is ghana card 666
You can also fill the form here to join our team and we will contact you back. This helps in tracking the progress of a Ghana Card holder’s child in the educational sector for necessary policy interventions. This means that his ushering in will come after a combinations of plagues, disasters, faming and wars that will jettison the whole world into hopelessness, needing a Messiah to save the world. Visible inscriptions on front of the card: NB: The Ghana Card contains second and third level security features by the NIA (National Identification Authority): On the photo a micro-holographic reflecting stamp is placed. Therefore, the system will be such that you are forced to obey of die. By 2003, the National Identification Secretariat was set up to implement and manage the National Identification System (NIS). Are you still waiting on me to connect the dots? Insurance Claims: As a person needs to prove their identity in the event of any disaster for which they have to make insurance claims. By Mfidie On Jan 18, 2020 Last updated Sep 6, 2020. Particularly in urban areas, and with a migrant population in Ghana, authentication of individuals has been an issue; as a few people did not possess any ID at all. This pilot registration exercise took place in two communities — Abokobi and Sege — in the Greater Accra Region, for 10 days from July 27 to August 4, 2007. There is no attendant; you pick what you need, AI tells you to drop some things as your account has run low. The Ghana Card is a national identity card that is issued by the Ghanaian authorities to Ghanaian citizens – both resident and non-resident, and legally and permanently resident foreign nationals. The Ghana Card provides them with the necessary information they need to conclusively establish their identity. The Ghana Card identifies a Ghana Card holder as the rightful and only person authorized to receive their pension benefits. NB: The Ghana Card contains second and third level security features by the NIA (National Identification Authority): On the photo a micro-holographic reflecting stamp is placed. One is like a small rice grain that they shot via syringe under the skin. Health Delivery: The personal identification number (PIN) and biometrics/personal information is cross-checked with the existing data in the National Identification System during a Ghana Card holder’s National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) registration. Data from the NIA database enables the Ministry of Education to plan effectively for the provision of targeted educational infrastructure and other resources for their community. For the record let me state that I don't personally put much truck in this, but I'm tossing it up here because I find it an interesting and novel take on the "number of the beast" controversy. SIM Card Registration: With previous generations of ID Cards one of the key issues with the directive by the National Communications Authority for registration of all SIM cards for getting a mobile connection has been the verification of the individual getting the connection. The Ghana Card is a national identity card that is issued by the Ghanaian authorities to Ghanaian citizens – both resident and non-resident, and legally and permanently resident foreign nationals. Disaster Management: Identification of true victims of disasters is often problematic because there are infiltrators who take advantage of the absence of credible identification system to benefit at the expense of the affected ones. Follow us on on Twitter, FB, IG, Telegram & YouTube. Credit Information: The use of the Ghana Card can enable the banks in Ghana to easily establish person credit-worthiness from the Credit Referencing Agencies any time they apply for a loan. Materials like cartridges, registration forms and writing materials were acquired. There are two types of the Ghana Card. [3] Under his tenure, the NIA was able to acquire a host of logistical items required for institutional building of the NIA. Bottom of story you are being watch by many eyes and ears 24/7. [4] This resulted in the passing of the NIA Act, 2006 (Act 707) to give it the necessary legal premises on which to operate. And the pieces are all here and ready to go, waiting for such catalysts (induced and non-induced) like this COVID-19 pandemic to help join them together. The personal information is also verified from the NIA to determine a person’s true identity for license acquisition and establish the true identities of vehicle owners. President Putin gave the answer last year when advising the Russian youth, “whoever controls AI (artificial intelligence) will control the world”. We accept Guest Posts. The front contains the bearer's face the following fields written in English: NB: The ID card issued to citizens and non-citizens are the same apart from the national code in the Personal ID number (one reason that should make the Ghana Card usable by the EC). And the other imprinted into the skin like a tattoo, visible and invisible ones are available. [3] Again, in 1987, the Government of the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) through the National Commission for Democracy (NCD), revisited the national identity card concept by establishing committees including a Technical Implementation Committee. The identity card is requested at the districts (and is issued for free to all Ghanaians ) where a digital picture of the bearer’s face and fingerprints are taken. FEATURED: Modernghana Election 2020 Poll: Akufo-Addo Scores 55.75%, Mahama Pulls... Rev_13:17 “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. All trademarks and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective owners. Now your smartphone; TV; Refrigerator; PC; Cars; Homes; Offices etc are all fitted with either cameras or microphones or both; and are online connected to AI. The registration exercise will begin in the Greater Accra region and move to other regions in the country. Drivers were recruited, interviewed and selected. It is easier for a Ghana Card holder to take a loan from the bank whether they work in an identifiable institution or not. The National Identification Authority (NIA) will start issuing instant smart National ID cards under a very strict multi-level verification process. Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends. The identity card is requested at the districts (and is issued for free to all Ghanaians) where a digital picture of the bearer's face and fingerprints are taken. Note: I mentioned the Elect of YAHOWAH, and NOT any religious group because NONE of all the Religious groupings in the world are YAHOWAH’s People. The ID card serves as a travel document for national travel. - Technology Blog in Africa - Tech in Ghana; News, Gadgets, Reviews, FinTech, Gaming. Now, when the Writings say that “no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark”, the implication is that since all goods and services are monetized in this our prophetic era, the Beast is so taking control of how things are done so that, without the “mark” of his name; insignia; or number, it going to be virtually impossible to survive, if one does NOT SUBMIT to his rule – Submit or Rebel and PERISH. And everything will be mandatory, and enforcement very harsh. Cryptocurrency is going to be the universal One World Currency that visionaries and watchers have seen from afar many years ago. It will be the only valid ID for application for a bank account, passport, telephone number, property acquisition, drivers license and much more. [3] Individuals were recruited, trained and selected as Mobile Registration Workstation Operators. It prevents a person’s Ghana Card from by a replaced, and unqualified ones by some school authorities during admission. With your Biometric Birth Certificate or Valid Ghanaian Passport, visit any of the registration centres when they are in your district and you will be walked through the process. But if they allow debit facility, then you get deducted as soon as something gets to your account – I mean the possibilities are endless. Since a Ghana Card holder’s child’s fingerprints and parents’ information are stored in the national database, it is easier to return a Ghana Card holder’s lost child to them when their live fingerprints are taken and matched into the NIS. ", I.Coast stand-off with opposition intensifies after disputed... The possibilities are endless, and it comes on the face of it with nice things, but the bottom line is that you are fully and securely tracked and controlled. Countries are collecting biometric detail for passport; electoral systems; driver’s license etc. Map of Ghana which changes colour depending on the tilt of the card. Job Search: The Ghana Card is used to establish a personal identity during a job search. The data can be extracted from the chip with wireless RFID technology. Now, you heard about the all new 5G fast voice/video/data network? Ghana Card: Registration, Benefits and All You Should Know, What you need to Register for the Ghana Card, Features and Details on the Ghana Card (Dual Interface Chip Card), Benefits, Importance, and Usefulness of the Ghana Card, Randomly generated Personal ID Number (PIN), Date of Expiry (normally 10 years after the date of issue), THIS CARD IS THE PROPERTY OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF GHANA. Some countries COVID-19 temperature scanning equipment are online, collecting infra-thermal data on people as they get scanned. You disobey, and then It blocks your way out, door/gate won’t open for you. [4] The AFIS claims fingerprint identification accuracy of at least 99.9% and exceptional performance in terms of system processing speed. Turns out, what you see in the The Book of Revelation where the writer refers to 666 in an apocalyptic vision isn't entirely what you get.. IF FOUND PLEASE CONTACT THE NEAREST NIA OFFICE OR POLICE STATION. The pre-requisite for the Ghana Card is the Biometric Birth Certificate/Valid Ghanaian Passport. The presence of Ghana card will eliminate the usefulness of all other cards possessed as Ghanaians. These two cards will be issued differently and the one an individual gets depends on his/her age. Yet if you want me to offer you some scenario, then here we go: You are already online with AI via many things, being controlled and manipulated. If you are lucky it calls a human officer to come and pick you up. Shepherd Morttey is an SEO Expert in Accra and Abuja with over 7 years of experience working with businesses that want to see their Google search rankings surge. Ghanaian companies currently offering m-commerce transactions such as Tigo Cash and the Airtel Zap service used for sending and receiving money, topping up airtime, transferring credit to others, paying utility bills as well as goods and services using the mobile phone opt for the Ghana Card as a verification document. Study and review the 1991 National Identification report; Establish the main principles and the conceptual procedures for an integrated national identification system for Ghana; Identify and recommend specific technologies for such a system; and.


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