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Faith only recently started living with Karena, and it was a temporary arrangement; therefore, it was reasonable that she saw the apartment as just hers. Rosario Says Hedgepeth Was In Bed Asleep The Last Time She Saw Her The night Hedgepeth died, the two girls had gone to a club called The Thrill in downtown Chapel Hill… Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The circumstances of this case point toward to the killer being someone close to Faith. They have not fully committed to their statement, which results in them often thinking the recipient does not believe them either. False judgement and false imprisonment are some of the absolutely worst acts that can be committed against living humans. “I first wrote about it because it was a prominent, sad, puzzling case in this area,” Gasparoli told The News & Observer this week. Faith put Karena to bed when they got home a little before 3:00 a.m. At 3:40 a.m., Faith sent a text to a former boyfriend of Karena’s, Brandon [last name omitted]. The use of improper pronouns can indicate deception. UNSOLVED: North Carolina’s Faith Hedgepeth caseFaith Hedgepeth was a beautiful young woman, a promising student much loved by her family and her Native American Haliwa-Saponi tribe in North Carolina. However, during this statement she used the present tense, “I don’t know what’s happening,” compared to “I don’t know what happened.” To Karena, the events were still happening. With the formatting, lack of punctuation, and absence of a complete thought, the note appeared similar to song lyrics. No one matched. While there, they met several friends and acquaintances. It was initially dismissed as evidence because the timestamp put it as being made while the girls were still at the nightclub, plus it was too garbled and staticky to make out any audio. This would explain why he didn't mind leaving more DNA. There appeared to be romantic overlap between Faith and Karena pertaining to several men. Without multiple GPS data points identifying Jacob’s location, one ping in that area means little. Her friend was murdered in her bed; that's beyond horrible and traumatic. Also, every person reacts differently to situations so I refuse to make my decision in this case based on how I *believe* I would act in that situation. This person said that Faith had told her Eriq would kill her if he and Karena didn’t get back together. It’s my first post here so I debated how to format it. Check your inbox now to confirm your subscription. At 11:01 a.m., Karena dial 9-1-1. Exclusive: Could Voicemail Unravel Faith Hedgepeth Murder Mystery? Police looked at several other individuals who had contact with Faith at The Thrill nightclub. I don't see how the murder, sexual assault and cleanup could happen in this time frame. Edit: This blog has some added information. Someone like that would have been able to avoid the far reaching span of the police investigation. Faith was texting at 3:43am which also cuts that timeframe in half. “After talking to (forensic audio analyst Arlo West), I thought he seemed very credible to me. Karena was using her own phone to call Brandon Edwards at the same time, I believe Karena was drunk and missing an ex boyfriend. According to reports, just after midnight on the night of her murder, she went to a Chapel Hill nightclub with her roommate, Karena Rosario, then returned home around 3 a.m. Rosario told police that she left the apartment around 4:25 a.m. and that Hedgepeth was asleep in her room. When Karena returned the next morning, she found a grisly scene. Mainly that she left the club at 2am because she felt unwell but then left around 4:20am to go to a guy's house AND left the door unlocked. The apartment is left unlocked when she leaves. Submissions should outline a mystery and provide a link to a more detailed review of the case such as a Wiki article or news report. Once the operator received the full address, she returned to the status of the victim. Karena called  another female friend to give her a ride home from her male sexual partner’s home 6. I guess it’s possible that even if she intentionally left it unlocked, Faith also wanted it unlocked if she had someone coming over. During that special, a handwriting analyst told the network that they thought the hand-written note was written by a female. She was the most likely person to find Faith. UNC student Faith Hedgepeth’s family still has few answers. © 2017-2037 - Olatorera.com All Right Reserved. In it, he said one female was in obvious distress. According to Crime Watch Daily, he posted a suspicious message on his Facebook shortly before Faith’s murder. (Screenshot/CrimeWatchDaily). The following morning, she found Faith’s lifeless body, half-naked and covered in blood. Anything can mean anything when you stretch it to fit your interpretation. He was also excluded via DNA testing. The police have talked to over 1,800 persons and tested hundreds of men against the DNA. Both locations were not easily accessible and appeared to be unlikely places for random killings. How would she have one someone willing to do it who was far enough removed for herself to evade DNA testing and smart enough to have zero traces of communication with said person? She lived in an off-campus apartment near the University of North Carolina in Chapel…2020-04-27T19:38:39Z. Now, Gasparoli — known by many in the area as “Gaspo” — has released a podcast on the case called “Pursuit.”. Roommates Murder, Forbes 2019 List of Africa’s Billionaires. There was a fast food bag left near the body with a note scrawled on it that said something like "I'm not stupid, jealous bitch.". A lot of people seem to think that Karena was the murderer or was heavily involved. Bull City council members have released Durham Police Department body-cam video recordings of officers drawing guns on kids outside Rochelle Manor Apartments. However, Karena was not feeling well. My theory - Faith had called this person "stupid" and "jealous" at some point likely because he was attracted to her and she wasn't reciprocating the feelings. I will try and link my sources as they are referenced but will have a list at the end as well. His DNA had reason to be there from a previous encounter (albeit elsewhere in the house). According to the autopsy performed the following day by Dr. Lauren C. Scott, Faith had cuts and bruising on her head and face and a chipped tooth. Police also found semen at the crime scene (which has been used to eliminate potential suspects), and a bizarre note, written on a fast food bag and left by Hedgepeth’s body. According to ABC News, video evidence shows the girls leaving the club at 2:06 am. The note would seem to indicate that the killing was a consequence of something involving Faith and Karena. Sometimes you're hysterical, sometimes you're completely calm. I just walked into the apartment and there looks like there’s blood everywhere. Since the bedroom walls were covered with blood spatter, the killer likely beat Faith to death while she was in her bedroom, which she shared with Karena. With garbled sound and the absence of anyone talking directly into the phone, it appeared that Faith accidentally triggered her phone to dial. A strange series of texts and phone calls began, and around 4am, Karena left in the company of another Chapel Hill student, leaving Faith home, allegedly asleep, with the apartment door unlocked. Did she intentionally leave it unlocked (might not have taken her keys) or did she return the next morning to an unlocked door and assumed she left it unlocked in her drunken state? I just don’t know what happened. The articles where the voicemail is mentioned, the police seem pretty dismissive of it. This could mean one of two things. Gasparoli said he understands why they don’t share information, but on the other hand, perhaps at this point they should consider it. Please let her know you care. And yes, you are correct. Her skull was also fractured. For example, if a person said, “I am sick of eating chicken. It is hard to imagine not one of them would turn on the others to save him or herself. 3. The police looked closely at Eriq, but he was not deemed a suspect after his DNA failed to match the crime scene DNA. She told ABC News, “The police asked me, ‘What did they sound like?’ And I said, ‘Thumps.’ I said, ‘They sounded like it could have been a heavy book bag being dropped. It doesn't go well, but he's drunk and mad. Here’s what you need to know about Karena Rosario, Faith’s roommate. Make Sure To Subscribe And Turn On Notifications: https://t.ly/1WMW8 Case Suggestion Form For Families: https://forms.gle/MnjTB3n3F86wqoMK6 General Case Suggestion Form: https://forms.gle/PVA47if4pfjpPGVW9 Follow me on Instagram: http://bit.ly/34oJC1p Follow me on Twitter: http://bit.ly/34jqnWQ Email Me: talktokaseyshane@gmail.com #Justice4Faith…2019-03-31T17:03:27Z, Scrawled on a fast-food bag was the note, “IM NOT STUPID. Since the killer’s DNA was located on the bag and pen, the killer probably did not wear gloves. A subreddit dedicated to the unresolved mysteries of the world. Why was Karena not more concerned about her safety? I’ve been struggling to figure out how the note fits in and this is really the only way I see it making sense. Check your local listings at CrimeWatchDaily.com. Emphasis can be genuine, but it is often utilized when a person does not feel the listener fully believes what she was saying. If something isn’t working, try something else.”. Her life could have been in imminent danger; however, she never specifically asked for help. Blue said on September 7, 2012, officers got a 911 call from apartment 1502 at the View on Old Durham Road in Chapel Hill. I second this. Operator: Durham 911, where is your emergency? His DNA (along with 700 other friends, co workers, acquaintances, etc. I don’t think that theory makes any sense either especially as it’s been 8 years and there hasn’t been an ounce of anything pointing to her involvement. ... She and her friend Gabrielle Evans wanted to go back to the tribal community they were from and have a medical career there. Even though police found the note within the crime scene, it did not have any blood on it. Individuals could be heard stating that Faith’s hands were “on fire” and uttering the words “duct tape.” The transcript listed the names Eriq, Rose, and Big Mike. In September 2012, Karena Rosaria found her roommate, Faith Hedgepeth, murdered in their off-campus UNC apartment. The police believe the recording occurred while in The Thrill, as it was consistent with the timeline, and they believe the background noise was music from the bar.


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