marker baron bindings adjustment
If there is a lot of contact we need to lower the AFD (Right Image). Designed and Developed by WildSnow, Naxo Backcountry Skiing Bindings – Info Index, Silvretta Pure Backcountry Skiing Bindings – Info Index, Fritschi Backcountry Skiing Bindings – Info Index, Naxo randonnee alpine touring AT ski binding FAQ, Dynafit Binding Frequently Asked Questions FAQ. Technically, DIN settings are universal across all brands of bindings, but often an experienced skier will find they need different DIN settings for different brands of bindings., Lou, Bindings can be loosened through use, so make sure they are at their correct setting each time you ski. They currently have Small Dukes mounted to them, but are too small for my boots, is there a good option to swap to, that have the same mounting holes in the marker range to save buying another new set of dukes or redrilling ? Lou, Built for maximum edge pressure and g-forces accelerating your heartbeat. The worst that could happen is that I’ll have to get another pair of Dynafits to replace them . Marker F12 vs Marker Baron. My questions: Is this ok to be at the end of the adjustment? I suggest that the barons would be great for you. Turn the width-adjustment screw at the side of the toe piece to the left with a screwdriver to widen the receivers so the boot fits fully into the toe piece. I’ve never had a problme with any of them. any of the products or services that are advertised on the web site. if (document.title.indexOf('NSFW') > -1) GAD Pepe you guys are fast! lou, I just mounted some small dukes (last years) with the template, and 101mm was a little short. googletag.defineSlot('/1027394/forums_header_widead', [[728, 90], [970, 90]], 'div-gpt-ad-adWideAd').addService(googletag.pubads()); Could you confirm the BSL adjustment range for your binding? There are a number of sidecountry runs off the upper lifts that serve extensive backcountry (some of it controlled and some not – wilderness areas). Holy Grail is here, most boot makers have an alpine equivalent boot with Dynafit fittings. A tight setting -- or high number -- is for aggressive skiers, while a lower setting is for beginners. Pat, this might answer your question: I'm going to Japan this winter and will be doing a mixture of touring and resort skiing and am looking for bindings to mount on my Moment Exit Worlds. It’s awkward to raise the heel lift and yes, it doesn’t go very high. Now before you go into a coma, any beta on brake/leash options? Eject the ski boot from the binding then click it back in and double check to make sure that screw is flush with the housing. I haven’t been able to get my hands on a set of large Duke’s yet. By the way, not sure if you guys are rolling through the Yukon on your Alaska trip or taking the ferry up the coast but if you need a place to plug that camper in for the night and have a hot shower in Whitehorse, YT, we should get in touch. I just got new boots with a larger bsl of 322. The Mantras have a lot of metal in them, and that ski combined with the Baron made for a heavy setup. Really, that’s it. Thanks for any input. I am not sure I’d want to ski them everyday, but hearing Ptor’s comments seems to open up that as a possibility… Then it become a question of boots; I still prefer alpine boots for “downhill skiing.”. Joseph, the width of the binding is the reason for the 76 mm minimum. It also helps me to keep the tip in contact with the snow as that helps me balance a bit. I mounted Duke’s on my resort skis last year and in the process found the big-box stores don’t sell pozi-drive or mm drill bits. To do so there are just a few things you need to know and you'll be swapping skis with your buddies on the hill in no time. i have skied on dynafit for two and half years (01/07) about 90 days each resort Can you recommend a source for a 2nd hand binding swap to save on cost? Thanks Winslow. It is best to read up online about your particular bindings if you are not familiar with the fore aft adjustment. Tanner-D. Posts: 2043 - Karma: 3,965. The Marker race bindings accept no compromise when it comes to power and performance. Make small adjustments until the card has little resistance when inserted and removed. Here are your bindings. Marker Baron backcountry skiing bindings. I’m sort of an experiment for a friend who reps Dynafit as I’ll likely be beating the shit out of these, both inbounds and out so I’ll be sure to report back how they do. I accidentally broke one hitting it with my boot while cleaning snow, the part is replaceable from marker but it is a chore to get it on and off. See: That matches mine. { Must take skis off to go from touring to skiing mode and vice-versa, which isn’t good for those who have mastered the art of de-skinning on the fly. I never can slide a business card in when a boot is in, rather I can pull it out with moderate resistance without it tearing. Once you know what your DIN is supposed to be for a certain binding (It does differ a bit from brand to brand) you'll know what to set your bindings at for next time. Size small dimension of front/rear screw separation/distance is thus: “Small” (actually the size most people use, 218 mm Both Dynafit and Marker get flak about this. The only drawback for me was having to think a little while entering/exiting the binding. More Info . Or, short of that, a revised distance btw rear toe screws and front heel screws? and 'https:' : 'http:') + Privacy Policy. My next thought was Marker Dukes but they list the monimun ski width of 76mm. and back country. I’ve got Fritschis on Kilowatts that have been the quiver of one thus far but my guess is I’ll be spending more time on the Fatties than I wouldn’ve thought a year or two ago. Other than catching the edges of the binding plate or binding and possibly causing release or damage are there other issues with using these on a narrower ski? Once you have your forward pressure and DIN’s set it’s time to get the Anti-Friction Device (AFD) properly adjusted. I’m picking up a pair of FT 12s and mounting them on 188 Megawatts. Show favorites, CSPC Jr Binding testing results certificate. Lou Depending on the binding, the fore aft setting might be controlled by screws in the heels and toes or by a locking device that can be unscrewed. The image above shows the AFD on the NEW Marker Griffon ID binding. Leaf Group Ltd. var sidebar_width = parseInt('300px'); Teton Gravity Research var src = (useSSL ? Posts: 2043. I’m putting FT 12’s on Megawatts that will be mostly for BC softsnow use, but, some of it will be inbounds on our token “powder days”. Start with engaging the boot into the binding and taking a look underneath the toe of the boot. The wrong setting means the ski could release unexpectedly or could not release when needed. and on/off necessity for changing modes. To elaborate on my earlier comment: I’ve never had Dynafit bindings release when they shouldn’t have (well, once but that’s a long story and operator error was involved), what I’ve had happen in resort skiing are some worrying situations where I got more torque on a knee when they did not release where an alpine binding would have. This is OK and nothing to worry about. Adjusting Ski Bindings – How to Adjust Ski Bindings Right. Many experienced skiers use the DIN setting in the Marker chart as a starting point and adapt it based on their own experience. I think there have been some threads on forums about ‘Duke slop’ though. John, that is great to hear! Marker confused the heck out of me by calling their regular size binding a “small” when it actually goes to a 325 mm long boot sole! Demo Bindings Marker FDT TPX 12. I could be wrong, but I've always adjusted the AFD on Barons/Dukes much tighter than that. I also have a number of Fritschi rigs that accept either boots and more recently added Barons to the identical ski that I’ve got Dynafits on… Thinking there is they’ll basically be a resort rig — don’t care to have any skis anymore with alpine binders — and I’ve already got the skins cut. For those wanting efficiency but still a step-in option and alpine look, we of course always like the Fritschi offerings. In 35 years, he's gained expertise in all phases of residential construction, retrofit and remodeling. Lots of talk about spacing between toe and heel pieces, but where do you line those up with the ski (fore/aft)? In this blog I'll be going over adjusting and setting the forward pressure for flat mounted skis with Marker Bindings. William Machin began work in construction at the age of 15, while still in high school. Just mounted up a FT12 on a 105mm Coax, which is a fun and energetic freeride ski that I also run inbounds a lot. The focus just isn’t on their climbing ability – it’s not about how efficient they are. You may be able to check the amout of BSL adjusment to confirm the size of your Duke. Second season on the Baron’s and despite the weight I’m still pretty impressed with them. It helps to have the pack off when doing all these shenanigans. Adjusting bindings to fit different size boots is common practice among ski rental shops and people that share skis. Sandy – thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated! The above photo is a perfect AFD adjustment. …wouldnt post this here, but since the topic came up…. Locate the DIN numbers in the viewing window on the toe piece. I’m thinking both the size large and size small bindings use the same mounting screw hole pattern. I know that the Baron is a beefer more charger binding. Why do we as dedicated skiers in general keep rationalizing compromises given to us by manufacturers?? I have small 09 Dukes mounted now that most sites say is for bsl 265-320mm but the marker site and the templates that came with bindings say max is 325. Also the dimension from the rear holes on the front template to the single hole is more like 102 mm. Since there seems to be no noticable diference between the two models, I was wondering if it is possible to use the stiffer springs from the FT 12’s in my FT 10’s?


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