los viagras cartel

When it comes to the question of whether or not the Viagras are a criminal group, El Gordo breaks character for the first time in the interview. Mexico's National Guard found a homemade tank that had been reportedly abandoned by Los Viagras, a cartel that was born out of a self-defense group created in 2014. Large groups of gunmen using high-powered weapons including .50 caliber rifles, explosives, and armored vehicles take part in the regular clashes that often result in dozens of casualties. La Tuta was captured in February of 2015, and many of his fellow capos were either killed or incarcerated at about the same time. There is no electricity on the beach, so diesel generators gang all day and night to los the air conditioners that customers demand. They assault people and steal cars and kidnap for ransom.

“If we did give up our guns,” he asks, “how long do you think it would take for [our enemies] to kill us all?”. Radio journalist González has an even simpler solution: “The best way to fight crime in Michoacán,” she says, “is with employment.”. The recent appearance of narcomantas (cartel banners) across the state have made it clear that Templar offspring like La Nueva Familia, as well as rival groups of vigilantes—are also targeting the Viagras. “Now there might be 100 [barrels] at a time.”. The Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG) members burned the man’s face off as a way to mock his nickname, “Ghost Rider.” The gory act of torture took place over the weekend near the town of Tepalcatepec, Michoacán where the CJNG is fighting against factions of Los Viagras and La Familia, known as Carteles Unidos. UK records 20,018 new Covid cases - 12% FEWER than last Tuesday - but fatalities rise 8% from last week to 397, after Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance were forced to defend their '4,000 deaths a day' dossier, Is a Covid-19 vaccine coming at the start of December? “During the war against the Templarios I was always on the front lines, always in the center of the fighting—and I made a lot of enemies. Michoacán is a rich land—so why is there so much poverty here? GPs are 'told to prepare to give jabs to over-85s and... Moonshot testing of millions 'will fail unless 14-day quarantine rule for contacts is relaxed' because... We didn't mean to scare you: Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance defend their '4,000 deaths a day'... M&S shoppers can book timed slots to do their food shop as new lockdown looms - while Primark boss demands... TONY BLAIR: How we can - and MUST- make this the last lockdown Britain has to face.

Since the capture of Joaquín “Chapo” Guzmán, back in January, El Gordo has become one of the most wanted men in Mexico. “In two months I could stabilize the state, if they let me,” the self-avowed vigilante waves his expensive pistol emphatically, but “the government is very close to certain drug trafficking groups.”. Breitbart Texas confirmed that at least 20 died during the three days of shootouts that followed. After seeing their early successes, the Mexican government got on board as well, funding the militias and using them to run point for field operations against the cartel.

Editor’s Note: Breitbart Texas traveled to the Mexican States of Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Nuevo León, and other areas to recruit citizen journalists willing to risk their lives and expose the cartels silencing their communities. The group was once a paramilitary wing of the much-feared Knights Templar cartel, working as an enforcer squad under the direct command of crime lord Servando “La Tuta” (The Teacher) Gómez. Fue abatido un presunto narcotraficante identificado como el Cácaro, quien supuestamente era jefe de plaza del Cártel de los Viagras en el municipio de Z He’s got a full beard, a dry handshake, and a sly, one-side-of-the-mouth-only smile.
Since ordinary citizens first began fighting back against the drug gangs in this part of the country, in 2013, several other anti-cartel militia leaders have been wrongly imprisoned on trumped up charges. El Gordo’s old cartel—which also doubled as a quasi-religious death cult—became so powerful in Michoacán that they eventually brought on their own downfall. HENRY DEEDES: Boorish Don was like a child with his bottom lip dragging, Meghan Markle 'voted early by mail in the 2020 election' source claims - after she and Prince Harry sparked fury by breaking royal tradition and wading publicly into US politics, United States Postal Service FAILS to meet deadline set by judge to sweep facilities and deliver final mail ballots, 'Losing is never easy. About 12 miles down the road from the plaza a narrow dirt road cuts off into the dry tropical forest. The video was allegedly recorded following three days of gun battles in the nearby town of El Aguaje. Before you take your leave of the outlaw leader, you ask him what he thinks is the solution to the violent crime still plaguing Michoacán. arge groups of gunmen using high-powered weapons including .50 caliber rifles, explosives, and armored vehicles take part in the regular clashes that often result in dozens of casualties.

“The Viagras don’t have any nexus with organized crime,” he says. If ministers don't know the rules what hope is there for the public? “I don’t want to have to wear a pistol all the time. Most of the raw material for making meth used to come from China, entering Michoacán through the Pacific city of Lázaro Cárdenas—Mexico’s largest shipping port—but an increase in Chinese regulations has choked off the supply. After the clashes, gunmen from CJNG captured a leader with Carteles Unidos who went by the nickname Ghost Rider.

The then-chief of the Michoacán state police approached Los Viagras in 2015 for help in taking down the leader of Los Caballeros Templarios cartel. According to local media outlets, the souped-up vehicle was abandoned in the Apatzingán neighborhood of San José de Chila by Los Viagras, a criminal organization which formed in 2014 as a self-defense group. “I don’t blame him—I blame his followers.”. “As long as I have my freedom, every day is a gift.”. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The alleged cartel chieftain adds that his men maintain a sophisticated surveillance system that includes monitoring police and military radio frequencies.

“The Viagras are vigilantes, and maybe they’ve committed wrongful acts under the name of fighting crime—but that doesn’t make them criminals themselves. Mother reveals her turmoil after her ex dropped off the WRONG baby to her home after taking care of his two... Cleaned out! The townsfolk are all farmers, most of whom work in the nearby lime and mango orchards. He tells me he recently watched the film Cartel Land—and even brags about having participated in the production of the Oscar-nominated documentary—but was disappointed with the final results, which he saw as painting an unfairly negative picture of the vigilante movement. When state authorities do acknowledge the fighting, they undercount or simply do not report the number of deaths. Others in Michoacán take a dimmer view of the Viagras’ handiwork: “If they’re carrying weapons illegally—doesn’t that by definition make them criminals?” says Lydia González, a radio host in the state capital of Morelia, who’s been covering the crime beat in Michoacán for three decades.
Members of Mexico's National Guard investigate a pickup truck that was converted into a homemade war tank and abandoned in the western state of Michoacán, The souped-up vehicle was fortified with multiple sheets of steel that protected it from bullets and shrapnel. Then the taxi pulls away, and you’re left standing there alone. Election fever! When they realized their old boss’s days were numbered, the Viagras flipped sides, joining the nascent autodefensas (self-defense groups). Multiple sources in Apatzingán and the surrounding communities have told you they see Los Viagras as heroes—valiant freedom fighters brave enough to take on both local cartels and a corrupt state government. UK records 20,018 new Covid cases - 12% FEWER than last Tuesday - but... Is a Covid-19 vaccine coming at the start of December? “Why don’t you go investigate the [authorities’] charges against me for yourself?”. The Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG) members burned the man’s face off as a way to mock his nickname, “Ghost Rider.”. But the gang quickly moved into the drug trade business themselves. Today the group remains entangled in a war with the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, Mexico's fastest growing criminal syndicate, over control of the Tierra Caliente region, which covers the states of Michoacán, Guerrero and State of Mexico.

El Chapo appeals his life sentence claiming trial was unfair... Mexican military fighter jets intercepted twin engine plane... 'This is my son, Beau, who a lot of you helped elect to the Senate': Joe makes his worst gaffe yet by... America (and the world) holds its breath: Millions vote to deliver their verdict on the most divisive ever... Meghan Markle 'voted early by mail in the 2020 election' source claims - after she and Prince Harry sparked... United States Postal Service FAILS to meet deadline set by judge to sweep facilities and deliver remaining... 'Losing is never easy. “I’d like to have a normal life,” El Gordo says. The police in Mexico—and especially in Michoacán—are famously dirty, often acting on behalf of criminal groups. “We don’t run labs.

“If I had enough money to pay off the government,” Sierra says, “they wouldn’t be hunting for me now.”. The only reason they seem to have so much support [in the community] is because people are afraid to speak out against them.”.

Gordo Sierra is seated in a plastic lawn chair beside one of the brush-laden campfires, bathing in greenwood smoke to ward off mosquitos. Mexico National Guard troops confiscated a deadly cartel's homemade tank which was equipped to withstand bullets and shrapnel. Both criminal organizations want control of drug production and transit routes from the Pacific coast into central and northern Mexico to the U.S. border. “Now they want to persecute us.”, According to El Gordo, the government’s crackdown on its former vigilante allies is actually fomenting violence in the region. And yet, during two weeks spent trying to track El Gordo down, you’ve heard many conflicting tales about the Viagras and their jefe.


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