Negative Mind States D. Reflection on Past Experience. What I came to understand from spirit recently, however, was that some repressed memories we can feel but we are not meant to see. And if you’ve experienced moderate to severe abuse, you might find you need the guidance of someone to help you – especially if you’ve been sexually abused. If you’ve been particularly traumatised, your inner child is going to be wary of any communication that might seem disingenuous. Your inner child is not your enemy. Allow yourself to witness your thoughts. We repress memories as a defense mechanism and sometimes those memories are meant to stay unseen. A good way in this exercise is not to overthink it. 4 0 obj The Inner Child Self-Healing Pack is available now at for $9.95. This is an extension of speaking to your inner child. These therapy worksheets support you to slowly release your emotional pain in safe, powerful and wisely structured ways. Unburdening Your Inner Child 10. If you’re someone who’s experiencing profound difficulties, you may want to see a practitioner who can work with you on a deeper level. I’m sure that at some point in life, you’ve heard the term “inner child” but what does this term mean to you? Sometimes it is better that we don’t relive those experiences again and other times it is imperative that we do. ), How Does the Spirit World Really Work (Outside TV & Movies? Hold the child in your arms, and talk about what is troubling him or her. Healing Your Inner Child Imagery Picture yourself resting under a tree, welcoming a little child who walks toward you. Your email address will not be published. When you’re working with your inner child, you’re literally dealing your child-like psyche. The first thing you must do is start by building bridges with your inner child. In the download are seven separate MP3 classes, and a printable 67-page written document with optional exercises and meditations in PDF format. Do not set limitations on what you are willing to see. My therapeutic framework gently explores six principles of emotion processing: (1) awareness of emotion, (2) emotional expression, (3) regulation of emotion, (4) reflection on created beliefs But it’s true. It’s not a flaw. It seems that the medical and the metaphysical fields found something they can agree on when it comes to the inner child! But it’s only reaching out because it is so damaged. For most, it means the childlike, magical, and playful part hiding within our being. By working with your inner child in a loving and authentic way, you can bring closure to decades of unresolved hurt. As I mentioned in this article, sometimes healing means that we have to shine a light on what we do not wish to see. Awareness of Emotion: 1. It’s the place from which you develop the vast majority of your preferences. Your inner child is afraid of loneliness, and wants to be taken care of. They need to be recognised. Acknowledge that you’ve been ignoring its needs and start building bridges. 1 0 obj Thinking at the Edge 3. There are certain things that we should be saying to our inner child and one of them is I love you. It’s your father’s inability to treat you with kindness in spite of his circumstances. Here are some of the most common: When people talk about inner child work, they’re talking about healing past traumas. Each day we should be loving and nurturing our inner child by the words we speak. Do be aware, though… These exercises aren’t intended to make you relive your past trauma. But don’t let that put you off, it’ll do you no harm to give these a try.


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