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It's a problem we acknowledge, and something that we consider to be a problem that we need to work on. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. It'll be very similar in structure to what we did in Legion, where it's something that requires some reputation, some achievements, outdoor content in the new zones. World of Warcraft’s upcoming fall Shadowlands expansion may be every bit as complicated as the current Battle for Azeroth expansion — at least the way it was at its start. Newman: Looking ahead to patch 8.2, when will players will be able to fly again? I think if players have reputation, and questing, and exploring the map, things along those lines tend to closely correlate with that level of experience. Is there the possibility that something like that might apply for PvE play as well? Hazzikostas: We have interior areas, and if you're going in a cave, you can't fly in there. Both because it's small, but also because it really does begin to set the stage for what is going on beneath the waves. It got enough quite a number of people who wouldn't ordinarily do organized PvP, who wouldn't do Arathi Basin, into Arathi Basin. Even before we added that quest to hunt the more numerous faction, I basically never would see opposite faction red players and escape without a fight. As a two boss raid, that's really where Crucible of Storms is positioned, and it's coming later in the season in the raid cycle. But in the next town over, arcade regulars battled with different tricks, different strategies, a different hierarchy of characters. The Alliance weren't using as much. Hazzikostas: Overall I think it's healthy friction. As we've seen, the quest gear became unavailable for a number of weeks, and sometimes shifts back and forth. Newman: But that starting BfA ecosystem wasn’t particularly well-received by players. There was no right or wrong way to play. Hazzikostas: Our hope is that there's more depth than there was in Azerite armor, more player agency; and that these are more successfully-executed systems. The game is more casual, because both developers and players made it that way, so building player-to-player connections isn’t as vital. Part of what we're going to do naturally as we ‘tutorialize’ and streamline the experience getting ready for the game releasing, is progressively unlock these systems, wrap them in tutorials, contextualize them — so you understand that at the end of the day, even if it looks like there may be a whole lot going on, there's really only a few moving pieces at a given time.


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