kenmore elite refrigerator model 795 not cooling
We’ll be taking a look at six reasons why it might not be cooling as normal. Worry about 1” gap next to exterior door. My wife is not happy as less than 3 years later we are in the same situation and waiting for the sears third party to come out and tell us what’s wrong. Could not get ice out, so opened tray and found the cubes had melted into a solid block within the bucket. Expect to be transferred all over the Philippines and get no answers, except being referred back to pay $50 a month to insure your appliances. JavaScript is disabled. I almost NEVER replace an LG control board for not cooling issues, Almost 99.99% the bad linear compressor. Ok gotcha. suggestions. Two days later (today) it started to work again and the temps are now normal. Turns out that when the sears tech came and installed the new compressor the first time, he informed us that it was a bad design from LG and that the condensing coil had to also be changed out at the same time with the compressor due to the fact that the condensing coil was made out of aluminum and not steel. Here is the straight scoop: It is the LG LINEAR COMPRESSOR that is failing. It's like a giant capacitor you attach to the fridge's compressor to get it to turn over. Thanks to all. The compressor is a major part of your refrigerator that you don’t want to fail. I searched online and found a you tube video showing how to remove the shelves and then the panel to access and expose this area which was covered in Ice and stopping the fan from spinning, after melting all the ice and reinstalling the panel and shelves it worked just like before, this lasted a month or 2 and same problem just this time the noise started and it was only a day before the fan would not spin(previously the noisy fan last many days before jamming up) This time I discovered less ice build up on the cooling unit but more ice at the bottom where I found a drain hole. And also changing out the capillary tube that feeds the fridge evaporator, this cap tube is sized for both freezer and fridge to run at the same time which runs good when their both running. Thanks, I'll wait it out because the responses are usually insightful and can get me going again on the right track. This video from Sears PartsDirect shows how to troubleshoot problems when your refrigerator isn't cooling. I have a Kenmore French door / bottom freezer - Model 795.72053.110 that we purchased in June of 2011. It may not display this or other websites correctly. They are working on these all day. when it reaches this usually the ice has already melted, due to heater, and the compressor is started again to drive the freezer back down to 0 deg F (-20 deg C) with the evap fan running. Was thinking about just ordering a thermostat, seeing if that's the problem. Most of us want nothing more than a refrigerator that works. Using the red and black leads on your multimeter, touch the wire ends of the defrost thermostat (removed from the refrigerator) and test for continuity. Accessibility. The best thing I found out to do is to call Sears and have a service tec. Appliance Repair School 1987-1988 Star Appliance Tech. Check the warranty details because if it is an Elite model it has a longer warranty on the "sealed system" than a standard fridge. To do this, you’re going to need to tip the refrigerator slightly forward (Note: Remove all contents before doing this). Air flows through a vent in between the fridge and freezer. 4 yrs. Cooling and freezing makes us happy and I don't think it's an unacceptable request. The failure could be due to several factors. If it is no longer under warranty then it is more a decision of whether it is economically viable to do it or not given the age and condition of the refrigerator. With this flap-like part broken, it will cut off airflow to a point where it’s severely restricted (or completely cut off). If your refrigerator is a Kenmore Elite manufactures by LG, LG is not responsible for any of the warranty.


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