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What is a kira-kira name? But don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is any parents out there who doesn’t care about their children, so there must be some meaning associated with each name. The word 'kira' used in Death Note is not a japanese word meaning 'killer', rather, it is the english word 'killer' the way the japanese actually pronounce it. on Their Second Single “Roulette“ and Major Debut!! Soichiro Yagami Kenichi Mikuriya Japanese family names are more than one Kanji? As the wave of younger talents began to descend, there’s no doubt we’ll begin to see more and more kira-kira names in the mix—you might already have noticed the trend among idols born in the 2000s. Do you like these names for your babies? Death Note Tarot Tales Sexy Cosplayer! Please check your inbox for your confirmation email. But what does Kira mean? Becoming the Face of A New Generation of City Pop The Power of Mizuki Ohira’s Interview, 01Familia Ltd. & Idealump Inc. While overly fanciful names may be an odd choice in general, some of these might actually work for those who want to make a name for themselves in the entertainment world. All the latest information about Death Note: reports, gossip, releases, analyses, speculation and discussion. [1][2] Due to the Greek interpretation of the Persian king's name Kourosh (کوروش, Kūrosh) as Κύρος (Kýros) – which was obviously modeled after the Greek word κύριος (kýrios "lord"), the feminine form being κυρία (kyría) – Kyra (or Kira) can also be understood as a variant. [5], Kira is one of several Anglicized forms of the Irish name Ciara, which in Irish means "dark haired". The feminine form is pronounced /ˈkɪərə/ KEER-ə or /ˈkiːrə/ KEE-rə. たべる→たべ or のむ→のみ). Lei-k-columnist Mello Sponsored Links Ryuk It is a large collection of Shinto mythology, comissioned by a japanese empress who feared the stories about the gods might be forgotten lest they be written down. Madhouse Death Note: Light Up The NEW World (2016 Movie) Linda Kira (吉良) is also a name of a place in Japan and a surname/family name (e.g. PINK CRES. [4] Kira could also have arrived into Russian from the Persian-Greek name Kyra. April 2016 In Thai, Akira (Thai: อาคิรา, อาคีรา, อาคีระ) is a unisex name meaning 'the sun' or 'sunlight'.In Sanskrit, Akira (अकीरा) is a female name meaning "graceful strength". May 2014 It might be a feminine form of the name Kiran, pronounced /ˈkɪərən/ KEER-ən. Museums Known to Those in the Know: Weird & Unforgettable Experiences Await! Yurina Hirate of Keyakizaka46 Announces Her Withdrawal! Attain the Trinity of Beauty at Gazzara Design!! Business And Marketing Limited Sales From Now to May 17. Back to Yagami Light (夜神 月). Such a distinctive name would surely make an impression on the audience. Do You Know Tsunamayo? This happens when parents use complicated kanji that are difficult to read, force meanings into them, or name their child after a pop culture reference. Find more Japanese words at! YouTube And Videos Blaspemy! Since her name sounds so similar to the English name Vivian, many people have wondered whether she’s of mixed race ethnicity. Halloween Drawing Contest is happening now! 10 most commonly used Japanese words for expressing surprise, I am not really OK with “daijoubu” (だいじょうぶ), Intercultural Presence of a Refrigerator 冷蔵庫の異文化間存在. Kira-kira literally means “shiny” in Japanese; it refers to names that are unique or much more elaborate than the typical Japanese name. [3] Therefore, it is also in use as a feminine form of the Greek diminutive form Cyril. Viz Media The first one, Ceaser is the one caught my eyes. - February 2014. Another-note Stay Cozy and Kawaii! Nogizaka46’s Mizuki Yamashita Releases First Photobook “The Unfo... Why Japanese Idol’s Bangs Don’t Get Messy? The name Kira has Air element.Mercury is the Ruling Planet for the name Kira.The name Kira having moon sign as Gemini is represented by The Twins and considered as Mutable .. Some have also surfaced in the entertainment industry, where younger talents are beginning to emerge. Traditionally each name has its own special meaning given by their parents. Netflix Rem People in Japan often name their children based on the “hope” or “wish” that they want their children to carry on. Games And Gaming Astrology Near - 10th Anniversary Throughout the years, idols have had the potential to become household names. Death Note (2008 Manga One Shot Special) College student in Tokyo and lover of Ghibli and Hello! Japan Is Celebrating “Nice Boobs Day” On Social Media And Hey, Why Not? In the AKB48 camp, fans have also picked up on the difficulty of some of the younger members’ names and the reading of their kanji. Beyond Birthday Lately, trending Japanese baby names are shifting towards a new unknown level of weirdness. Nori ≠ ME Nanaka Tomita Delivers Bright News! Variant forms include Kaira, Keera, Keira, Kiera, Kyra, Kyrah, Kyreena, Kyrha, Kyria, Kyrie, Kyrene, Kyrra, and Kirra. Warner Bros The Hoopers’ 2nd Album "FANTASIC SHOW". Gus Van Sant Updates, discussion, events and news about Death Note. Death Note News Digest Live Your Life and Shine Doing What You Love! It describes names that are pronounced differently from their Kanji or are written in a Kanji, but spoken like a western word. In Ancient Hebrew "Keren" means both "a horn" and "a beam of light". Tsugumi Ohba (Author) HIKARU KOBAYASHI & YUKA NIHEI, 【Tokyo Girls' Guidebook vol.1】Summer Roppongi Walking with Kuriemi, “Every Day Was A Colorful Day in my Four Years in Sakura Gakuin” Marin Hidaka First Solo Interview, A Book About The Love Between The People Who Support and The People Being Supported! Death Note (2016 Movie AMG) Matt Gifts And Merchandising Lawliet-movie Ever heard of kira kira names? Shuichi Aizawa From the Russian “ruler,” to being the Japanese word for “glitter,” it’s also the female version of the Hindi Kiran, which means “beam of light.”Whatever meaning you’re drawn to, you can’t go wrong with this lyrical and pretty name. Tsukuru Mishima ", A Marvelous Show is About to Begin! English words for きらきら include glitter, twinkle, sparkle, flash, glint, glisten, luster, glow, spark and brilliance. In Hindu it means sacred bells. March 2015 Here are some other idols whose given names you might not have heard of before, along with their literal meanings. Death Note (2003-6 Manga) It is a unisex Japanese given name that is predominantly used for males.There are several kanji for Akira.. 10th Anniversary Website December 2015 Hirokaku-ukita-char Find more Japanese words at! - Challenge the Aerial Silk in Nakameguro! This is called, “Ateji(当て字、あてじ)” that are Kanji’s phonetically to represent native or borrowed words without regard to the underlying meaning of the characters. The Reason Why Light Yagami is Called Kira in Death Note, Death Note: Light Up The NEW World (2016 Movie). Takeshi Ooi (Char.) Izuru Kira 吉良イヅル, vice captain of the 3rd squad in Bleach.) March 2014 Real World Influence Aiber The verb which is being enhanced comes first and is always in the pre-masu form (i.e. Fun Fact: Kei was formerly mostly a male name, but it has new popularity in Japan for girl, often as a short version of Keiko. Project Kenshuusei. Teru Mikami Nowadays however, some of them might just be becoming a little too creative. Live Streaming Circuit Festival “@ JAM ONLINE FESTIVAL 2020” will be held!! Music And Soundtracks Chinese culture is something of my hobby, and I've been learning the language in my free time for the past four years. NisiOisiN Adam Wingard (Dir.) Kira-kira literally means “shiny” in Japanese; it refers to names that are unique or much more elaborate than the typical Japanese name. The phrase kira kira means "glittery" or "shiny," but the single noun kira is written phonetically with katakana due to the fact that its a foreign word borrowed from the English word "killer." - Site News Manga Entertainment Kira can also be the diminutive of the old and rare masculine given name Avvakir. Literally meaning “sparkly” or “shiny”, those are … Akiko-himura Nathaniel-overthinks-death-note Death Note (2006-7 Anime) You are using an out of date browser. Kiyomi Takada The name “Piano” itself seems to be well-suited for someone in the music industry, and fits the bubbly image that the 20-year-old idol has. They don't have a r or l sound its more of a combination of the two! Shiori Akino L-change-the-world-novel ", "IDOL", "Gyaru". The Expansive World of Japan’s Rental Services. Takeshi Obata (Artist) Mrs-mikami We have full length alphabet courses and integrated spe……, Combining extensive courses and supplemental resources for over 100


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