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Bat Benefits If you are shopping for a USSSA player participating in the 13U division, then … Alright. (You’ll need to shop around a bit to find a deal). USSSA Solo’s aren’t as popular as composite barrels do better there. But, the 2020 USA Solo will still be very popular as it brings that same aluminum, light swing and price point to the table. July 3, 2020 | by Bat Digest Review Team | @BatDigest. We’ve got several different Solo models, with varying barrel sizes, lengths and weight drops, meaning there are perfect options for all types of players. In BBCOR and USA it didn’t matter what type of hitter picked it up they immediately notice how light the swing feels. Bat Digest is reader-supported. When USA released in 2018 Slugger’s Solo dominated the space. Do note, however, the 2020 Prime in USSSA drop 10 swings lighter than the Solo (close to 5% lighter). The end cap extends into the barrel to help reduce end cap weight while keeping the bat durable. The majority of growing baseball players are in this category. You see so many different bats, could you give us your top 3 in a 1 piece, and top 3 in a composite? Easton Speed in any year. Louisville Slugger is committed to achieving Level AA conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and achieving compliance with other accessibility standards. Our hitters could tell no difference by holding them, but do know Slugger is committed to the Solo being a light swinging BBCOR bat. Here are our picks. The Pro Comfort Grip means less hand fatigue and an unrivaled feel. 11 out of 11 results. On October 20th, the 2017 Louisville Slugger 617 Solo was released. Bigger BBCOR hitters aren’t as enamoured with the 2020 Solo, but it can work if they want a light swing and a stiff feeling bat. Our hitters praised the bat’s light swing in the BBCOR and USA version. Just Bat Reviews, LLC DBA Bat Digest Company. The Solo comes in a lot of sizes for each league. Despite popular opinion, BBCOR bats all perform about the same. Solo Baseball Bats. After hitting each 2020 Solo with several different hitters, it rates out as well as the 2019 version did. The BBCOR Solo has many fans and the 29-inch is a hit for those who needs it ultra-light. You will love the Solo baseball bats by Louisville Slugger. Easton Ghost from 2018 in a 30/27. But, bats like the CF and Easton Ghost do. After recording several hitter’s experience with the 2019 Rawlings Velo, we write this review. The only serious change in the lineup, save the colorway change, is the BBCOR version ads a new end cap that helps with a lower and more controlled swing weight. Now, for 2020, other companies have caught up in the light swing, good durability USA space. So, as the 2020 Solo is single piece aluminum with an extended composite end cap it doesn’t fit into what most want to feel. The stiff, traditional feel for immediate contact feedback makes the Solo a favorite for many players. You've viewed Once you’ve experienced the Louisville Slugger Solo, you’ll never want to step in with any other bat. Two piece composite bats dominate the USSSA space. The 2 ½” speed … Our Score 9/10 (BBCOR); 9.8/10 (USA); 8.5/10 (USSSA). 2. As well, in terms of sizing, we think the jump from a 30/20 at 13U to a 31/28 BBCOR is going to be HUGE. Three things are appealing about the 2020 Solo and make it a very popular bat. We’ll let you know when this high-demand product is available for purchase. The easy-swinging one-piece SL Hyper Alloy construction and SBC End Cap come together to improve bat control and help you power the bat through the zone. New for 2020, the Louisville Slugger Select PWR BBCOR Baseball Bat features an innovative EXD Alloy barrel on the Select PWR, which is a half-inch longer than traditional BBCOR bats, giving you a highly-responsive expanded sweet spot on the heaviest-swinging bat in the 2020 Louisville Slugger bat lineup. A short 28-inch drop 11 USA bat up to a 34-inch BBCOR. The USA is our favorite Solo. Learn More. The bat’s price point is more attractive than the ridiculousness of two piece composite bats on the market today. Hope they put on your on the right track. If you can convince yourself into a 30/27 that might be better. Not all players play the game the same way or have the same approach at the plate. It’s a decent grip. Slugger’s 2020 Solo comes with a Premium LS Pro Comfort Grip which replaces the Lizard Skin they had on previous models. The USA is only a drop 11 bat while the USSSA is only in a drop 10. There is no 2021 version for USA. Our guess, coming from a 30/20 two-piece composite in the CF, he’ll really NOT like a single piece aluminum bat. 2020 Louisville Slugger Solo -11 USA Baseball Bat: WTLUBSB1120 Building excellent technique at the plate takes time, and this bat is the perfect tool for the job. Right now he plays with a Demarini USSSA 30″ -10, and an Easton Maxum same size. Many of them, like the Quatro and CF, swing as light as the Solo. And here, we discuss the latest version – Solo 619 USA 2019. It is one of our favorite USA bats on the market in terms of overall value and performance. Just Bat Reviews, LLC DBA Bat Digest participate in affiliate marketing programs including but not limited to Amazon and eBay. This baseball bat has been upgraded several times after its first introduction. BBCOR | Drop 3 | 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34-inch, USSSA | Drop 10 | 28, 29, 30, 31, 32-inch. 3. The most comparable bat to the 2020 Slugger Solo is the Rawling’s 2020 Velo ACP. Single Piece Choices 1. Top Cyber Monday Industry Wide Bat Deals are Updated! In South Carolnia you have to play with BBCOR in school and travel. Rawlings VELO in any year. This bat offers maximum balance for sustained bat speed through the zone with every hit. The USSSA swings as light as a few other bats in the drop 10/11 space–but still plenty light enough. As such, it’s never quite got the traction it has in the USA and BBCOR space. Some Louisville Slugger Solo 619 review posts on the internet might be already outdated. The Louisville Slugger Solo lineup is designed to deliver a massive sweet spot and a stiff feel on contact. The drop 11 creates as good as exit speeds as any. Like all companies, Slugger has some marketing jargon to explain different parts of the bat. Note, too, many of the most visible composite BBCOR bats (like the Meta) don’t come in a 30″. They refer to this as Premium Hyper Superlight Alloy. The Solo, the lightest-swinging bat in the 2020 Louisville Slugger lineup, features the (SBC) Speed Ballistic Composite End Cap, allowing for increased swing speed and control. 2020 Louisville Slugger Solo Review: Light, Value, Good Performance. The 2021 Louisville Slugger Solo is a light swinging single piece aluminum bat made for the performance BBCOR and USSSA space. We’ve spent considerable time with Rawlings 5150 line of bats. See them here. The USSSA swings as light as a few other bats in the drop 10/11 space–but still plenty light enough. Used 2016/17/18/19 DeMarini CF in a 30/27. Expect the Solo to have decent durability and a light swing—a lot like other premium single piece bats in the baseball bat space. Looking for a good fit in BBCORbat for him (30″,31″ – would prefer 31″ as he will be moving up to Middle School ball and travel). When you need a lower weight drop combined with maximum lightness, the Solo SPD is your best friend. The Louisville Slugger Solo lineup is designed to deliver a massive sweet spot and a stiff feel on contact. The Solo uses an ultra light alloy with very thin walls. 2020 Louisville Slugger Solo Review: Light, Value, Good Performance.After hitting each 2020 Solo with several different hitters, it rates out as well as the 2019 version did.


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