isilon snapshot delete cleanup pending
Thks for the precaution addition to the script. Run the ShadowStoreDelete job only after you run the SnapshotDelete job. A OneFS snapshot is a logical pointer to data stored on a cluster at a specific point in time. The space consumed by these deleted snapshots will not be freed until the snapshot delete job is run again. However, you can also manually run the jobs at any time. I am horrible at command line scripting. I don't know what is it about this tcsh shell that does not like. OneFS routinely runs both the ShadowStoreDelete and SnapshotDelete jobs. A snapshot contains a directory on a cluster, and includes all data stored in the given directory and any subdirectories that the directory contains. In this post I’m going to review the most useful commands for managing SyncIQ replication jobs and SnapshotIQ snapshots on the Isilon. Total Number of Snapshot Aliases I then went through and listed all available snapshots and then deleted them: show system snapshot all-members | match "Snapshot snap" request system snapshot delete Tried the 56 -> 57 upgrade again, and still no dice. To increase the speed at which deleted snapshot data is freed on the cluster, run the SnapshotDelete job. Data Protection > SnapshotIQ > Snapshots. From the Select an action list, select Delete. good luck stopping that loop if you notice an error. If data contained in a snapshot is modified, the snapshot stores a physical copy of the original data, and references the copy. You don't want to ever delete these, if you do, you could require a full data copy, or at the minimum a tree-walk to get back into sync. In the confirmation dialog box, click Delete. The following information and controls appear on You can delete a snapshot if you no longer want to access the data that is contained in the snapshot. Here are two from my lab cluster. How might I do that using the isi snapshot snapshots delete command? If a snapshot references data stored by another snapshot, the data is not freed until both snapshots are deleted. I will try this on a test system first, but it looks like its a keeper. We have 5 snapshots in SnapShotIQ We do not have the option to delete the snapshots - there is no Again, I will try on a Isilon VM before performing it on the production cluster. ... and ShadowStoreDelete will clean up the space eventually. Also, if you delete a snapshot that contains clones or cloned files, data in a shadow store might no longer be referenced by files on the cluster; OneFS deletes unreferenced data in a shadow store when the ShadowStoreDelete job is run. Total Number of Snapshot Aliases drwxrwxrwx 3 root wheel 14 Jan 27 06:49 data-backup-2014-01-29-_00-15 Thanks for the heads up. If i had 175 snapshots and I was performing a snapshot clean up and wanted to delete all but the latest 14 snapshots how would I formulate that within the snapshot delete command? The space consumed by the deleted snapshots is not freed until the snapshot delete job is run again. To increase the speed at which deleted data that is shared between deduplicated and cloned files is freed on the cluster, run the ShadowStoreDelete job. OneFS frees disk space that is occupied by deleted snapshots when the SnapshotDelete job is run. Therefore, deleting a snapshot might not free the entire amount of space displayed because another snapshot might be referencing the data stored by the snapshot. While this will primarily be a CLI administration reference, I’ll look at some WebUI options as well when I get to Snapshots, as well as some additional notes and caveats regarding snapshot management. Optional: To increase the speed at which deleted snapshot data is freed on the cluster, run the SnapshotDelete job. Total Number of Snapshots Pending Deletion Indicates the total number of snapshots that were deleted on the cluster since the last snapshot delete job was run. not sure what you are doing with your script but if you just want to list of the first 161 snapshots, you can run this command: I am trying to clean up snapshots and when I list and grep on a certain snapshot schedule that I am trying to clean up I wanted to be able to delete multiple snapshots with one command. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. isilon1-6$ ls -l | grep data-backup-2014-01, drwxrwxrwx 3 root  wheel  14 Jan 27 06:49 data-backup-2014-01-29-_00-15, drwxrwxrwx 3 root  wheel  14 Jan 27 06:49 data-backup-2014-01-30-_00-15, drwxrwxrwx 3 root  wheel  14 Jan 27 06:49 data-backup-2014-01-31-_00-15. yep, i am getting the same thing. In the list of snapshots, select the snapshot or snapshots that you want to delete.


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