leman russ tank point cost
Pity it's loyal, as it would probably be Gorzod's #1 looted tank otherwise. Generally its not a bad idea for most decks to have a couple of big hitters for the endgame, and in AM the options are limited. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The only "removal" effect I can think of is Sicarus' Chosen, which is more a "moving" effect rather than a "removal" but it can still have the same effect given when it's played (so your point stands). Leman Russ Battle Tank Type: Army Unit Faction: Astra Militarum Cost: 5 Attack Value: 4 Hit Points: 6 Command Icons: 4 Signature/Loyalty: Loyal Icon Traits: Vehicle. Yes, Klaivex ruins its day, but Klaivex ruins everyone's day. The Noman were crushed by the Space Wolves, who recovered the STC and named its fruit in the honor of their Primarch. “What I cannot crush with words, I will crush with the tanks of the Imperial Guard!” -Lord Solar Macharius But they won’t be the go-to place for new players to buy from. LOL! The world had been part of the Noman civilization, which had enslaved a portion of humanity for millennia. The Defence Force comes out at about 440 points if it is used in the following way; You can shrink that down by not taking a Command Squad or taking Mortars instead Missile Launchers. It is a lot to splash out on a new army and it also gives you 30 models to build and paint in one go. You will get many head, weapon and arm options though. Their biggest weakness is cheap removal. Tank. Tiny bit surprised this is Loyal, just for flavor reasons. Not cheap at all. Of course, that's when I crush my opponent's spirit by playing Fall Back! Numerous sub-patterns mounted a wide … Characters are a bit hit and miss too. But go for it. You currently have javascript disabled. Check out the. Yes, it's definitely a thing that two guys with 2 command are easier to deploy flexibly than one guy with 4, but there aren't that many 2-hammer units (edit: for 2 cost, I mean), and there are NO 3 hammer units that are cheaper than the Leman Russ. Assault Valkyrie is cheaper than this, and just as durable and fighty, but its those extra command icons that can often make a difference. However, if we ignore possible combos, the Leman Russ is the most solid of the 3 just due to its versatility, but the other 2 can at least be augmented somehow. It also doesn't help that IG have the Valkyrie, which is actually better than the Russ in combat in most situations and costs one less. If you want to play a certain way; be it tanks, mechanised infantry, artillery or flyers then that’s your limiting factor, rather than cost. I'm surprised by how unpopular this card has been. Error: comments were not loaded, please refresh and try again. During the Great Crusade the STC of the Leman Russ Battle Tank was discovered on Nova Borilia. And we can only assume Games Workshop has thoroughly thought this through to make it a desirable purchase. You can get a decent amount of infantry from eBay and for a lot less than £2 per Guardsmen – it is possible to get them around £1 per model. Seems like a reasonable trade, no? I've seen the tank draw fire from a lot of other units before and help win battles even as it goes down in flames from drawing three attacks. Over double the cost per point from a Defence Force. If diving in headfirst is not your thing then maybe the Defence Force is not for you. The main data point is Cost per Point. Regarding its value, the two most similar units that I can think of are the Goff Nob (0/6/6) and the Deathwing Guard (4/2/9) since the both share a stat with the Leman Russ and both don't have extra abilities. I've never had it die and not have it's cost's worth of kills in. You can't really compare it to something like the Crisis suits, because they can take an Ion Rifle for a 6/5 Mobile Warlord hunter. The problem with the Russ is that it's a generalist, which the game doesn't really suit. As an attack unit with just 1 hammer, it would only be overcosted by 1. I do think we'll eventually get a tanky IG Warlord, or cards that make # of command icons matter more, and that's when the Russ might get it's chance to shine. As a command unit, they are one of the most efficient cost-per-hammer units in the game. I know that Corteaz likes cheap units he can eat, but toward the end game it's hard to find a big unit to counter against your opponent. There will probably be an ork version made later on... painted red so it will get mobility. And a regular Chimera is 34p per point on its own – again more than 25p per point from the Defence Force box. I did write about eBay Astra Militarum Tips some time ago and these still hold true now. I like a copy of Leman Russ in my Coteaz as a finisher/Y'varn target, and it's surprising how often those hammers do actually make a difference. data you need to know to use the Leman. After looking into the various units out there and their costs plus the Start Collecting Box and the Cadian/Catachan Defence Force – the Defence Force is by far the best starting point for 450 points – and beyond. And if those aforementioned Terminators charge your tank, spend a Command Point on Defensive Gunners and hope your plasma cannons evaporate the lot of them before they make it in. Try it I've been playing with one as a wild card in my Coteaz setup for some months now and it's nice to have when the game draws towards the final battles or if the opponent feels smug in triggering Y'varn in the confidence that Coteaz usually doesn't have a heavy hitter for that, just like you pointed out. 3/5. It is pretty flexible. Going back to my Google Sheet you can hopefully see that taking Leman Russ is the cheapest option for cost per point. Fluff-wise, it's iconic, and as far as value for resources spent, I think it's definitely at or above the power curve. It's not a soldier for Straken, and it's too expensive for Coteaz who wants as many of his units as possible to be expendable sacrifice-fodder. I would argue that the 4 command trumps the +2 attack the Nobs have, however if it's being played late game (like it most likely is) then it doesn't hugely matter, meaning the extra attack is more useful, especially given the possibility of Brutal and Cybork Body. No Wargear Attachments. I wonder if in the later set the Leman Russ would get it other variant such as the Punisher, Exterminator e.t.c. Which we certainly don’t want. However at least removal in Conquest is relatively rare and relatively expensive - in most cases (with 2 notable exceptions) actually being pretty close to reasonable. Land Raider has -1 hammer, -1 ATK, +1 HP, and a sort of useful ability. The idea of Astra Militarum on a Budget came from the live chat on this blog – thanks, whoever you are! A Commissar is really costly at 94p per point, but Yarrick is a steal at 15p per point. Leman Russ in Broderick is a little silly. The number of variants, along with the maximum number of rare variants, is listed in the“units” column. Even if you only consider a card to be worth 1 resource, then Leman Russ ties the 2-for-2's for command efficiency. And while 1C5R for 4 hammers is more prone to avoidance or removal than 2C4R for 2 guys with 2 hammers each, those 2 guys are more prone to AE or pings than the 6 HP tank. (I had a hard time finding comparable units other than the terrible Squig Herd, because most 4 cost units aren't simply a beat stick, and none of them are really a command unit - most of them have funky things going on, or at least Range, making them hard to compare.). Does it affect Nurgling Bomb or just force you to choose the damage?). Aren't the Orks renowned for stealing these things? Leman Russ Vanquisher Squadron (2x LRV w/ Lascannon) - 340 Points Leman Russ Executioner Squadron (2x LRE w/ Plasma Cannon Sponsons) - 460 Points As I said before, this isn't supposed to be anything super powerful and it certainly isn't min/maxed; it is mostly to have fun with a mass of tanks like classic IG . +1 ATK and immunity to Archon's Terror at a green planet, or just as a unit that doesn't really need the ATK boost and can hold a non-green planet barring routing effects. This tank wins command struggles easily and can REALLY mess with your opponent in the realm of threat evaluation. Does it affect Nurgling Bomb or just force you to choose the damage?). I'm thinking about adding 2 Lemans in my Corteaz deck, and with 3x Muster I can have a good chance to playing it for 4 instead of 5. Tank platoons and squadrons may be comprised of different Leman Russ variants. There are of course changes in price not only across stores but also across countries. Really suprised the Leman Russ ended up being designed like this. I tried running 2 copies out of Coteaz as a finisher, just after I got the promo art Leman Russes, and I was surprised at how important those command hammers were, and just how happy I was to see Leman Russ in my hand during the endgame. I assure you I am real and I’m not a Machine Spirit living in this blog. If you buy a box of ten Cadians you will get ten sets of legs and (I think) ten bodies. Because of that and abilities that are not that relevant because it's a late drop. If you can source some legs and bodies on eBay or online sellers that stock bits or from friends then you can use the leftover bits from your kits to make full Guardsmen! Those cards can do something other than be a big stick. I agree that it suffers a little from being a generalist, but I think it has several things going for it that will allow it to be a star with Worr. Assuming you went down this route and went for 2 Leman Russ; a Tank Commander and a regular Leman Russ, you still have about 200 points to fill. I think I'm going to start playing Leman Russ when Broderick Worr comes out. So I’ll aim for some variation to produce a legal and a fun list. Any point limit I set is a bit ambiguous. Whether a Worr deck has space for it, however, remains to be seen. This is handy to do as it gives you the odd extra Guardsmen to equip with a spare Flamer or Vox-Caster you have laying about. The Leman Russ battle tank was first developed some time during the Great Crusade in the late 30th Millennium, but most of the information about the vehicle from that ancient time is missing or non-existent. The lack of either AoE or Ranged is sad. Of course it's sweet under the influence of a barrage as well. If we're going to talk augmentation I'd say Preemptive Barrage is usually better than all of the above, and actually very likely to happen. When a card is remade a couple of years later, you know there is a problem. Again, well done on this box Games Workshop. , Aug 12 2014 03:08 AM | Last updated Aug 12 2014 03:08 AM. Not cheap at all. The monetary cost stays the same for you but you have multiple build options per unit in the above three examples. However, add on a command icon, and it's at least playable right? No AoE (wtf?) Barring a Klaivex the opponent is going to have a tough time dealing with it. This is very low compared to units on their own. However, while I find the Leman Russ fun to play, it rarely is a game-changer per se. Sponsons vary between 20 and 40 points and should always be chosen to compliment the main armament of the vehicle, if at all. Worr is the new Zarathur, who makes the other 2 warlords in his faction look bad by comparison. But this should not matter within the context of this article. If you can get Leman Russ new for 25p a point and Guardsmen for 25p a point then you can slowly build up your tanks and infantry at a similar rate. Each variant taken adds to the cost of the formation or upgrade. Cost: Leman Russ tanks are cheap, ranging from 150 points for the standard model through to 190 for an Executioner. A box of ten Cadians can be 40 points or 60 points. Elite. I made a Google Sheet (which you can view and copy) to compare all the main units for the Astra Militarum. Land Raider's ability is actually pretty great. A Tank Commander and 3 Leman Russ tanks minimum, to 2 Tank Commanders and 18 Leman Russ tanks in a single Spearhead Detachment, and all of them having Objective Secured! But still it could have ranged or something instead of so many command points.


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