intj female famous
Ashley Olsen – Played a child on a tv show, but then went on to quietly build a business empire with her twin sister. 2. Ayn Rand's utopia Galt's Gulch over time becomes the Capital of Panem and is renamed the Capital. I have very little doubt that she's an INTJ. Is she obliged to love either of them just because they lust for her? The four categories in the MBTI test don't actually refer to spatial awareness much at all, whilst certain personalities might be typically more or less naturally skilled in these areas it is certainly not a defining characteristic. Entp I don't think it is a where, it is a how! Estj The metaphors, the structure of the text, the symbolism, the entirety of what I am trying to say rather than the individual characters and their emotions - although I do try to focus on that also. My friends (all 3 of them) are strong, independent women who value my opinion and have learned to only ask for it when they really want to hear it. My favorite female characters are the offbeat, crafty, brash ones—Elaine from Seinfeld, Patty Hewes from Damages, Carrie Mathison from Homeland. Personally I think Bones is an ISTJ. Dagny Taggart. I also don't care who makes the system… if someone tells me THEY have a system and it works I can just jump in without a whole lot of questions. I don't care if someone wants to support Donut Day or Take Your Porcupine To Work Day, because it doesn't hurt me. INTJ women are made up of less than 0.5 percent of the world's population, making them the rarest of any gender/personality type combination. Some people describe her as INTP but I think she's really a judgmental. And I remember reading that it has to do with not regularly accessing emotions growing up so when some INTJ's feel something, there isn't a lot of practice at controlling it so it just surges and is felt very strongly. I shared a lot of struggles like him. Ayn Rand – OMG… I didn't even know she was a woman. Example, Libertarian Socialist utopia government controls all except peoples personal liberty u want to be nude go ahead but dump deadly toxins in a river well prison time not to exceed 15 years for any crime , Drugs legal with absolute universal healthcare . I'm one too and can definitely relate to her in the show! I LOVE being an entrepreneur where I can control everything. I also think that Elsa is an INTJ type. Nonetheless love the Hunger Games book series and films for bringing back the Socialism vs Capitalism, Altruism vs Egotism to a mass audience in an engaging way. Example, socialism helps contain capitalism while capitalism helps people place value on their labor. I don't know. If Glenn Close's character is intj, then so should be Sarah Michelle Gellar's character from Cruel Intentions, since they're both (along with Annette Bening from "Valmont) based on the same book character. And despite this she still works to keep her family alive, still wants to help people who are suffering, still wants to protect those who need protection.


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