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Dry, sunny weather, the kind that helps cut hay dry easily in the field. The main vehicle is the half-hour television sitcom Letterkenny, which can be streamed on Crave in Canada and on Hulu in the United States. Appetizer, i.e. Shoresy's catchphrase. a pass that leads to a goal (, An impressive hockey shot where the puck hits the bottom of the crossbar and shoots down into the net, often sounding a ping in the process (, Hockey slang, a holdover from when minor league and community rinks resembled actual barns on farms, Trash talking; steady insults directed at opposing players to unnerve or distract them; instigating a verbal altercation. (Sauce me a sauce pass and I'll sauce you a stretch ass), A rookie on the hockey team, especially a poor-performing or disliked one (, Cocaine or uncut caffeine powder for snorting (, Atlantic fish, think of comparisons of female anatomy to tuna. The "lamp" refers to the flashing red light and siren behind the the goal that go off when a goal is scored. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ; to leave nothing but dust (t, A benchwarmer, a player who sits and collects dust, "For the Boys," doing something for the team, Long hair that "flows" out of the helmet (, From the term used in acrobatics and diving for a reverse rotation while moving forward. Also from the first episode "Give your balls a tug, make sure they're still attached.". Nicknames, euphemisms, or alternative terms that have been used on Letterkenny; many of these terms have been mentioned only once, in passing. Judo flip – a core exercise using a cable machine, in which the cable is held over the shoulder and pulled by bending around, as if performing a judo flip. 18. The series began as a YouTube web series titled Letterkenny Problems, and it was commissioned as a television series by Crave in March 2015. But some people have no idea what they actually mean. Letterkenny Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Concentration curl – a bicep exercise in which the lifter, seated on a bench, curls a dumbbell from between the legs until it is shoulder level, keeping the upper arm stationary, then returns it. r/Letterkenny: Letterkenny consists of hicks, skids, hockey players and Christians. u/msiekkinen. Letterkenny is a comedy franchise created by Jared Keeso about the fictional Ontario farming community of Letterkenny—and the constant feuding of its hicks, skids, hockey players, and more. an up-ice pass where the receiver must look behind himself toward the passer, thus leaving him vulnerable to a check from the opposing team up-ice (, A crisp stick-to-stick pass, i.e. Passing the puck forward to an attacking teammate (, From the sense of sucking something up like a Hoover vacuum cleaner, French name used as the first part of the name of virtually all male members of Les Hiques; adapted into nicknames for the Hicks, i.e. ", The top of the net, or a shot that goes in the goal off or right below the crossbar, Console video game EA Sports NHL, or playing it (, Trash talking; steady insults directed at opposing players to unnerve or distract them (, To skate a puck all the way from one end of the ice to the other (. Close grip EZ bar curl with band - a bicep exercise performed standing, with the EZ curl bar attached to a fixture using an elastic band. Cocktail made from Clamato (or other caesar mix of tomato juice and clam broth), vodka, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce, served on the rocks. a 10-4 as big as Texas, Having sex (You throwing a lot of hip lately?). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The first original series commissioned by Canadian video-on-demand service Crave, Letterkenny is now in its seventh season, having earned critical praise and a cult following for its sharp dialog, profane humour, and homages to Canadian culture. (, Initially a campaign slogan for Wayne running against McMurray at the Ag Hall, it has become an all-purpose acknowledgment of McMurray's creepiness, drunken behavior, macho tendencies, and numerous other shortcomings, Faking illness to avoid playing a game at, Self-explanatory expressing of extreme disappointment, specifically distinguished from a mere “No!”, Breathless acknowledgment of Bonnie McMurray's great beauty; also used on occasion to acknowledge her kindness, and at least once to express dismay at her interest in the hockey players' sexual proclivities, Understated expression of discomfort or acknowledgement of something going wrong, A skilled player with "silky smooth" moves (, A useless hockey player, one who is nothing but a target. Standing one-arm bicep curl over incline bench – a bicep curl done standing behind an incline bench with the upper arm rested against it, palm facing up. Don't post spoilers in the title of your post; Don't comment on non-spoiler posts without using spoiler "code" >!Your Text Here!< Two-arm barbell wide grip preacher curl - a curl performed at a preacher bench with the arms gripping the barbell wider than the shoulders. Stop wasting time; get to the point; stop talking and start doing, hurry up, etc. You’re here means you already know what Letterkenny is. Hockey slang. Letterkenny is a Canadian comedy franchise created by Jared Keeso about the zany residents of the fictional Ontario farming community of Letterkenny—hicks, skids, hockey players, and more. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . The Royal Canadian Legion, a veterans organization for former members of the Canadian military, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and other police. This list focuses on terms used by multiple characters or on multiple occasions. So here is the A-Z list of all Letterkenny slang words with their meaning. The areas the goalie must cover are numbered: Glove side high is 1, glove side low is 2, stick side high is 3, stick side low is 4, leaving the 5 hole. Lying close grip bar curl on high pulley – a bicep exercise done on a pulley machine in which the lifter, reclining on a bench, curls the bar down towards the head. Ferda is hockey player slang, referring to doing something for the boys or for the team. V-Bar tricep pushdown – a tricep pushdown performed with a V-bar; the lifter stands in front of the high pulley machine, grips the V-bar overhand, and pushes down on the bar, then returns it, keeping the upper arms stationary. Although often mentioned, neither the local hall nor any of its members have been depicted on the show. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=op%20shop, From biscuits to wristers, a guide to hockey speak, https://letterkenny.fandom.com/wiki/Slang_Terms?oldid=3598. https://discord.gg/EXnXGJz. How 'soft' someone is—5 times as much as 2 ply toilet paper. Cable rope overhead tricep extension – a tricep exercise using a pulley machine, in which the lifter, facing away from the pulley, grips the handle and holds it above his or her head, then slowly lowers it behind the head. 1 year ago. Archived. Superset – a strength training regimen in which the lifter moves from one exercise to another without resting in between. Rules 1. Potato chips flavored with barbecue, ketchup, sour cream and onion, and salt and vinegar. Men who have had sex with the same woman, on different occasions. Term of endearment for a talented and well-liked hockey player (, Staying with a host family when traveling during the season, common in junior hockey, the. See separate sections for terms related to sex, drugs, or gym terms. W5 is an investigative journalism show in Canada. There are so many weirdly hilarious words slang terms in Letterkenny. Asking what someone means or why they are doing something. https://letterkenny.fandom.com/wiki/Letterkenny_Wikia?oldid=3523. dirty dangles are even more impressive moves. Letterkenny is a Canadian television sitcom created by Jared Keeso, developed and written primarily by Keeso and Jacob Tierney, directed by Tierney, and starring Keeso alongside Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, and K. Trevor Wilson. An interjection denoting excitement or being caught off-guard, Popularized by and most frequently attributed to, Anabolic steroids - A-bombs, anti-hero, gear, gym candy, juice, roids, sauce, Cocaine - booger sugar, devil's dandruff, nose beers, schneef, stripper salt, uptown, Marijuana - assassin of youth, dank, dutch, electric lettuce, johnny red-eye, keef, pot, MDMA - the beans, bombers, dancin' shoes, disco biscuits, E, e-bombs, ecstasy, hug drug, (don't say) molly, roly-poly, Magic mushrooms - boomers, cracker stackers, simple simon, zoomers, Methamphetamines - the beans, bombers, meth, Copulation – take down, throwing hip, toe-curling, Erection - boner, home wrecker, lap rocket, red rocket, glizzy, stiffy, Homosexual (male) – backdoor bandit, bum bumper, Donald Trump of rump, donut puncher, knob jockey, Oklahomo, pipe fitter, rear admiral, uphill gardener, Masturbation (female solo) – Flicking bean, diddle my skittle, Masturbation (male solo) – batching (from "mixing a batch"), beating the bishop, dishonourable discharge, distributing free literature, feeding the ducks, feeding the geese, firing wristers, hand-to-gland combat, making a bald man puke, mixing a batch, playing five-on-one, playing one-man couch hockey in the dark, pulling your horn, Masturbation (mutual) – glover, handjob, handy, squeezer. Vagina - box, furry cup, snapper, front bum, mitt. One arm cable curl – A standing bicep curl using the cable machine. There are so many weirdly hilarious words slang terms in Letterkenny. Some bodybuilders prefer to skip Leg Day so that their upper body will appear particularly large and muscular in proportion to their legs; Reilly, Jonsey, Dax and Ron are frequent skippers of Leg Day and have even developed a social networking site for Leg Day skippers to hook up. Slang Terms The Letterkenny and Letterkenny Problems dialogue makes extensive use of slang, including many words and phrases from ice hockey or general Canadian or rural usage. Skilled stick-handling on the ice, and by extension elsewhere; refers to dangling the puck in front to distract players from body movements during maneuvering. Skull crusher – a.k.a. The spotter lifts an increasing percentage of the weight in later reps, allowing the lifter to complete the set. It lies on the River Swilly in East Donegal and has a population of 19,274. Letterkenny (Irish: Leitir Ceanainn, meaning "hillside of the O'Cannons" [ˈl̠ʲɛtʲəɾʲ ˈcanˠən̪ˠ]), nicknamed "the Cathedral Town", is the largest and most populous town in County Donegal, Ireland. Penis – bobby dangler, chutney ferret, custard slinger, dink, disco stick, friendly weapon, ground squirrel, hard drive/floppy disk, hollow point, horn, impaler, joystick, love muscle, middle stump, PhD, sticky grenade, pork sword, WMD. Standing dumbbell reverse spider curl – An arm and shoulder exercise where the dumbbells are reverse curled while the lifter is leaned on a preacher bench, instead of an incline bench. The Letterkenny and Letterkenny Problems dialogue makes extensive use of slang, including many words and phrases from ice hockey or general Canadian or rural usage. How to: Watch Letterkenny • Contribute to This Wiki, Jared Keeso of Letterkenny explains 10-ply and other slang, Letterkenny Season 1 Behind The Scenes - Unique Voice.


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