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It is blue in colour.[32]. [8], Each Susanoo goes through several different forms, which the user can switch between at will or even leave in a state between forms. Sasuke's Susanoo has demonstrated the ability to wield its orb of black flames regardless of which stage it is in. Its right hands also gain plating which give them the appearance of "peeling". When activated, Susanoo forms around the user and becomes an extension of their will. One thing to note is that Kakashi is the only character on this list to manifest a Susanoo while not naturally possessing or awakening a Sharingan. Madara's final Susanoo with its chakra stabilised (Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan Version). Like the other Mangekyo Sharingan techniques, Susanoo comes with its own risks. [19] Eventually, Susanoo develops into a "complete" warrior-like form, where its skin, armour and final arsenal of weapons are manifested in their entirety. The mouth is also carved out, with two lines running down to the chin area, and it wears robes, pointed shoes and body armour on its shoulders and waist. Since first entering its incomplete form, Sasuke's Susanoo is able to manifest a sword, which it wields in its left hand. After witnessing his friend die, Shisui awakened his Mangekyou Sharingan and manifested Susanoo. Itachi's Susanoo has two sets of arms, which are conjoined at the elbow; the secondary arms are manifested as required. Much like Itachi's variation, Sasuke's Susanoo has two right arms, which are conjoined at the elbow, and one left arm, although it is also able to form a second left arm as needed. However, because intense feelings of hatred and revenge characterize Sasuke’s development, his Susanoo is much darker in composition compared to the latters. It is only when Susanoo's growth is fully matured and thus, the user is completely surrounded, and the vulnerabilities of the skeletal form finally eliminated. By using its primary right hand to grab the arrows and utilise them with its bow, they can be fired at such a speed that evading them is nearly impossible. His Susanoo is, accordingly, noted to be much darker in composition compared to Itachi's. Talk about being overpowered! Susanoo is the manifestation of a user’s chakra that takes the form of a gigantic, humanoid avatar. The user can be thrown out of the upper half of Susanoo by an enemy manipulating the substance underneath Susanoo. [36] The blades are shown to be strong enough to block a caught Tailed Beast Ball being pushed against it by Hashirama Senju's wood golem. In addition, Kakashi received some of the Six Paths Chakra, allowing him to use this ability multiple times with no effect on his health or eyesight. Do small things with great love - Happy Sharing :). After Kakashi lost his Sharingan, his body was temporarily inhabited by Obito’s spirit, which allowed him to use both Obito’s Mangekyou Sharingan. [35] Madara has also shown the ability to combine this technique with the Multiple Wood Release Clone Technique to create a multitude of these ethereal warriors. Sasuke has since demonstrated several uses for his Susanoo's orb of black flames, including forming a blade in Susanoo's primary right hand, which can be used to stab his targets and set them ablaze. The mouth of the armour took on a beak-like shape, giving it an even more menacing appearance. In the manga, his Susanoo is revealed to be yellow, while in the anime, its skeletal and humanoid forms are shown to be red and orange, respectively. Even after Naruto’s original story has ended, its fanbase keeps on growing, and as one of the greatest clans to ever exist, the Uchiha are always being talked about. Having awakened his Mangekyou Sharingan, Madara could manifest a Susanoo that was dark blue. All Rights Reserved. It is also possible the Mirror can be another extension, as Zetsu also mentioned that it is another legendary item, on par with the Sword. Currently working towards obtaining a degree in English literature. When seen in its complete form, it has a normal face with what resembles locks of hair framing it. Susanoo, the god of sea and storms, was the brother of Amaterasu andTsukuyomi, with Susanoo born fromIzanagi washing his nose.The Totsuka Sword is the sword used by the god Susanoo to slay the eight-headed and eight-tailed snake,Yamata no Orochi, just like it was used by Itachi's Susanoo to defeat Orochimaru's Yamata no Jutsu.The Yata no Kagami is one of theThree Imperial Regalia of Japan, together with the Kusanagi no Tsurugi and the Yasakani no Magatama (八尺瓊曲玉) Jewel necklace. In its primary left hand, Itachi's Susanoo wields the Yata Mirror, a shield which is endowed with all five nature transformations, allowing it to change its own characteristics depending on the the attack it receives, and thus, nullify it. For longer-ranged attacks, it is able to use the powerful Yasaka Magatama, which can be used as three chakra tomoe bound together by a single, circular thread and fired as a projectile[23] or several tomoe strung out on a chakra string, which detach themselves and fire off individually. Along with its lack of destructive power, and inability to form a Complete Body, he is surpassed by the others. The outer armour, which only remotely resembles the usual tengu-like armour with the trademark pillbox hat like adornment on the forehead, is split down the middle from the beak downwards where the normal Susanoo underneath is revealed. They all have different forms and get more completed as the user gains mastery over it. Unseen in others' versions, Madara's Susanoo possesses a complete body, including a lower half and legs, which are visible when it emerges from the ground,[33] as well as two entirely different sides that are conjoined along their spine, each with a distinct pair of arms and a unique face. It gains the traditional long, tengu nose, with Madara's being more angular when compared to that of Itachi or Sasuke's. To keep Susanoo sustained in the physical realm, the user must act as a medium for the deity, allowing it to consume their life force energy. While Shisui has not been seen using it in the series, in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, he has an exclusive Complete Body-Susanoo form with a second pair of wing-shaped arms, tengu like features, and a large sword. The only oddity that Itachi's Susanoo displays is an appendage on its chin reminiscent of a Pharaoh's false beard. After being forced to injure his younger brother fatally, Hagoromo awakened Mangekyou Sharingan in both eyes, and thus was able to use a light blue Susanoo. [31] Sasuke can also throw the black flames in a tomoe shape to set his opponents on fire from a distance. The utter lack of scenes on its part is a significant factor too. This puts a severe strain on the user's body and prolonged use will lead to their death. Copyright © 2020 Epic Media Labs. Sasuke has also combined Susanoo with Amaterasu for defensive maneuvers, wrapping himself with the black flames of Amaterasu as a shield while protecting himself from it with Susanoo. When not working or watching Anime, she can be found highlighting the mundanities of life through her poetry. However, while Itachi has not been seen using the Complete Body Susanoo, in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, it is revealed that he is indeed capable of using it. His Susanoo is shown to be green in color and has blade-like attachments on its shoulders, the side of its face, and along its forearms. [39] Madara has also displayed a unique use of Susanoo: equipping it onto Kurama to increase the fox's offensive and defensive capabilities.[40]. [29], One of the first two amongst the Uchiha to awaken the Mangekyō Sharingan, Madara awakened a Susanoo of his own after awakening the abilities in both of his eyes and is also able to use it while having his Rinnegan activated. Which is the strongest Dojutsu in Naruto Shippuden & Boruto? During the Sasuke vs. Itachi boss battle in. However, because intense feelings of hatred and revenge characterize Sasuke’s development, his Susanoo is much darker in composition compared to the latters. [21] Of all the known Susanoo, Itachi's looks the most humanoid. Though most of these arrows are made of the same chakra as Susanoo itself, Sasuke can also fashion arrows made from Amaterasu’s undying flames or, by channeling lightning, forming the Indra’s Arrow, his strongest attack. The right hand of each side wields an undulating blade and the Susanoo itself appears to be capable of contributing towards some of Madara's techniques, as it was seen forming hand seals when he drew down two meteorites. Zetsu said that Susanoo's Totsuka Sword combined with the Yata mirror essentially makes Itachi invincible. It creates a gigantic, humanoid being that surrounds the user. RIP Itachi. He did what needed to be don’t to protect the village(Konoha) and sasuke. [18] The user can also change the size of it to fit the current situation. Sasuke's final Susanoo (Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan Version). The front face has elongated canine teeth and two tusks growing from the jaw, while the back face has similarly elongated canine teeth and a single horn protruding from its forehead. [5] Also, a sufficiently powerful attack will still result in damage, especially during the technique's developmental stages after which the user is left open for attack. In its armored form, the armor splits from its forehead down, revealing Susanoo’s eyes and forms the Tiger hand seal with its front hands. You must be logged in to post a comment. Sasuke awakened his Mangekyou Sharingan after Itachi’s death and was, therefore, capable of manifesting a Susanoo. An ethereal weapon inside a gourd could be a reference to the hyōtan-kozō, a gourd spirit from Japanese folklore. This was seen when Gaara used his sand to pull Madara out of his Susanoo. This ranks Itachi in the 6th place on this list. The undulating blades are replaced with straight katana, which are kept sheathed inside the palms of Susanoo's back arms and wielded by its forearms. By implanting his brothers’ eyes into his own, Madara unlocked the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, which gave him access to a perfect Susanoo, whose power was comparable or even higher than that of the tailed beasts. [34] It is also able to use the powerful Yasaka Magatama as a ranged attack, creating a string of magatama that he can fire at his opponents. In its right, the legendary Ten Hands Long Sword, also known as the Sake Cutter Longsword, is held. While manifesting its humanoid form, its face is framed by locks of hair, and an appendage on its chin. Its back set of arms, which are still plated, extend upwards like wings and its front set of arms, which lose their plating, are somewhat smaller than the plated arms. Top Weekly Stories So That You Are Up-To-Date.


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