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John convinces Cotton that they should use the box as leverage against the witches. As the dinner proceeds, John hallucinates of both of Anne and Mary caressing him under the table provocatively, an illusion cast by Mary and excuses himself from the dinner table going outside for some air but is soon joined by Mary. Later that evening John arrives home and is confronted by Mary revealing she knows that he is a murderer and John tells her that he killed twenty of his own militiamen. James Savage, Boston MA: Little Brown & Co., 1860. v. 1. He tells Cotton to meet him outside as he has something to show him. That night John stumbles across Isaac acting erratically, almost like he has had too much to drink. John and Priscilla Alden had ten children. Anne asks John to escort her home who obliges. John is horrified to find his friend Giles being stoned in front of the entire townsfolk and rushes to his friend but is held back and watches helplessly as he calls out his name before he is crushed to death. He often rebels at the Puritan way … A potential reason for discarding such feature is due to the long process to create large prosthetic make-up and for a main character, and possibly it's cost for the first original series of a small channel already spending a lot on sets and costumes. [11], "Captain Alden Denounced" from an 1878 history, depicting the accusation of John Alden, Jr. during the Salem Witch Trials, "Captain John Alden's Will and Inventory and the Account of His Executors", "More wonders of the invisible world, or, The wonders of the invisible world display'd in five parts ... : to which is added a postscript relating to a book intitled, The life of Sir William Phips / collected by Robert Calef, merchant of Boston in New England",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Phyllis Carver (died young); Elizabeth Phillips Everill, John Alden III, born 20 November 1660, died young, Elizabeth Alden, born 9 May 1662, died 14 July 1662, John Alden IV, born 12 March 1663, had issue, William Alden I, born 10 March 1664, died young, Elizabeth Alden, born 9 April 1665, had issue, William Alden II, born 5 March 1666, died young, Zachariah Alden, born 8 March 1667, died young, William Alden III, born 10 September 1669, had issue, Zachariah Alden, born 18 February 1673, had issue, Nathan Alden, born 17 October 1677, died young, Sarah Alden, born 27 September 1681, died young, A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England. Later, the magistrate publicly welcomes John in the selectmen's fight against the witches, where John jokingly tells the crowd maybe the witches aren't those that deliver their babies but those that have been chosen to lead, leading to an awkward silence before the crowd laugh. Afterward, with Gloriana went Cotton questions him in what he saw when he touched the object. As the day passes they are spied upon by The seer who watches them as they go to the spot Cotton has chosen to suspend Rose beneath Saturn. ", SCENES FROM SALEM Episode Six - John and Cotton with the Witch, SCENES FROM SALEM Episode 7 -- Mary Invades Dreams, SCENES FROM SALEM Episode 8 -- John and Mary, SCENES FROM SALEM Episode 9 -- It's Complicated, SCENES FROM SALEM Episode 12 -- John in the Courtroom, Happy Valentine's Day From Salem - Shane West, WGN America's Salem Season 3 303 John Alden & Hathorne discuss the militia, WGN America's Salem Season 3 304 John Alden, WGN America's Salem 306 Hawthorne, John and Dinley, WGN America's Salem 306 Alden, Tituba and Mary in the woods, WGN America's Salem 310 "Mary Sibley & John Alden". The pair reminisces about their shared history and about the promises they had once made to each other. Upham, Charles (1980). As black human figures begin to writher in the pit the pair is seen when Isaac makes a sound revealing to the witches that they are being watched and an unknown witch approaches them forcing John to shoot his gun at him so the pair can flee. Salem-Promo-Still-S1E09-35-John Alden and Hopkins.jpg. Cotton tells John Alden that the box is used as apart of the Grand Right and that it is used to bring the devil back to earth. [2] The family later moved across the harbor to form Duxbury when John was very small, as the terms of settlement set by the financial backers of Plymouth Colony in London had changed and the settlers were free to spread out as they wished. John is pragmatic, stubborn, and hot-tempered. Cotton concocts a powerful paralytic to subdue her but not before she appears to John as an illusion of his mother. Though he could have returned to England the following year, he chose to stay in the new colony. As the battle continues Cotton and John are bewildered when the corpses disappear and they are free. In In Vain the morning after Bridget's Bishop hanging, John watches the rest of Salem citizens gather around her body as Isaac takes her to the crag and ask Cotton how he feels about killing two innocents, he hears Anne's cry for help as thieves have broken into the orphanage and rushes to help who is closely followed by Cotton Mather and Magistrate Hale. The night before he left Salem after witnessing the branding of Isaac Walton he made a vow to Mary that he would return for her within a year, splitting a silver coin in half and giving one-half to her. He is the son of John Alden senior and Sarah Alden, former lover of Mary Sibley and a hardened war hero. John is further horrified to learn that the body of Giles Corey has been dumped into the Crag with Salem's unwanted's and enlists Isaac's help in retrieving him. His vivid first-hand narrative of the witchcraft trials was later published by Robert Calef in More Wonders of the Invisible World, and the transcript from his trial still survives. While on their way to her home she asks him where they are taking Bridget and is saddened by what she hears. John tells him to leave Mary alone and finish his business quickly and leave Salem. Giles Corey is John's oldest friend and is presumably a family friend of his parents. When his fellow soldier, William Hooke, first arrived in Salem, John murdered him as he had threatened to reveal his secrets (Survivors). The same day John is at the market where he threatens a preacher who is upsetting the townsfolk who is handing out flyers about the witches making a scene about how the devil has come to Salem. He is portrayed by American actor Shane West. John asks her if they were lies but she tells him that they were wishes made by those who know nothing of the world, Mary starts to leave bidding the captain a goodnight but not before he wishing her sweet dreams and returns home. About 1622 or 1623, he married Priscilla, the orph… After John discovered that his body had been dumped into the crag he recovered his body burying him in Salem's cemetery, "Former war hero, John Alden is forced to bury his love, Mary Sibley. He usually wore shades of browns with white or blue tunics, along with a brown leather duster. Later John confronts him at the dock where he reveals that John murdered twenty militiamen but spared his life under the condition that he never laid eyes upon him again. As the pair enjoy their drink Cotton notices an unknown man propositioning Gloriana he attacks him in his jealousy but John stops him causing the man to leave, afterward Cotton asks John if he knows the man after noticing a strange look the pair share. In Survivors while visiting his parents' graves John finds Anne in the cemetery who asks if he misses them, he tells her as a child he thought them terribly boring and asks if she is well as he had heard she had been unwell. As they approach her she attacks them hitting John in his crotch before they eventually subdue her suspending her as they had planned.


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