kurt hummel outfits
The production team responsible deserves commendation, notably, the costume department. Visually, Tina represents the greatest amount of growth from her initial appearance; introduced as an introverted goth, as Tina blossoms into a more colorful, confident character, so do her personal stylings. This definitely made for one of the show's most memorable episodes. Glee's costume design had more effort put into it than you might think. Once again, Kurt wears it better than the model (and probably better than anyone). ), Kurt Hummel’s Top 5 Sexiest Sweaters: Cardigans Edition, KURT AND BLAINES OUTFITS ARE LEGIT MY DUDE, yes I know it is 6 with the honorable mention, as if these are clean and polished and fancy, also i litcherally couldve just gotten the images off fashionofglee, theres a few more tina pieces i had to leave out cause there were so many, but most of it was in s2. When not delving into his creative efforts, he can be found listening to podcasts, exploring the woods, or planning his next theme park adventure. They're so 20th century. Kurt's final outfit is all red and white. 3) Buckle Up: Kurt loves a good tie down, especially when the harsh buckle can be combined with a soft aspect. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Sue Sylvester is the perennial antagonist of the series, terrorizing both the adult and teenage characters over the course of all six seasons. With so many unique individuals populating the halls of William McKinley High School, the production team undertook the task of providing individualized costumes for each character that simultaneously made it simple to differentiate between cast members. Hi there! RELATED: Glee: 10 Sue Sylvester Quotes That Are Still Hilarious Today. No wonder Blaine popped a boner. All photos were edited by me, unless stated otherwise. Puck and Rachel bring some traditional Jewish foods. Artie brings like 20 different kinds of drinks. 1) I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter:  Here he is looking radiant in lemon yellow (with matching boots). I adore this sweater not just because I want to wear it (though I do) but because it fits so well into Kurt’s S2 bondage and distress theme. And now you can remind everyone too! He is both covered up and exposed. The effects of Glee are still felt in culture today and the "Glee cast" remains one of the top-selling artists of all-time. Please feel free to submit and request! Shop our range of T-Shirts, Tanks, Hoodies, Dresses, and more. Sodas, ciders, teas, just a lot. Even though Kurt Hummel is male, he is arguably the fiercest fashionista to have ever graced our TV screens on Wednesday nights. Also, can we lick you? 2) Feels Machine:  This is Kurt’s “time at McKinley character arc” sweater and it is soooo good. 2) Nobody Pushes The Hummel’s Around: This looks doesn’t get a lot of fetish flattery because of the intense drama of the scene it is in but it is a really great look all around. Fox. RELATED: Glee: 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Will Understand. Buh-bye. He was so achingly gorgeous in that moment, all flustered and awkward. Stream full episodes your favorite FOX TV shows. 1) Deliver Me From LL Bean: Now this sweater on it’s own is very not good but on Kurt it is so very good. A fashion look from February 2012 featuring white blouse, Neon Hart and skinny jeans. Tina, Mercedes and Kurt plan out the night before and bake Quinn a Earl Grey cake. And all of this spread out on Blaine bed while he nibbles at his fingers… yes good, very good. Discovered by Asja . Fox. He really brings out the best in that school uniform. Oh, yeah, and there was that other time he wore it you might remember…  Pretty sure the boners were at that convo as well. In fact, you can almost keep track of her character arc throughout by checking out what she's wearing in a given scene! Acne Normandie Mono Sweater - £160.00, Kurt Hummel from glee. Do you smell like apples and cinnamon? every kurt hummel outfit: 3x01 the purple piano project, every kurt hummel outfit: 1x18 laryngitis, every kurt hummel outfit: 2x03 grilled cheesus, every kurt hummel outfit: 5x02 tina in the sky with diamonds, every kurt hummel outfit: 5x04 a katy or a gaga, every kurt hummel outfit: 3x17 dance with somebody, every kurt hummel outfit: 1x15 the power of madonna, Kurt Hummel’s Top 5 Sexiest Sweaters: Turtleneck Edition, Kurt Hummel’s Top 5 Sexiest Sweaters: Fashion Has No Gender Edition, More Sleepover Headcanons: Quinn’s Thanksgiving Birthday Edition (3/? It doesn’t even need his “the boy is mine” smirk, that is just extra on top of all the hunky fill out Kurt is serving up. Also, covering as much as possible because he and Blaine have been using those visas to visit south of the equator for two and a half episodes now and that skin is probably very marked up. I’m not actually sure if this is a turtleneck or a really intense cowl neck but either way it is radical and Kurt totally rocks this. This sweater pulls off two moods: springtime hotness and gorgeous sadness. every kurt hummel outfit: 2x06 never been kissed. Signature Kurt tall boots & shorts paired with this breezy peek-a-boo distressed cardigan. Buy designer clothing & accessories and get Free Shipping & Returns in USA. During its six-year run Glee was a cultural phenomenon; not only was the show a hit, but Glee also spawned an international tour, multiple best-selling albums, and a theatrically released concert film. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. She loves them all. they really popped off in the wardrobe department there, maybe i cried while getting caps for this ep, re-watching glee and yes hi this is a good outfit, the first one is my FAVOURITE kurt outfit, happy october happy spooky szn from tinas skull dress in the first one, trying to get caps for give up the funk was interesting , also that second one is literally the only shot of tina in that scene i think, i wanna see what her hair is skdjfasljfslkdjf i wanna see her outfit smh, this season has some of the best kurt looks i’m so excited, okay i know it’s actually rumors but fuck that, also sorry you guys have to see brittany and kurt making out that’s just the only shot where you can see his whole outfit, there were almost too many kurt looks this ep, also there’s one outfit missing because tumblr only lets me post so many photos but i’ll add it in the notes, honestly at this point this series is just for me, also i’m just waiting to get to the s3 and 4 kurt outfits.


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