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Unit members were given paid time off that wasn't on the books in return for getting guns off the street, Ward said. Prosecutors tried to show that squad members targeted casinos for people to rob. One of them shot a video showing the officers pretending to open the safe for the first time after they had already pocketed half the money, they testified, according to the newspaper. At the three-week trial, prosecutors presented evidence showing Taylor stole money, property and narcotics from victims, including people who had not committed any crimes. FREE Background Report. A federal jury convicted Taylor in February of racketeering conspiracy, racketeering and Hobbs Act robbery. Marcus Taylor, Sgt. The victim, Demetric Simon, was sentenced to prison on gun and drug charges, which was where he was when federal investigators began speaking to him about the police gang. Detectives Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor refused to take plea deals and pleaded not guilty, banking on their Blue Privilege to get them off but a federal jury convicted them of racketeering and robbery charges. Four of the officers who pled guilty testified against their former colleagues, along with drug dealers who struck deals for more lenient sentences. Former detectives Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor were convicted of racketeering conspiracy, racketeering and Hobbs Act robbery charges, said Elizabeth Morse, spokeswoman for the US attorney's Office in Maryland. Hersl and Taylor were members of the Baltimore Police Department's now-defunct Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF). An Oregon judge sentenced a cop for sexually abusing a girl under the age of 16. Updated 8:24 PM ET, Mon February 12, 2018. To request removal of your name from an arrest report, submit, Americans Head To Polls Amid 'Most Deadly Phase' Of Virus, Baltimore Gun Trace Task Force Leader Sentenced To Federal Prison, Final Presidential Polls: Trump Closes Gap In Key States, 7 Baltimore Police Officers Indicted In Racketeering Scheme, Indicted Baltimore Police Officers Charged With 13 More Robberies, WEBINAR: The Impact of the US Presidential Election, Learn How To Get A $200 AT&T Visa® Card When You Sign Up For TV, Free Webinar Series: Keeping Your Kids Safe Online, Handicapped Ramp. They counted $200,000 in cash, stole half the money and then put the rest of the cash back in the safe, the officers said. Former Baltimore Police detectives Daniel Hersl, left, and Marcus Taylor. Seven members of the 3,100-member Baltimore Police Department were indicted in the federal racketeering case. Taylor was not involved in that incident, according to the criminal complaint. Wayne Jenkins once showed squad members a grappling hook with a rope, sledgehammer, machete, masks and other items he kept in his patrol car while on duty. Harris County sheriff's deputy Ellison Collins was indicted by a grand jury Tuesday on a misdemeanor assault charge. Testimony and evidence presented during the trial brought to light shocking criminality that continued even as US Justice Department, The case has shone a light on deeply rooted problems known to Baltimore residents for years, said Vanita Gupta, who headed the DOJ's civil rights division when the. "I've got an entire pharmacy," the sergeant told Stepp. Seven task force cops were indicted in February 2017 with another one indicted in August of that year. #Election2020: Democrat Joe Biden leads in many swing-state polls but President Trump's support is within the margin of error. Jemell Rayam was a member of Baltimore's Gun Trace Task Force which proved to be more ruthless than the gangs they were investigating; a criminal gang in itself despite the pandering title of "elite" bestowed upon them by the media. Hamilton testified that Hersl and three other officers later searched his home and walked out with at least $25,000 in cash. An employee at the storage facility testified that Hersl and his supervisor, who has pleaded guilty, demanded to see a surveillance video of the encounter, the station reported. Bail bondsman Donald Stepp testified that Jenkins delivered to his Baltimore County home two trash bags full of pharmaceutical drugs stolen from looters during the April 2015 riots that followed the death of Freddie Gray. The same judge was responsible for sentencing in Taylor's case Thursday afternoon, ruling he must serve 18 years in federal prison. Hersl, Taylor and the other officers carried out brazen crimes at a time of strained community relations, following the. Convicted task force members testified that they stole the house keys of a man named Oreese Stevenson in March 2016. The gang's crimes are so extensive it would take a book to list them all but here's a condensed list compiled by Vox in February 2018 when details were just emerging. Wonder if he is going to weep and cry when Bubba rapes his ass and turns it into a highway? The employee said that, when he demanded a search warrant, one officer told him he "looked like somebody that needed to be robbed.". Most will just call it karma. "He was talking about robbing them," Hendrix replied. In August 2017, The Baltimore Police Department entered into a consent decree with the Department of Justice vowing to remedy the issues. From left to right, Det. Carlos Miller. The jury reached the verdict after deliberating for less than two days. Former Houston police officer Gerald Goines and his partner Steven Bryant are both facing serious charges. Norris Greenhouse Jr. was released early from prison after he had been sentenced to seven-and-a-half years. The Hobbs Act involves corruption of public officials using their positions of power to extort or rob. He stole between $200 and $200,000 from his victims, according to authorities, who said he also falsified reports and committed overtime fraud. Sean Suiter, a Baltimore police detective who was set to testify against Jenkins in November 2017, was found shot to death by his own gun two days before he was scheduled to take the stand. He was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison after admitting to 15 robberies. Cocaine, an expensive watch and designer clothes were also taken from the home. At least he got more than Sergeant Watts, Chicago Police Department and what a Cry Baby who will hopefully make some new friends called Bubba! He will be sentenced in November. Marcus Taylor, Sgt. "Their business model eventually didn't work. The gang went unchecked for years until 2015 when the Drug Enforcement Administration intercepted a phone call from a Baltimore police officer who proudly boasted, "I sell drugs," which is what sparked the investigation. He called it all a "learning experience" during his February 2019 sentencing. Stepp testified that the sergeant told him he simply waited and ripped off looters leaving shuttered pharmacies with stolen drugs. The officers had plead not guilty. Hamilton said one of the officers knew he had won money gambling at a casino. Amid soaring crime and distrust in law enforcement, the unit played "both cops and robbers," said lead federal prosecutor Leo Wise. Hersl and Taylor were charged with participating in the overtime fraud scheme. BALTIMORE, MD — A former Baltimore detective was sentenced to federal prison time. Weeping and crying I wonder did they weep and cry while they would committing these crimes if they didn't fuc them damn them to hell. Another former Baltimore cop who was not an official gang member, Matthew Ryckman, resigned from his new job as a federal Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent last year when he confessed to FBI agents that he participated in stealing money and fabricating reports. Evodio Hendrix, Det. The Supreme Court, after all, has ruled the Constitution can be superceded in what police describe as "high-crime areas," which are generally poverty-stricken black neighborhoods.


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