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This data, including social security statistics, provides detailed information on baby name popularity and trends in the United States. One of our near neighbours has a 9 year old Lucy, so she's not the only Lucy in the street. Plus, it sounds great with one-syllable middle names all the way up to four-syllable middles.

Also with the character Lucy from the Peanuts I've fallen in love with this name. We really are torn!

I have a 15 year old Lucy. Get updates on how your baby develops, your body changes, and what you can expect during each week of your pregnancy by signing up to the Mumsnet Pregnancy Newsletters. My sisters name,Lilah means night in hebrew, I played a character in a short film called Lucy, The Lucy I played was like the peanuts character, not very nice and in the way put me off the name. To rate names on Nameberry, please register for an account or log in to an existing account. I absolutely love this name and I hate that you don't see it used very often! This is number 4 on my favorite names list. I changed my name to this. All I hear is the word Loose. Lou, Lucee,

I have a niece called Lucy(11), there were absolutely loads at sixth form though (I'm 30), every other girl seemed to be called Lucy or Anna. I know a few Lucys under 5. Lucy is a modern name that’s become fairly popular in the recent years, landing itself in the top 30 baby names 2015. Lucy is also a saint’s name as well as it has been a name used on major TV shows like ‘I love Lucy’. Saint Lucy was a saint and martyr in the Christian Bible. Those people are now 8 years old. Well, Lucy is a named that comes from the Latin masculine name Lucius.

This name is sooo popular in Australia, i'm sick of it. I'm a Lucy and I love my name if that helps. Lucia, Lucinda, and Lucretia just don't do it for me. I also think Lucy is a beautiful nickname for Lucretia. Lucy is actually the feminine version of the name Lucius. It was in fairly widespread use back in the Middle Ages, increasing greatly in popularity in the 1990s. Good luck, I have a Lucie - none others (of either spelling) of her age i know (KS1) although i have a friend with a 1 yr old Lucy.I still love it. I do like Lucy, but I've always found it quite insubstantial and cutesy. Not … Lucy Lockit was featured in John Gay's comic opera The Beggar's Opera; Lucy Snowe is a main character in Charlotte Brontë's novel Villette. Cindy, Lucya, Lucy is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for girls. I also love the meaning! I like this name! i also have a Jack! Beautiful!! Plus, all I seem to hear is LOOSE-ee :(.

Lucy has come to mean ‘born at dawn’ or given to people who have a pale complexion. This doesn't bother her though, in fact she thinks it's funny.I also know of two or three of a similar age (mine is 7) but haven't heard of it being used more recently, probably due to it's popularity.When she was born we used the name because we both loved it and there weren't any other names we agreed on, and although we had no idea of its popularity at the time, I don't think it would have made a difference if we had. I have a Lucy she is 5 and weirdly I have a Ren which is on another thread in names today. Lucette, I absolutely love it! I love this name but Lucia would be the formal name, out of all of them it's the one I like the most. I am totally with the person who said go with the name you love - you could pick what you think is the most unique original name and still find Nother in a child's class! Need help find the right name for your newborn? If you have a little girl that is that light of your world and you want her to know it, then Lucy would be a phenomenal name to give her. I know off a few older Lucys, teenagers and older. I love the name Lucy. 18 yr old DD has 4 Lucy's among her friends. Lucy is a great name choice for baby girls as it is a beautiful name with a lovely meaning. Then again, that's true for any name. I just think it's adorable. It definitely has that cutesy babyish aspect like Emma does but I don't like the name Emma. Fictional characters include Lucy van Pelt from Peanuts, a comic strip by Charles Schulz. A common alternate spelling of the name Lucy is Lucie and both are common nicknames for the name Lucille. I am called Lucy but disliked the name. Back in 2000 glamour model Jordan’s popularity inspired parents-to-be, with 622 girls being given the name that year, compared to just six last year. This name is even used for cats in Korean cartoons such as There She Is!

(Spanish) Share with Nintendo - £100 voucher to be won. Yes she's my favourite character in the whole series!!!!!!!! Nicknames for the name Lucie include Lu, Lulu, and Luce. Lucy is a modern name that’s become fairly popular in the recent years, landing itself in the … I can imagine a Lucy as a little girl with long curly light brown hair in pigtails and reading a book by a willow tree on a sunny day! I love this name so much - also, Lucia and Lucinda. A must for a future daughter :D. Yes! Luciana, My Best Frriend's DD is Lucy and so is my Mum's Jack Russell! Other famous Lucys include actors Lucy Liu and Lucy Hale. Sep. 5, 2008: "A spirit of a child named Lucy communicated with me. Only problem is that people generally call you by your name when you're in trouble/when they're angry at you, so it does carry a rather negative connotation in that sense. Our Lucy has a twin brother named Max. You will receive an email (no more than once per day) summarizing any new mentions of Lucy on Nameberry. It's such a cute name, don't you think? What is the meaning of this beautiful girl’s name? Cindie, The popularity of Romeo and Minù is related with the names of two main characters of Disney movie Aristocats (Aristogatti Italian version). Lucy is actually another version of the name Lucia, which was a popular name for women during the Middle Ages. I also like the similar name of Lucia.

(French), My name is literally Lucy and my sister's name is Molly. It's cute for the young and old. My name is Lucy-Mae and honestly, I used to wish it was just Lucy, but now I love it. Lucinda It's the first time we've come across another Lucy though.We really struggled with girls' names, as we know so many people with girls and took a while to agree on one, but am very very pleased we did - I think it's a very classic name, not one that will date but not so trendy that there are loads around. Lucy comes from the Old French name Lucie, derived from the Latin word ‘lux’, meaning ‘light’. Lucinde, Lucy and Lucia were at one time given to girls born at dawn. "my name is lucy but i hate it its my full name not an extract of Lucinda or anything just lucy but its okay in some aspects" Oct. 23, 2008: "My name is Lucy and I got it from my Grandmother. It probably doesn't help how many double names like Lucy-Mae or Lucy-Rose I've heard, all of which I find very cutesy. Lovely classic pretty name. I think it's a beautiful, classic name that won't date, which is probably why it's so popular. I used to like this name but, not anymore. In England, Lucy is the 27th most popular baby girl’s name in 2012 (data from National Office of Statistics). The other Lucy I know is in her 20s. Origionally we were looking at Irish names (and have chosen an Irish name for if this one is a DS) but we liked this name so much it has made its way onto the shortlist However will she spend the rest of her life being 'Lucy Surname' or 'Lucy Initial'? "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" is one of the most popular songs by the Beatles. Popularity doesnt bother me. Lucy. My daughter is Lucy Alice, by the way! There is also a Lucy . This is page 1 of 1 (This thread has 22 messages.). Historical popularity of Lucy.

Luca, I have 2 kids and don't know any little Lucy's. This site uses cookies to improve your experience. The name Lucy means Light and is of English origin. The graph below shows the popularity of the girls's name Lucy from all the UK baby name statistics available. Lucy has also been the named of the heroine in some novels. Her series I Love Lucy was an innovation in television comedy and filming. Is school run on a scooter really that embarrassing ? One more Lucy joined her preschool in April this year - so DD is still Lucy, the newer one is 'Lucy Initial'. I wish there was a more formal version too, and I finally found one I actually like: Lucienne. I used to love this name, but now I love the longer forms like Lucinda, Lucienne, etc. I love this name. I think this name has a lot of potential for a little girl or an adult. To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account.

I love my name and know lots of people with the same name as me." Year group of 90. It also plays off of my and my first daughters middle name Claire. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. One more Lucy joined her preschool in April this year - so DD is still Lucy, the newer one is 'Lucy Initial'. Just after our Lucy was born, the Blue Peter puppy was named Lucy, and it does seem to be a popular dogs name. It's a beautiful, sweet classic, and I like it as it is, not short for Lucinda or Lucille. South Korea. Lucy Pevensie is the perfect namesake. Lu, It's the first time we've come across another Lucy though. The greatest number of people were given this name in 2012, when 3,774 people in the U.S. were given the name Lucy. Lucy was fashionable first in England and Wales but now is popular in the US as well. I have a Lucia who we call Lucy.

Lusita, I wish I was named Lucy! The name Lucy means Light and is of English origin. (Polish)


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