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The King of Hell could fulfill two purposes: interrogation and restoration.To interrogate, the Naraka Path need only catch hold of a person, causing the King of Hell to appear before them. With Obito no longer the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki, Madara puts another fail-safe into effect: Black Zetsu. Though he's frustrated by this setback, Hashirama is no longer preoccupied, so Madara forces him into a fight. Wind Arc Naruto had 26, Kakuzu had 32.5, Wind Arc Kakashi had 34.5. hide. Any durability argument you bring for Madara would be useless via Crush Magic, which dissembles target on molecule level. None of the Tailed Beasts are mountain-sized. Alvarez Mirajane would scale massively above that, at least putting her reactions at triple digit nanoseconds and August's beam went FTE to her. When Tobi asks what will happen if he refuses, Kabuto resurrects Madara to show he knows that Tobi is not the true Madara and forces him to accept. So your durability baseleine is flawed. Like Part 1 Kakashi feeling inferiority towards Orochimaru, or Orochimaru feeling inferiority to Itachi, and so on. Its so powerful That it was capable of harming and sending off all 9 bijuus flying out of the distance with just his limbo physical attacks. Which means he easily dealt with Jellal's speed. The King of Hell would then proceed to pass its judgement. Madara was also completely unaware they were coming. He should certainly get a 5 in taijutsu because he's able to tango with Madara in close quarters, who possesses Sharingan precognition and appeared to move faster than him. If Hashirama has greater stamina than Hiruzen, then he should have a greater stamina score. Madara's appearance after Konoha's founding. Sadai | Now even if you did argue Madara is faster, with the application of Slow Magic and his hearing precognition, that advantage accounts to 0 basically. So I'll lowball again and say its at bare minimum 10x increase on top. As a final act, he left behind Black Zetsu — what he believed to be a manifestation of his will — to provide additional guidance to Obito in pursuit of this goal. Kisame then said that now that Kakashi (Part 1 Kakashi) had arrived, he finally had a worthy opponent to fight seriously with (impling that Asuma wasn't a worthy opponent, and that he just played around against him). Each databook was based on different time frames... First Databook: Beginning of Part I Second Databook: End of Part I Third Databook: Beginning of Part II Genin Avg for First Databook: 16 Points Avg for Second Databook: 18.5 Points So this is useless feat. Her Sannin sensei who had a 5 in ninjutsu knew at least one more jutsu than Sakura did: Ranshinshou. report. [129] With Yin–Yang Release, the balls could nullify all ninjutsu they came into contact with.[130]. Madara is one of the most skilled and talented shinobi there is in Naruto. The Animal Path can also summon people. In other words natural lightning speed is not really a big deal in both Naruto and Boruto verse. Madara arrives on the battlefield with Mū. Kimimaro, Akatsuki Madara is thrilled at the prospect of such a challenging fight, and visibly battered but not beaten, forcing Guy to use Night Guy. This was the same Natsu who dodged Laxus's lightning from point-blank; Laxus's lightning. By the end of the series, I see no reason why Kishimoto wouldn't have the main characters peak the databook stats. Naruto was ~/> Kakashi. As the jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails, Madara displays even greater mastery than Tobi himself. Tenpanchi distributes its energy over massive area while having no concentrated potency to it. Sasori | Conversely, if he was proven wrong or somebody posed a legitimate challenge to him, he would admit it, and apologise for previous remarks if necessary. Whilst under the effects of the technique, the target stands motionlessly as the loop of events continually replays inside their mind. [15], Madara with the Nine-Tails battling Hashirama, The Stone Tablet had been in the Uchiha's possession for generations and was brought with them when they settled in Konoha. True, but it's possible for 2 characters to cap at 5 and for one to still be superior to the other ie. [122] In this form, Madara could fly and his physical abilities were enhanced, being fast enough to react to the Flying Thunder God Technique and Kamui,[123] and durable enough to survive the Night Guy, albeit barely. [75], Madara was an adept sensor, being able to detect others' chakra signature countries away,[32] determine a person's clan and the nature of their kekkei genkai,[76] and even differentiate species. Jūgo | Madara takes this and one of the Zetsu's arms, allowing him start round two. Right there, its a massive difference in power between a bijuu without a jinchuriki and bijuu with a jinchuriki. Gaara | However, his inability to fathom that he could get outsmarted proved his undoing. All he wants is to rise higher than Hashirama ever could, with everyone worshipping him as the god he thinks he is. This is especially important when you consider neither characters have knowledge on each other, so August will always be a step ahead further than Madara with this spell. He founded Konohagakure alongside his childhood friend and rival, Hashirama Senju, with the intention of beginning an era of peace. Simply adding stats up is a bad idea to measure strength. Mukade, Video Games It was a bullshit created by the fandom, that mistakingly thought the databook stats as something useful to make a power level ranking with the total of the stats. At any rate, supersonic fighter could have done the same. With the Ten-Tails now out of their control they must fight the Alliance directly. And to give you brief detail: Racer himself isn't particularly fast as he couldn't dodge an arrow from considerable distance, but the moment he used the spell on +MHS fighters he reduced their speeds to the point it made it seem like he's much faster than they are. He and Hashirama were thus able to reconcile in the moments of their friendship just before his death. That's the amount of mass Gildarts can punch bag. Madara, however, rewrote his death and went into hiding to work on his own plans. Despite Madara's efforts, he can do nothing against them. Yeah they can be compared. [16] With this knowledge, Madara decided Konoha was a failed experiment. Obito resists and instead seals the Ten-Tails into himself. Tayuya | Years later, Madara would be revived, only to see his plans foiled and ultimately, and finally, realising the error of his ways and making amends with Hashirama before his final death. Because Kabuto doesn't actually know much about the plan, Madara is left to check things for himself and tries to summon the Nine-Tails, only to discover it's sealed in a jinchūriki, specifically Naruto. Sage mode Rinnegan Madara outclasses August in strength by a milestone. Kabuto Yakushi | His Susanoo would be massively even above that. Madara was well-versed in a variety of ninjutsu styles: he could use juinjutsu powerful enough to restrict the target's actions,[72] hide within surfaces to avoid damage and traverse the battlefield unnoticed,[73] and through an unorthodox use of the Shadow Clone Technique, fake his death by having a clone act as his corpse. Gildarts's first noteworthy raw strength feat is casually moving under the gravitational pressure of Bluenote's gravity magic without being hindered to the slightest. It was a bullshit created by the fandom, that mistakingly thought the databook stats as something useful to make a power level ranking with the total of the stats. Remember this is just a shockwave. He then proceeded to absorb the undead Hashirama's powers and gained access to his unrivaled healing factor and his ability to master Senjutsu (fighting with natural energy instead of chakra). To read through movements, mimic them, and predict their outcome in order to avoid attacks. Eventually the Shinju beared a single fruit, and a certain clan came from another world seeking that fruit: the Ootsutsuki clan. During his confrontation with the Fourth Division, he defeated hundreds of opponents with taijutsu, disarming and dodging attacks from many directions. (Though the wielders remain unable to avoid movements too fast or unpredictable for them. The newly acquired Mangekyō Sharingan looks like a merger of both eyes and is dubbed the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. he was already weakened from his Chakra network not working as result of the black rods Madara stabbed him with. Madara Uchiha (うちはマダラ, Uchiha Madara) was the legendary leader of the Uchiha clan. Madara Uchiha | [70][71] Stemming from having Hashirama's cells in his body, Madara gained enough life force to not immediately die from having all the tailed beasts and the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path extracted from his body. Naruto Databook Stats - Akatsuki by raikirirasengan91. He was also able to shape his Susanoo into an armour for Kurama, which synergised their abilities. For that reason alone he should have 5s in every category. One thousand years since the creation of the ninja world, secret traditions and techniques were inherited, the wheel of fate spun and 270 soldiers are now assembled here. Dosu Kinuta | When the two couldn't agree on how to achieve that peace, they fought for control of the village, a conflict which ended in Madara's death. The Scathing Shinobi Fashion Check!! When you get the "token failed" thing, sometimes you can just hit Submit again and it will work, but if not, just copy the post, refresh the page, and paste it in a new post, and it should be fine. JavaScript is disabled. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kabuto decides to use Madara against the Allied Shinobi Forces and uses Mū as a medium to summon him to the battlefield. Though it provides intel by getting well guarded secrets, the technique inevitably kills the target. He was seen using swords and giant shurikens in battle, but his signature weapon is a huge war-fan which he uses both as a spear of some sort and a shield. Haku | as we know Susanoo is a visual prowess and Madara did this with no eyes, only with the actual eyes can the true power of susanoo be used. What, do you want me to jump directly into the manga, pull Kaguya out and have her destroy a dimension right in front of you? Well, Gildarts has took on platoon as well and August >> Gildarts. This attack that madara tanked without his rinnegan is at least large island to small country level, given by the scaling above (heavy lowball), With 1 rinnegan his durability should be much much greater than his blind sage mode state that tanked KCM kurama+8 other bijuus. ), To hypnotize foes to control their actions. Each time a loop is repeated, any physical damage incurred is reset as it were before the start of the loop, although the remains of severed appendages do not disappear. This time, however, their discontent does not subside. You seem to have the attitude of "Such and such will naturally progress to the highest class of a given category because they can," or "they've gotten stronger, so why not," but IMO it's not that simple and numbers shouldn't be given out so generously.


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