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Josh Mankiewicz: That worked? He planned on having a relationship with Kelli, blah, blah, blah. Juanita and Tom were out hiking. They called it their "honeymoon spot" - a place they'd visited not long after they were married some 23 years earlier. That demonstration? I think this does have something to do with why women (specifically) are so into true crime. Kelli Brophy: Yes, I believe that he thought she had cancer. Prosecutor Bahrman painted a portrait of a man who had simply had enough of his wife -- and envisioned a new life without her. Don't we know the truth? Josh Mankiewicz: Isn't the truth that you killed your wife? Since there were no proof of his homosexuality, the rumors died off quickly. Also, for a long time in America we’ve felt we’re living in a time in which nothing seems to work in the right way: The line ahead of you is too long or you’re at the airport or parking lot and things are not moving as they should be, or they haven’t fixed that damn pothole on the street and you’re paying too much in taxes. One thing Herweyer found out: The Richardsons' perfect marriage wasn't so perfect. And I heard her scream, "Oh, my God" or "Oh, dear God." Hallie Marie Jackson is Chief White House correspondent for NBC News, an anchor for its cable division, MSNBC, and a fill-in anchor for Today. I don't know if he was plotting something. He has been married to Ahn Tu Dang since April 16, 2016. The suicide of Juanita Richardson, witnessed by her husband. Karl Numinen: Tom Richardson was a suspect before they even dragged Juanita's body off the rocks and pulled her into the cold water of Lake Superior. Josh Mankiewicz: And where was the evidence? Tom Richardson: primary love language is personal touch, so if you want me to feel emotionally fulfilled, if you want my emotional gas tank to be full, you need to touch me, hug me, kiss me... Tom also told the undercover trooper about Juanita's 'accident' at Pictured Rocks. And I had tears pouring out of my eyes. Joshua Paul Mankiewicz (born August 27, 1955) is an American journalist, who has been reporting for Dateline NBC since 1995. We’re coming up on 22 years and we were covering other things when we started. Under cross-examination, the coroner himself conceded that was possible. Josh Mankiewicz, Dateline NBC: People that you knew, that you grew up with, were calling and telling you stuff? The investigation of Tom Richardson was now underway and moving to Tom's hometown. The division operates under NBCUniversal Broadcast, Cable, Sports and News, a subsidiary of NBCUniversal, in turn a subsidiary of Comcast. Bill Vos: There was four different life insurance policies. Here Tom and Juanita Richardson were living the midwestern edition of the American dream in a modern-day log home Tom had built for his wife and their three kids, Laceine, Lindsey, and Levi. Andrew "Andy" Lack is the chairman of NBC News and MSNBC. And story three: He saw her accidentally fall. He worked there from 1980 to 1982. Hurting your back is probably one of the worst pains you could experience. In 1991, he worked with KCAL TV but quit the job in 1993. Josh Mankiewicz was born on August 27, 1955 in Berkeley, California, USA as Joshua Paul Mankiewicz. Jim Northup: Mrs. Richardson's body was in plain view at the bottom of the cliff. Josh Mankiewicz: Which of those stories did you believe? And I just listened. Karl Numinen: Did you ever have sex with Tom? He remains defiant. He has a brother named Ben who is a radio personality. Jim Northup: His initial report was that she was essentially missing and unaccounted for. Josh Mankiewicz: It's a pretty short time to tell three different stories. There never has been. The famous program has been on air since 1995. Now it was Tom Richardson’s turn to explain why he wasn't lying, and how three different stories could all be true. Josh Mankiewicz: Do you understand how telling essentially three different stories to investigators in the first few hours after your wife dies is gonna-- is gonna make investigators think that you are A) lying and B) responsible? I didn't buy it. There were great human interest stories out there that we were missing by not covering true crime.”, Josh and the producers at Dateline knew that the true crime stories were striking a chord with viewers and the ratings reflected the success of their programming choice. Loved to get away and discover new things. Now Tom's defense team could argue theirs. They were supporting their dad. Prosecutor: And what did you end up giving him as advice at that point? Lindsey Richardson: She was really excited to go up there and spend time with my dad. And at impact her body was going 45 miles an hour. | Josh Mankiewicz: Because you didn't want a divorce. It was previously the network's flagship news magazine, but now focuses mainly on true crime stories with only occasional editions that focus on other topics. But they weren't. Karl Numinen: In your opinion did Mr. Richardson suffer from a traumatic event that would qualify under acute stress reaction? But within 45 minutes, park rangers found Juanita Richardson. Seven years earlier, Tom had an affair with another woman. His father was a press secretary … [9], "How One Dateline Correspondent Used a Long T.S.A. Dateline NBC: Season 30? Tom is now planning his appeal. His mother was recently divorced when she met her college friend and future husband in Columbia. He needs to create this reason for her to walk to stand or walk near the edge. And if you listen to that wind, you'll hear a story. At 10:55, Juanita snapped this photo of Tom sitting on a grassy patch along this cliff, right at their special spot. Dateline NBC: Season 29 Ratings (2020-21). Kirkham: According to the records I have reviewed, yes. That's not a few hours. It would just take one of those kicks to knock Juanita off balance, and off that cliff. “, The success of true crime stories and series on Netflix is confirming that Josh and his team at Dateline were ahead of their time. Herman Jacob Mankiewicz was an American screenwriter, who, with Orson Welles, wrote the screenplay for Citizen Kane (1941). And the last thing I saw was Juanita's feet flip up in the air as she was going over. Josh Mankiewicz: Tom told you that his wife wouldn't be alive by Christmas. Laceine Richardson: My Dad was a very honest and trustworthy person… He had such good morals. This would make me suspicious. Juanita loved him, and so they tried to as well. Josh Mankiewicz: This time what did he say? "How One Dateline Correspondent Used a Long T.S.A. Jeanette Ellens: I guess it depends on what happens-- for the verdict. Joshua Paul Mankiewicz is an American TV journalist who is famous for his show, Dateline NBC. Jim Northup is the superintendent in charge of Pictured Rocks. Jeff Herweyer: Major fantasy. Josh Mankiewicz: It should more accurately be called what? Both Mankiewicz and Welles received Academy Awards for their screenplay. Mary Beth Hill: He called her horrible names, and he always acted like he just despised her. When you hear that, what do you guys think? But according to prosecutors, Tom's plan for his post-Juanita life had one problem. Jeff Herweyer: I compared Kelli Brophy to wringing water out of a dishrag. Don't Miss: Melanie Scrofano. Although he has covered a wide variety of stories, he may be best known for his Dateline NBC report on the Atkins Diet. Karen Bahrman: Would that have been sufficient to retire the debt? Karl Numinen: He tried to tell the police exactly what happened to the best his brain would allow him to do. Jim Northup: Juanita Richardson was the first person to ever fall off the cliff here at Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore. She worked at a convenience store on Tom's FedEx route. TVSeriesFinale ", "What Mom taught me... - Inside Dateline", "Haverford College: Department of Anthropology : Welcome",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 September 2020, at 02:03. Ahn is the owner of a home health care business. Deadline Juanita’s parents Don and Jeannie Culver knew otherwise. Josh Mankiewicz: Why did Tom tell three different stories to police? Judge: Ms. Brophy could you come forward please? Story one: He didn't see anything. Josh Mankiewicz: You think calling it the honeymoon spot is some sort of after the fact contrivance that Tom's come up with to justify going to that place? After a month, they started to take things slowly and Josh started dating another woman. He comes from a very famous and notable family. It was just a normal marriage. That's what a friend would do; a friend would stand by him no matter what. Whatever had been going on between Tom and Kelli ended after that visit. He is an actor, known for Dateline NBC (1992), Curb Your Enthusiasm (2000) and NBC News: Vegas and the Mob (2005). Josh graduated from Haverford in 1977 to complete his college education. [5], Mankiewicz is a 1977 graduate of Haverford College in Haverford, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia. Steve Blank: He would pause at times that made me think, you know what? He also appears regularly on the evening broadcast NBC Nightly News, and fills in as an anchor on MSNBC. He has been the senior international correspondent for the NBC morning show Today since December 2018. Tom called Kelli from Pictured Rocks on his cell phone on June 21, 2006: The night before Juanita’s death. Will certificate. Tom had told park rangers that he hadn't seen her fall. Josh Mankiewicz, Dateline NBC: No one falls off the cliff. So Herweyer had an idea. And if not, why would he lie? Blank began to think something more sinister had happened up on that cliff. Jim Northup: Then when he took his hands away from his face I didn't see any tears. But with no proof of foul play, Tom was free to go home to a family that was already choosing sides. Bahrman showed jurors a video re-enactment using a dummy to show how bad that fall can be, and the coroner described Juanita’s brutal injuries on the way down. He debuted on the network in September 2015. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Josh Mankiewicz: We've been through a trial. When he got back, Juanita was gone. It’s a classic symptom of post-traumatic stress. Then dozens of friends and neighbors from the Richardson’s' hometown of McBain would provide scenes from a marriage with an abusive husband.


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