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-Anyone who is over the age of 18 with a valid driver’s license can drive the boat. When I go houseboating with my family, there’s a wide range of ages aboard: everyone from toddlers to parents in their 50s. But of course I believe that houseboat meals, at Lake Powell, always taste best. Look for this info under the Policies section for each houseboat. The Lake Powell houseboat rental should provide one, but it’s better to have more than one in case a gust of wind takes away your map. There are three options for meal planning: Do-It-Yourself Meals, Grocery Delivery Program, and Chef on Board Program (available only for houseboats departing from Wahweap Marina). To see how exactly we use cookies, Overview of Lake Powell Houseboat Rentals, Lake Powell House Boat Rentals Basic Information, How much for Lake Powell Houseboat Rentals, Lake Powell houseboat rentals: On the Water, Places to Visit on your Lake Powell houseboat Rental, What to pack for your Lake Powell Houseboat Rental, book a tour to Antelope Canyon in advance here. Don’t do it. The only houseboat with a washer & dryer is our 75-ft Odyssey. Take a peek at their expert tips below: At Lake Powell, there is an incredibly diverse range of sites to see and activities to do while houseboating. This is important to have any of the adults over 18 to listen to if they plan on driving the boat. It works like this. Before leaving the marina a staff member of the Lake Powell houseboat rentals will teach you how to operate the boat. NOTE: Each houseboat has an assigned block of time for pick-up and return. Lake Powell Marina at Wahweap offers 3 distinct Meals on Board options, ranging from the convenience of grocery delivery to the luxury of a private chef. Note: If you want to visit Antelope Canyon, the iconic photo spot, you have to do so by going on a tour. Consider your houseboat your base camp and use your small craft for water adventure activities and exploring. (Your mileage may vary! This was one of my biggest concerns as we brought a lot of groceries and it felt like we would be living on a waste barge if there was nowhere to drop off trash somewhere throughout the week. Some people assign a “head chef” who buys all the food and coordinates all the meals. -Some Lake Powell houseboat rentals are as little as 3 days up to 7 full days. And if you don’t have a powerboat, be sure to rent one! There were over 200 people and they were stuck and spent 45 days blasting a hole in the rock, hence the name, to make a passageway for their horses, wagons, and people which you can still see today. A pair of binoculars makes seeing the buoys easier. This is the most essential thing you need for a Lake Powell House Boat rental, actually having a boat. Luckily, there are trash compactors and collectors at the various marinas throughout Lake Powell. Wahweap is the largest Lake Powell houseboat rental marina and also offers a resort if you come in a day early or are exhausted when you get off the boat and need a place to stay before driving/flying home. So while I’m happy to be part of the crew when I’m with my family, I take charge with my friends. Can you overload your houseboat? I buy the food; they pay me back. For the Chef on Board Program, a private chef will be standing by in a separate houseboat, ready to prepare your favorite dish. But that also means getting away from the convenience of having a store right down the street. You might feel like being in full vacation mode. RE-OPENING UPDATES: Please read for the latest information, click here. We encourage you to view our training video and safety videos prior to arriving the marina. ; Bullfrog Marina- Probably the second largest marina (next to Wahweap) and located about an hour away from Hanksville, Utah and is across from the Halls … Haven't figured out which part of Lake Powell to explore? Once meals are assigned in advance, there’s less chance of anyone forgetting anything. So it’s important to pack carefully so you can focus on having fun! Both crushed and block ice is for sale on the dock in 10-pound bags. 75-ft Odyssey Houseboat. Your food. As you might have guessed, this service isn’t inexpensive. I’ll do the shopping in advance. See what we've put in place. and easily explored with your Lake Powell houseboat rental. While anything is possible, the typical family will not overload our typical houseboat. If you need to get to Wahweap Marina you’re the closest city is Page, Arizona which has flights coming in from Phoenix and Denver on Great Lakes Airlines unless you have a private plane. This way you will have some water if you forgot to fill up your bottle before heading out. This is so important! There are private landing strips at Page, AZ; Bullfrog, UT; and Halls Crossing, UT. Sign up to stay in the know about Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas. Each cooler can hold about two bags of block ice and seven to eight bags of crushed ice. Besides the obvious groceries and personal toiletries you’d take on any trip away from home we put together a mini guide of things you’ll want to make sure you also bring that are easy to forget but are essential to have during your Lake Powell houseboat rental. uses  Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which is an affiliate program allowing us to make little bits of money by linking to Amazon or it’s affiliate partners at no extra cost to you. There are over 2,000 miles of coastline and secluded sandy coves to uncover plus, the flexible itinerary and privacy are something you will crave. If that works for you, fine. They dig the anchors. We were very cautious and only got burned on one day, but were so thankful we brought a bottle of aloe for that time. There are four main marinas where you can launch your boat into Lake Powell:. The Escalante Arm River is perfect for kayakers and Forgotten Canyon is one of the most unique spots you can visit from your Lake Powell houseboat rental as it has 700-year-old ruins built into the rock walls you can hike to with ancient wall murals! Make sure you have a first aid kit for those minor cuts and injuries. There are different models of boats that hold different capacities of people and the prices dramatically change during peak season. Your boat will have a full but tight space kitchen, so you can take advantage of it. Whether you’re with all adults or you have kids it’s important to bring some games for entertainment in the evenings! You will want to look for a place to camp and park your boat for the next night, or two, or three depending on what you find. Then you’ve got your meals all ready to go. A Complete Guide of What to do in Kathmandu, Your Complete Guide to Things to do in Krakow, A Complete Guide for Where to Stay in Prague, A Complete Guide for Where to Stay in Singapore, Complete Guide to the Best Day Trips from Reykjavik, A Complete Guide to the Best Things to do in Finger Lakes NY, This site uses cookies to enhance your experience and to make it load faster. Lake Powell houseboat rental will cost. Yes, we highly recommend that you either rent or bring a powerboat or personal watercraft. During the off-season, you can expect prices to be about half of that. Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas does not allow pets on the 75’ Odyssey, 75’ Excursion, 62’ Journey or the 54’ Escape houseboat. Items you don’t want to forget include: sleeping bags, beach towels, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, seasonal and comfy clothing. When the water levels are higher you can take your small speedboat or jet ski right under the archway. We always have one when we are on a boat in case of an emergency you can throw your electronics, passport, and other important documents in it. which you’re most likely going to pass through on your way to your camping spot. It doesn’t sound quite fair, does it? Everyone pitches in to clean up after meals, so the place is nice and tidy if we want to watch a movie at night. … This is where having a jet ski or a speedboat comes in handy to go ahead fast and find a spot. Book Now | Compare Prices for Later | Read TripAdvisor Reviews. Videos, Travel Insurance Don’t forget condiments, snacks, and so on. We go through the steps of how to book and plan your Lake Powell houseboat rental in this guide to help make planning your trip a breeze. We have more than houseboats here at Wahweap. | FIRE RESTRICTIONS are currently in place. There is a Request for Assistance card onboard your houseboat that can be filled out and given to boaters passing by in the event that marine radio or cell phone communication is not available.


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