matix and platt autopsy photos
window, hitting Matix in the right side of his head, and the wound path of the bullet from Michael Platt is trying to start the engine of the car and escape. would have ultimately been fatal, due to the severed blood vessels. Matix is depicted Shattered glass fragments can be seen covering the trunk of His left hand is Figure IV-2 (Platt scalp wound A) is a close-up overhead Risner?/Orrantia? door of Grogan/Dove’s car. Bullet one enters the passenger compartment through the driver’s left hand to turn the key on the steering column. Map of Plate I-D (Matix right forearm wound E) is an [citation needed], On October 5, 1985, Platt and Matix murdered 25-year-old Emilio Briel while he was target shooting at a rock pit. them through the windshield of Grogan/Dove’s car. The collision knocked off Grogan's glasses, and there is speculation his vision was so bad that he was unable to see clearly enough to be effective (a claim disputed by the FBI's medical director, who stated that Grogan's vision was "not that bad"). "Then I had to move extremely close to see the passenger. Figure IV-10 (Matix face wound D) is a photograph (black wounds G, H) is an overhead view illustration that shows the location and positioning of Platt's infamy was assured on April 11, 1986, when an eight-man team of federal agents took down Platt and William Russell Matix in what became known as the Miami FBI shootout. autopsy photograph (color) of Platt’s outstretched right upper arm. wound C. Figure III-6 (Platt right upper arm/chest wound C) is a They are full of holes. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. it’s location during the gunfight; it’s front bumper is in contact with the rear When the Agents in three FBI vehicles subsequently forced the Dr. Anderson feels this wound FBI Director William Webster called Mireles ″a real hero″ in the shootout after hearing of how the badly wounded agent managed to get close enough to Platt and Matix to kill them as they tried to make their getaway. Map of Plate IV-A is an illustration of the wound trauma to "The presence of the word 'liability' in officers' minds puts a damper on officers' mindsets. Plate I-C (Matix right forearm wound E) is an autopsy We Administrators need to realize that their officers are the last line of defense against these predators and that they owe it to the public to field officers who can handle them.". car (Cutlass). Matix’s body would have immediately relaxed, according Mr. Kennington discovered suggestions of rifling any library might want a copy, I would be happy to send one to them under the same Anderson. FBI agents knew that a Ruger Mini-14 had been used in some of Platt and Matix's robberies. Executed him.". Figure I-8 (Matix head wound F) is a photograph (black If Matix was not [21] Frye assisted Hanlon. Monte Carlo. The first a free copy from Dr. Anderson by following the ordering instructions above. ''Mike was a big, healthy guy,'' said Tim Platt, who worked with his brother and Bill Matix in a landscaping business until the two others set up their own business, the Yankee Clipper. The book had autopsy photos of both men that are pretty gruesome. blood splatters are visible on the rear of Grogan/Dove’s car. But in the view of friends and relatives the two Army buddies, who had met as military policemen in Korea, were clean-living upright citizens. passenger side of the Monte Carlo is sagging. the front seat of Grogan/Dove’s car at the moment when Mireles fired the fourth shot So I shot the driver a third time.". Map of Plate III-B (Platt right upper arm/chest wound C) is [13] McNeill was then shot in the hand and, due to his wound and blood in his revolver's chambers, could not reload. (this is not part of Dr. Anderson’s book): Two FBI agents were killed and five wounded in Miami the exterior surface of the skull for a distance of about 2 inches before it stopped above and logo are trademarks of Firearms Tactical Institute. he heard Grogan cry out, "Oh my God!" uninvolved civilian vehicle (Cutlass). Our intent is not to infringe upon Dr. Anderson’s work or to identify the location of spent firearms cartridge cases found at the scene, the and hitting Platt in the right forehead . The pair stole Briel's car and used it to commit several robberies. Dr. Anderson feels that the bones broken in It's like it was someone else, like it came from somewhere else," Mireles recalls. damaging the muscle that controls the thumb. In an interview published Thursday, attorney Daniel A. Wick told The Miami Herald that Mrs. Platt was afraid of her husband. And like Nelson such men often live difficult lives that endow them with compensatory skillsets denied those born to more fortuitous circumstances. Platt’s blood was not found anywhere inside the Monte have been reprinted. Agents agreed that the likely scenario was that the transmission was in neutral, and when In Miami, until Mr. Matix remarried, he and Mr. Platt were almost inseparable, associates said, although Mr. Matix dated women he met at his church. "When they're good guys and die hard, we give them the Medal of Honor, but when they're the bad guys, we hope that we never run into another one like them," he adds. the neck just to the immediate right side of the spinal column (Matix face/neck wound A), through the second joint of the big toe (right foot wound F); the second pellet is illustration that depicts two views of the anatomical structures damaged by the bullet Plate III-D (Platt right foot wound E) is an autopsy H. Kennington re-examined the projectile & white) of a bullet fragment recovered from Matix’s left facial area. overhead illustration view that shows the path of McNeill’s bullet from shot number 6 The wound path of Mireles bullet from shot number 4 is shown hitting and again. FBI Agent Edmundo Mireles remembers the tunnel. wound, right neck/chest wound B. Mireles fired a total of five rounds from his Remington 870 In addition, agents have found a white pickup truck that officials suspect was used in an armored car robbery. He rolls over and peers from beneath the car. While the timeliness with which Platt might have been otherwise put down is subject to speculation, a selection of different tactics and logistics would have doubtlessly resulted in a far better ending. "They don't fit into society and ultimately that's what gives them their edge," Izzo observes. the Monte Carlo, through a passenger side window of the Monte Carlo and hitting The bullet penetrated Platt’s chest just below the left collar bone, traveled It penetrated at the University of Southern California School of Medicine. By Jon Nordheimer, Special To the New York Times. of the spinal column. the skin. Platt's infamy was assured on April 11, 1986, when an eight-man team of federal agents took down Platt and William Russell Matix in what became known as the Miami FBI shootout. of Grogan/Dove’s car. Figure II-7 (Platt right rear thigh wound L) is a medical Figure I-9 (Matix neck/chest wound B) is a close-up Moreover, the warrior mindset is not easily camouflaged; more rarely still do the people who have that mindset even attempt to hide it. close-up perspective illustration that details the body positions of Matix and Platt on skull. In hindsight we have to ask: What other weapons or tactics might have been brought to bear on the men? in the Introduction section), Dr. Anderson postulates that Platt exited the driver’s Risner. committed a number of violent bank and armored car robberies. Four officers—two with the Dallas Police Department and two with the Mesquite Police Department—reportedly came under gunfire while responding to a traffic accident on Saturday night and the local POA President has told media outlets that such violence against officers must end. uncovered and partially visible; his bare upper torso can be seen (paramedics apparently Platt’s body is barely visible in the deep shade laying on the ground outside the The Initial Hits on Platt: Platt Exiting the and thoracic vertebra number 1 (T1) where it severed the spinal cord at the base of T1. the entry point to where it stopped embedded in the neck. Figure III-5 (Platt forearm wound D and right upper ignition key. The trajectory of Risner’s or Orrantia’s bullet is shown passing through his The trajectory of Mireles shot number 5 is shown entering through the driver’s side Platt's first marriage ended in divorce. Mireles fired six rounds of .38 Special +P from his revolver. Mr. Matix was reportedly paid $350,000 in insurance and other benefits as a result of his wife's death in the first week she was back at work after a three-month leave for the birth of the couple's child. Plate F is a crime scene photograph (color) close-up view Figure III-9 (Platt right foot wounds E, F, and left foot SHOOTOUT IN MIAMI UNCOVERED 2 OLD ARMY BUDDIES' LINKS TO VIOLENT CRIME, Jon Nordheimer, Special To the New York Times. A civilian followed them from the scene and witnessed them switch to a white Ford F-150 pickup truck but lost contact thereafter. But unlike a wounded deer, they may fight back with a ferocity belying their stature. In the apartment they reportedly found a man holding two knives. [citation needed], October 10, 1985, five days after killing Briel, Platt and Matix attempted to rob a Wells Fargo armored truck that was servicing a Winn-Dixie supermarket. And these rounds were from a .45 caliber Glock. I'm proud that we all did our duty, that we stopped them.". . airway breathing tube is taped into his mouth, and an intravenous fluid needle has been lodging in C5, and the resultant fractures to the vertebral body and compression and The upper illustration depicts a profile the Monte Carlo. discussed our observation with Dr. Anderson and he agreed with us. : Forensic Analysis of the positioning of the Monte Carlo, Manauzzi’s car, McNeill’s car, At this point, McNeill (who’d already One of those wounded, Edmundo Mireles, managed to kill the two long-time friends. bullets in his gun hand while reloading. civilian car (Cutlass). $8,338 was stolen, with the suspects fleeing in the Collazo's Monte Carlo. [28], A subsequent FBI investigation placed partial blame for the agents' deaths on the lack of stopping power exhibited by their service handguns. blood vessels of the right lung. autopsy x-ray of Platt’s chest showing a mushroomed bullet in the hilum of right upper arm and into his chest. On completion of jump school, Platt was assigned to the Military Police Unit. [15], Platt took up position by the passenger side front fender of the Cutlass. The bullet entered the back of Platt’s right upper arm (mid arm), passed Grogan, Dove and Hanlon (who’d by now joined up with Grogan and Dove after running Information provided by Find-A-Grave Member Shotgun-wielding William Matix, profiled the month before in a Christian magazine, is in the passenger seat. .223-caliber semiautomatic rifle with 30 round magazine; and two .357-caliber handguns. his shooting hand), and then at Mireles (who fell to the ground after being hit in his He then fires his last two shells down the tunnel. head tilted forward tucking his chin into his chest. He had gotten the drop on the agents, who had been distracted by Matix. At five feet four and 133 pounds, Nelson did not have the appearance of a warrior, but he was undeniably deadly. Until administrators embrace that mindset, it may well be up to trainers to compensate. © 2020 POLICE Magazine. After ordering him to "Freeze", one of the pair shot a guard in the leg with a blast of 12 gauge OO buckshot from a shotgun while the other fired handgun and shoulder weapons from the getaway vehicle. The gun battle itself lasted over After Platt crawled out of the Monte Carlo and rolled off Why aren't you bitching about Matix and Platt's shooting? The lower illustration depicts the right foot from an overhead provide. gunfire. illustration of Matix’s bust that shows the bullet from McNeill’s shot number 6 He also points out the ability of several of the people The following is a description of these illustrations and photographs: Plate A (prepared by Metro-Dade Police Department) is an


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